Love sounds like home

By Mir
October 30, 2008

I don’t know when I got them, exactly; it seems to me that it was probably when I was pregnant with Chickadee or when she was very small. Something about how babies would find wind chimes soothing, I think. Back then I was all about Doing It Right and I was very busy strictly adhering to the Organic Twigs and Berries diet so that I could have the Perfect Healthy Baby. (Other things I was busy doing: Buying the Perfect Stroller, picking out the Perfect Crib Bedding, and driving myself Perfectly Batshit Insane worrying that I Would Somehow Mess Up The Perfect Baby.)

[Digression: My Perfect Baby is now an Perfectly Delightful, If Somewhat Premenstrual Tween. That Karma, she is a charming serving wench when it comes to thick wedges of humble pie, oh yes she is.]

Nevertheless: We got the set of wind chimes I deemed the most melodious*, after an hour spent poking various ones at the Nature Store.

Those wind chimes hung outside the house we brought Chickadee home to, and they were the first non-essential item I took out at the house we later moved to when Chickadee was a toddler and Monkey was just a baby. There, they hung by the side door, which was at the opposite end of the house from both the family room and our bedrooms, so I couldn’t often actually hear them.

One of the first things I did here, when we moved into this house, was hang up the wind chimes out on the porch. They’re much more centrally located, now—they’re right outside the kitchen table, but also easily heard from both our bedroom and office.

The days are getting shorter, and the air is getting colder (yes, even here in Georgia). Lately the wind’s been whipping up and I’ve been padding around the house in my slippers, bemoaning the draftiness. The benefit of all of that, though, is that the wind chimes seem to be singing endlessly. It’s the backdrop of everything; they lull me to sleep at night and underscore breakfast and keep me company as I chop up veggies and throw them in the crockpot for yet another batch of soup. They even provide a counterpoint as I sit here typing in the office.

They’re not so much to look at, anymore, but they’re an integral part of how I know I’m home.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. I hope you’re home; wherever you happen to be, and whatever that sounds like for you.

*This is what I have.


  1. Katie

    My Mom collects windchimes. That was the one thing I remember about all the houses we lived in. Always the chimes. I haven’t yet started my own collection, seeing as I don’t have my own house yet, but I will!

    And yes, you CAN have too many windchimes.

  2. Andrea

    What a lovely post! I feel comforted, even from afar up in Delaware. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Karen

    I love windchimes. Sounds of home really are one of lifes pleasures. They really should never be taken for granted.

    The house we lived in before this one was in a planned development that had an HOA rule stating no windchimes. I have often wondered how they could possibly be so offensive as to ban them. Then again, it was in Arizona, where some retired folks who think if some if good, many, many is great. I had seen back patios on some houses in other neighborhoods that you could incure some serious bodily damage in a wind storm due to the 524,895 windchimes.

    Glad you are home.

  4. KD @ A Bit Squirrelly

    My grandma has a dozen or so wind chimes. They always make me think of her. I need to get some…Beautiful post.

  5. Flea

    Happy Love Thursday, Mir. My chimes moved through three houses before they came apart. I understand. It took stiff Oklahoma winds to dismantle them, but they sounded so beautiful here! One day I’ll get a larger, sturdier set. Hugs and kisses to your PMSing tween.

  6. dad

    I believe you are home.

    Its been a long, bumpy ride but wasn’t it worth it?

  7. Tonja

    Oh you’re getting me all sappy. I have some that look extremely similar, but my grandpa made them for me.

  8. The Other Leanne

    Welcome home. That was reeal sweet.
    Home for me sounds like the click-click of the baseboard heaters, cats asking to be fed, and school buses driving past the house.

  9. Susan

    **sigh** I really miss my wind chimes. Happy Love Thursday, Mir.

  10. SoMo

    That makes me sad, because we had a wind chime similar to that one. It hung in our breezeway and we could hear it no matter where we were, even upstairs in our bedrooms. I never really noticed it when it chimed, but after the hurricane Gustav I did notice. There was no chime.

    Surprising, it survived Katrina, but I guess it just couldn’t take one more good wind whipping. *sigh* We are on the look out for another one, but sadly I want that one back. And not a brand spanking new one, I want that exact one back. Oh well.

  11. Half Assed Kitchen

    We have some bamboo wind chimes that we got in Hawaii. I love them because they remind me of the tropics. And good times.

  12. Barbara

    Even if some of your home is drafty, at least the dining room is well insulated.

