For me; for you; but mostly for them

By Mir
November 4, 2008

I hope they will always, always remember the day we drove to the polls to BARACK THE VOTE. (And hopefully not just because I took them to Sonic, afterwards.)


  1. Otto



  2. Jenny


    I am not getting ANYTHING done today.

  3. Deborah P

    My 4 year old great-nephew told me last night he was going to vote for Mr. Obama, because Miss Hillary didn’t win. I hope he remains as enthusiastic about the voting process when he’s actually old enough to cast a ballot.

  4. Megan

    Vote. Just vote. That’s what I have said to every last student I’ve seen this week and last. And you know what? The hour and a half I spent in line to vote early was a very happy hour and a half because there were that many people out to vote – and the line was that long all. week. long.

    Next thing? Can we get rid of the electoral college and have popular vote? Please??

  5. tori

    A totally unrelated comment…your son’s hair has really gotten longer! My son would be jealous! His is long, but not quite that long yet! And good for you for voting too.

  6. Beachgal

    I hope my son gets a future voter sticker when he goes with my husband this afternoon.

  7. Coleen

    We had no such stickers, but to help people in my office feel like they did something great today, I took address labels and made our own “I Voted Today!” stickers. Hope they work on the folks at Chik Fil-A and Starbucks!

  8. Patricia

    Wow — Monkey’s hair is longer than MINE — Can I have pretty hair like that??

    To Megan about the Electoral College — keep in mind if there was a strict popular vote the only people’s vote who would count is New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. That’s where all the campaign dollars would go and the candidates wouldn’t see a reason to go to less populous states.

    What I want is that each state offer a %of the electors to each candidate based on the popular vote in the state, over the all or none plan. This way, if you get 38% of the vote in Florida, you get 38% of Florida’s Electors. Allowing for the blue dots in red states to actually make a difference and vice versa.

    But I voted weeks ago — so what do I know. Let’s hope Florida COUNTS my vote.

  9. StephLove

    We took the kids to vote, too. Not much chance of the two year old remembering but the seven year old might. The wonderful thing will be that when they’re grown up they’ll remember that African-American President from when they were kids and it will seem completely unremarkable to them. Assuming Obama wins, that is. He’s going to win, right?

  10. Visionsister

    I voted! Now I don’t know if I should stay glued to the election returns or go hide under the bed… Alas, we have no Sonic in the Seattle area.

  11. exile on mom street

    Grasshopper won’t remember voting with me, as he is 2, but as a white Mom raising a minority child, I am going to be THRILLED to have him grow up in a country with a minority leader. At least, that’s the way things better turn out, cause Canada is way too cold…

  12. Megan

    Good point Patricia – I was over simplifying (terrible habit. Do it all the time). Your concept is exactly what I would like to see. Of course what I probably was thinking was that we should have MY popular vote – you know, because I’m so smart and stuff!

  13. Lori

    I guess you’ll be grabbing some Sonic for Otto after his comment. It’s only fair. Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry’s are giving free donuts/ice cream respectively to voters. You could totally make the rounds! In Oregon, all voting is done via the mail. No lines, no waiting but also, no Sonic.

  14. Susan

    Good for you getting them interested at an early age.

  15. Debra

    Heck, I take my kids to sonic after pretty much everything so maybe the voting will stand out for yours…

  16. Jamie AZ

    We told our oldest (7) that we were voting today but it’s not feasible for us to be able to take him with us. He did make sure to tell us that he wants us to vote for the “brown” president. Hubby went this morning at 6 and said he was out in 15 minutes after they finally got his identity right (his DL has his name on it, not mine!); for some reason they wanted to believe he was me. Odd. I’ll be going this afternoon.

  17. Heather

    Love the “Future Voter” stickers!

  18. Jess

    We have that sticker!

    My daughter informed me that, since SHE is the one who pushed the touchscreen to vote for Senator Obama, that she should have gotten the “I VOTED” sticker instead of the “FUTURE VOTER” sticker. ;)

    I wish we had Sonic!

  19. ramblin red

    My LMNOB was so proud to have voted in her school’s mock election yesterday and have her own “I voted” sticker! I drug her and her brother with me to the polls 4 years ago and that was tough (3 1/2 and 1 y/o’s while voting – fun!) – but I’m so glad that I toughed it out with them.

    This is a historic year for the elections and we all need to vote, regardless of which side (although I agree with your persuasions ;))and be heard!

  20. RuthWells

    We took the kids and the dog. It rocked. But we don’t have a Sonic…

  21. ImpostorMom

    Although I didn’t take mine with me, my husband did pick up a Future Voter for our little one as well. He wore it to daycare.

  22. Melanie

    I miss Sonic so much, but we will get to have ours in 2.5 weeks when we go home for Turkey Day. We actually get ads for sonic out here (Los Angeles), but there’s not one close to us. What an evil tease.

    My little one and I are heading out to vote soon. I’m glad so many people take their kids to the polls. Tonight we are going to have take-out Thai and watch the votes come in. (Sorry about that preposition. :))

  23. Laura

    I brought both kids with me this morning at 7:00 to be there when the polls opened and there was a line wrapped around the building of people patiently waiting in the rain. My sleepy little polling place, where I have NEVER had to wait, was packed. Love it.

  24. Lucinda

    It amazes me how much my daughter has picked up about the campaign. She knows the names, who I’m voting for, and to a certain extent, why. (She’s 7). She also knows about the annoying campaign calls we get 6 TIMES A DAY. Unfortunately she doesn’t see me go to vote Oregon is mail-in only. But she knows it’s a big deal and that’s all that matter. It will be interesting to see how many people get out and vote. I can’t remember an election where the message to vote was so strong.

  25. Libby

    Oh, cool stickers! I wish I could take my kiddo to vote with us but I bet the lines are going to be insane (we are going after work) and she will be bored and whiny, no doubt. Hopefully I can pick a sticker for her. I can’t wait to BARAK THE VOTE, as you say. It’s my first time! I am a newly minted citizen and I am very very excited!

  26. Kelly

    Gosh I love Sonic. I voted! I want Sonic too! I did treat myself to Arby’s but its not quite the same. I was too hot to enjoy free hot coffee from Starbucks… and too far from a Shanes or B&Js for free food. Sad.

  27. Erin

    Such an exciting day, and I’m glad you took your kids with you. I don’t remember my folks ever taking me, but you’d better believe I’ll take ours (when we have them).

    Hooray! Barack the vote, indeed!

  28. Michelle

    We were up at 6:00 this morning to take my daughter. She wanted to go. It was so cute.

    BTW-I’ve tagged you. Come to my site and check it out.

  29. elswhere


  30. amy

    It’s totally such an exciting day! My kids were thrilled to come voting with us this morning! Let’s Barack and roll!

  31. Sheila

    My youngest daughter leaped out of bed this morning and started chanting, “Oba-MA!! Oba-MA!!” Suddenly she paused, looked at me and asked, “Who is the one that’s name starts with B?”

    “Barack Obama,” I answered. “The one you’ve been cheering for.”

    She resumed her jumping. “YES!! Oba-MA!! Oba-MA!! The B one wins! B is first! J is last!!”

    Somehow my kindergartner has reduced this presidential contest to an alphabetical order game, but God I hope she’s right.

  32. Sue @ My Party of 6

    My 3-year old got an “I Voted” sticker. I asked her what it says and she said “Obama wins!” Woooo!

  33. laurie

    7 and 9 year old stood with me in an hour and a half line to vote. The excitement was/is HUGE. Not a single whine or complaint. They got it. This day is history in the making…It is history before it happens!

  34. Heidi

    It IS an exciting day! I’m not getting much accomplished, and I’m trying the excuse out on myself that it is an historical day–wouldn’t I want to remember reveling in it instead of working?

  35. Taylor

    WOOT WOOT! My parents used to ALWAYS take me voting with them and now I am a super-involved 26 year old voter. I registered to vote the days of my 18th birthday, but I waited 7 months to get my driver’s license!

    Good Job! (And also for teaching them to be Demmycrats!)

  36. Flea

    My kids have all had mock elections at school. I think that two of my three children voted for McCain/Palin (they’re my children, after all).

  37. karish

    i can’t think about this election without having a seizure lol…. but, go obama!!!!

  38. Jill W.

    My 3 yo daughter got an “I voted.” sticker– she is quite proud of it. She loved going in the booth with me and pressing the button once I made all of my selections on the ballot.

    I am excited and anxious to see the returns come in tonight. We are having good ol’ American pot roast and apple pie for dinner in honor of the occasion.

  39. meghann

    My kids got the Georgia “I voted” stickers. They did vote in a way though, because I let them help me push the “Cast Ballot” button.

  40. Mike Golch

    I got an I voted “sticker” on my site that I’m giving to every one who voted.

  41. Abbey

    I voted with the little guy (about 2yrs old) after a more than two hour wait in Oklahoma of all places! There is Sonic here and admit that inspired some of my move home from Virginia (where there are very few distant Sonics). Do wish I was voting in a state where my Obama vote would have helped more though:) I love all the people bring their kids and think it is wonderful

  42. Gigi

    I walked right in and voted in 10 minutes or less. Awesome!