  13. tara

    Windchimes remind me of when I used to go to my grandparents house in the country. They had a big one by their back door. I have one in my backyard too now.

  14. Vicki

    AAAAAWWWWW. I have that warm, fuzzy feeling. I love wind chimes. I have a very tiny set that has the lightest tinkle you’ve ever heard. When my little ones would fuss, I could tap that thing and they would get quiet and watch it move. It is so awesome. They still like to get it going. Good memories. Thanks for that.

  15. Lauren

    We had the exact same ones when I was growing up. My aunt gave some to my mom when I was about 5. Now I’m 25 and I can’t remember a summer without them. Happy Love Thursday!

  16. Lisa

    I have those very windchimes. And yes, they are the most melodious of all!

  17. Caroline in MA

    Love this post!

  18. meghann

    GOOD girl! You bought some wind chimes made by percussionists. More people should. We percussionists know a thing or two about making stuff hit together and sound pretty you know.

  19. Lori

    I loved my wind chimes – unfortunately after many years of heartless neglect (I left them out all winter so I could, you know, actually enjoy them!) they have fallen apart. Yes, I could restring them, but why do that when I can look at them in a little pile and lament their broken-ness?

    Ok, you may have just motivated me to get out the string and fix them. Happy Love Thursday!

  20. Lori N

    The post above was by Lori N, not Lori


  21. Michelle

    Aww, I wish I was at home. :( My love is hundreds of miles away.

  22. Jenn

    As a child, one of the most lasting memories of my grandparents house were the wind chime melodies that rang through the air and were the background music of everything we did with Grandma and Grandpa. My Grandpa has since passed away, and about a year ago, my Grandma moved into a Senior Living facility. When we were helping her move out of the house, I noticed that the wind chimes were still hanging out on the back patio. She seemed content to leave them there for the next owner, but I just couldn’t do that. As I sit hear typing, I hear those very wind chimes singing to me from MY back porch. And I am INSTANTLY transported back to my childhood at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I’ve always heard that smells can trigger memories, but how funny that those particular tones (because wind chimes all seem to have a unique ring) will always remind me of them. Thanks for the lovely post, Mir.

  23. sheila

    Ahhh, what a pretty post! Wind chimes are wonderful sounds, relaxing and yes, home-y. Soothing. Brings me back to ‘old home’ before marriage. I remember my moms chimes. Funny too how you can relate certain memories to the sound of the chimes. Interesting.

  24. Holly

    Making a set of wind chimes was one of our projects in 8th Grade Metal Shop. oh, how I wish I still had them!

  25. Katie in MA

    Happy Love Thursday, Mir. What is it about this week that had made so many of us write when our wee little ones were born? I love things that sound like home – but mine was never wind chimes. Nope. Mine was slightly muffled street traffic. I live in a quiet subdivision now and I miss hearing the traffic. Whenever I woke up at night, it would reassure me that people were still up and the world was still okay. Hmmm…maybe there’s a post in there somewhere.

  26. carrie

    AH, home. So happy for you. And I know I’ve said this again, but… I love your dad!

  27. Terri

    I know just what you mean. We just bought a new house right around the corner from where we’ve lived for the past decade. I have several windchimes on my front porch outside my office window, and was sad when it occurred to me that they won’t be a welcoming sight on my front porch because the new house doesn’t have a covered porch. However, they can hang on the deck out back, in plain view (and hearing) of my office, the kitchen, and my sunroom. I’m scoping out a spot for them tomorrow, and then it will seem like home. yay!!

  28. giyen

    my dad used to make these big wind chimes that sounded much like the pipes of an organ. i hated them but now i miss them!

  29. crockpot lady

    beautiful. Out of love for my love, we don’t own any wind chimes. But if I could buy some, I would, thanks to you. Your post struck me today as a J. Peterman catalog blurb.

  30. Cele

    Windchimes are an essential part of life (ihmo) I’ve several from heavenly chimes to deep tonal church chimes. I have to take them in so they don’t lose their tones in the cold winter months. But as soon as the air starts warming consistantly they are back out. Thankfully my neighbors like my church of chimes.

  31. MaryP

    I saw some lovely wind chimes only this afternoon, and was sorely, sorely tempted. They were rectangular, not cylindrical, sang a beautiful doh, sol, la, doh chime, and were made of something that looked like copper. Maybe they were actually copper, because they cost $120. Thus, I am still chime-less…

  32. Karen (from Our Deer Baby)

    Nice wind chimes and great story. I did everything I could for that Perfect Baby too, but somehow life had other plans ^^


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