    Also awesome was the Obama rally last night in Manassas, VA that I attended with 90,000 or so other folks. What a night.

  43. Ani

    I asked for “I Voted” stickers for my boys. In the past I’ve taken them with me, but I was worried about long lines. I need not have, but that’s the breaks. Calm and orderly here in our little corner of OH.

  44. annette

    I did vote , but for the OTHER candidate:).

  45. annette

    I still like you guys, though.

  46. The Other Leanne

    I think taking children to vote is as much a sign of citizenship as voting itself.
    My mother always took me with her to the polls on the way home from work/school, and I distinctly remember standing in a really long line with her explaining to me what it was all about. I was so short that the curtain was above my head. It must have been 1960. :)
    I hope your children remember this day like I remember that one.

  47. Katie

    My youngest and I waited in line for an hour and she helped me press the final “cast vote” button. Course we voted for McCain. And then we went to Starbucks, yay!

  48. Randi

    My mother never took me voting with her, making me even more determined to get my children involved. both our 4 year old and 7 (almost 8) year old went with us to BARACK THE VOTE (whenever hubby hears his name is says, “Barack Says…” Wrestling. Guess you had to be there).

    Our small town is so awesome. No waiting – go right in and vote. Say “hi” to your neighbors. Kids get cookies. How awesome was that?


  49. crazyjane

    i took my 6 yr old daughter. she did not get a sticker, but she did get yelled at by one of the elderly volunteers because when she reached for my hand she accidentally touched my ballot, so that was great. they sould have given out ‘traumatized future apathetic non-voter’ stickers.

  50. Alisha

    I Voted!!! My first Presidential Election!
    I Baracked the Vote! Too bad I’m in TN!!!Here’s to crossing our fingers & toes! And i wanted a sticker to save and they were out!

  51. Becky

    Hurrah to all of the parents that take their children voting with them! It really does make a great impression. I can still remember the time my mom took me to vote with her for Clinton (supposedly she let me pick, but since she’s a Democrat, I think she was planning that all along), and I got to press the button.

    This was the first time I have ever gotten to vote for the president myself, and I feel accomplished (and perhaps a little giddy due to who won).

  52. sheila

    I took my kids. I’m so elated about the outcome, and so disappointed in the way the other side is taking things. So much for being patriotic and standing by the choice of the people. It’s a beautiful day for all of us though, who wanted to change the direction of our country and have done so.

  53. jenn

    These sorts of gestures really matter in the end. I was always made a part of the election process up here in the frozen north and now I can’t imagine not being involved enough to at least get out and cast a vote.

    And congrats to the US. I am really proud that you are at a place where a black man can be voted in by a majority as president. Put into a historical context, 90 years ago the first women were allowed to vote in Canada, it took another 2 years for the US to grant women those rights. Civil rights suffrage is a lot more murky, timewise, with the voting rights already granted no longer able to be hindered by taxes or tests in 1965. North America has come a long way in 50-100 years which is quite astounding when you remember that is only one human lifetime.

  54. Stephanie

    My daughter was very “into” this election, as well. I’m glad and I’m even more glad that “her guy” won. It’s a great experience to support someone and see them succeed.

    I hope that everyone will be gracious about the outcome…on both sides of the “aisle”. We need to stick together and support one another as “human beings” who share a country and a planet.

  55. Jenni

    I guess I should have taken Red with me to vote. It didn’t really occur to me because I wasn’t planning to vote until after she was already in school. But she knows that I voted (although not who for because I’m weird and don’t tell people). And she knows that Dad voted. And she got to wear her Vote Now shirt from Old Navy (on clearance last weekend for $1).

  56. Trish

    I let my 3yo push the big red vote button (before I took her to Starbucks for noncoffee frappachinos). And you better believe that for the rest of her life, I will remind her that she helped vote for President Obama.

  57. Aimee

    I am beyond exhausted today, and beyond happy. What an amazing thing.

    My best friend’s husband, newly a citizen, cast his first-ever vote yesterday for President-elect Obama.

  58. Cele

    Not that I would have expected anything less from you, but thank you for making your children a part of the process. For teaching them the importance of their voice, the importance of their part in the process, for teach them this early in life where it can be imparted many times before they fly on their own. Thank you.

  59. Edmund Ruffin

    I took my daughter, too. She’s 11, and she will be helping me put the ‘NOT MY PRESIDENT’ bumper sticker up – remember those??

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

  60. Daisy

    My daughter voted in her first presidential election this year. She is so excited and proud about being part of history! I hope you kiddos remember this day, too.

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