Love’s good to the last drop

By Mir
October 16, 2008
Category Woohoo!

Just a quickie, today, as I’m up to my eyeballs in work and we’ve also got house guests.

My dad and stepmom pulled up last night about fifteen minutes before the kids’ bedtime, which of course meant there was much running around and waving of arms and hugs and kisses and hollering—and the kids were pretty excited, too. We have all sorts of fun things planned, and these visits always make me realize how time is passing, without my noticing, as I watch my parents marvel over how tall the kids have grown and how grown-up they’re looking.

This morning I was up and out with the kids, volunteering at school, finishing up, and back home before my dad even got up. Which is fine—they’re on vacation, and it makes me feel less guilty about having to go do things (and work), anyway. Today we’ll laze about and conserve out strength (heh) until the kids get home from school, and then we’ll run around with them for a while.

If you’d asked me before they got here what my favorite part of these visits is, I would’ve responded without hesitation that it’s watching my parents interact with my kids. There’s something about watching your parent be a grandparent that’s unlike anything else; plus, I do love watching the kids’ eyes bug out when I remind them that Hey, that’s MY Daddy, and let me tell you about something dumb he did when I was a kid!

This morning, though, I realized that there’s another thing I absolutely love on these trips: Having coffee and grown-up chat in the morning. My father is utterly incapable of getting his own coffee—which is amusing in its own right—and so my stepmom or I will “work the coffeemaker” for him and pour him a cup, and then we’ll sit at the kitchen table and he’ll tell me about people I went to high school with whom he happened to run into around town, or reports on those people from their parents (whom he happened to run into). I, in turn, will tell him whom I’ve reconnected with on Facebook, who’s had a baby and who moved across the country, who is happy and who is still searching.

(I even let him use my favorite mug.)

It’s not that we can’t (or don’t) have those conversations from afar, it’s that they’re infinitely better over the crumbs the kids left behind from their breakfast.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. I hope you have a bottomless mug of coffee love to share when the need arises!


  1. Barbara

    His glasses are exactly like mine! Is that a good thing?

    Nice post. I miss my Dad-already-in-heaven, but will go see Mom this afternoon.

  2. Megan

    Happy family visit – enjoy every crumb!

  3. StephLove

    Oh goodness, it’s a picture of Mir’s dad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. Hi, Mir’s Dad!

  4. MomCat

    Letting someone use your very favorite mug — that’s love. I don’t share mine often. :) Thanks for the kind wishes!

  5. Sara

    I am doing the opposite of your parents and going to their house for a good visit. My kids have already started their “are-we-there-yets” and we’re not even leaving until tomorrow! I can’t wait either. It’s been too long. Enjoy your time!

  6. Rachel

    Awwwww… sweet post! I’ve got to go call my dad now! = ) Thanks for the picture; now when I write in Mir’s Dad & Monkey for President/VP on my ballot, I’ll know what dad looks like! = )

  7. liz

    You have his eyes!

  8. Susan

    Enjoy your visit. Drink the whole pot.

  9. tori

    Your dad is adorable.

  10. Anna

    I like how he’s posing in a Wilson (from Home Improvement) fashion. And I’d never heard the story of your coffee cup.

  11. Half Assed Kitchen

    That is quite nice. I miss those kinds of conversations with my parents. Perhaps when all their grandchildren are a little older we can have chats like that too.

  12. Deb

    Beautiful post. Enjoy time with your dad!!

  13. Mike Golch

    great post.I hope that you have an enjoyable time visiting.

  14. Lindy

    You dad looks kind of like Ben Stein from the coffee mug up to me.

  15. Holly

    Hey! That mug has a chickie and a monkey on it! thanks for the post! I too, love my father like crazy and your post actually made me tear up a little, thanks!

  16. Katie in MA

    Your dad looks *exactly* as I’ve always pictured him. Something about all the love and happiness not-quite-hiding in his eyes. (You *do* have his eyes!) I’m so happy you have your family home to visit – enjoy every minute!

    Happy Love Thursday!

  17. Jenny

    Well, this is weird, since I’ve never met either of you, but without having read anything I thought, “that’s GOT to be Mir’s Dad.” Holy Family Resemblance, Batman!

    Have fun this weekend!

  18. Lori

    When you started a Love Thursday post with “just a quickie today,” I was expecting it to be about…well, something else. Ahem. Anyhoo, enjoy your visit!

  19. Scottsdale Girl

    Awwwwwwwww, he reminds me of my daddy. Not in looks but in demeanor, if one can get a sense of demeanor from a photo. I suppose one can since i just proclaimed it.
    Have fun with the kids and grands DAD!

  20. Caroline in MA

    I need to go call my dad, too…
    Thanks for the post Mir!

  21. tara

    He sounds a lot like my dad. My mom waits on my dad too. My dad loves to talk to people and get their story.

  22. dgm

    That’s sure sweet. I wish I had that with my dad, but every time he visits or I visit we have to drink from separate pots because the stuff he drinks is NASTY and light beige and out of a can. I prefer the ultra dark freshly ground overpriced beans. But we still enjoy each other’s company!

  23. daysgoby

    Oh, there’s nothing better than that….Enjoy your visit, Dad-O’Mir!

  24. Randi

    Wow – from the nose up, he looks like you!! Minus the graying hair, of course :)

  25. angela

    You look so much like your dad!! Is it weird that I think you have his eyebrows? :-P

  26. Nancy R

    Yay! Dad, live and in person!!

  27. Nancy R

    Oh, and watching my parents (and inlaws) be parents is one of my very favorite things of having kids.

  28. Nancy R


    watching them be GRANDparents…

  29. el-e-e

    Oh, definitely my favorite part about my parents’ visits is having coffee with them in the morning. Or late-night visits at the kitchen table — those are good, too. :) Hi, dad!

  30. Libby

    Awww, Mir’s dad is so cute! It’s so nice to finally see what he looks like. I always enjoy the comments he leaves. And you DO look a lot like him!

  31. ChristieNY

    Aw very sweet! Makes me miss my Dad who passed away this past Spring. Enjoy him Mir, enjoy him! <3

  32. Lisa B

    Like ChristieNY, this post makes me miss my Dad who passed away 03/06. Hold him close and take it all in! Time goes by quickly. As usual, thank you for making me feel a little more and see a little more clearly….and smile!

  33. The Other Leanne

    Where have I seen that guy before? There’s something about his eyes…

  34. Heather

    He looks like you! Or rather, you look like him, I guess.

  35. Stephanie

    I’m envious…..Sydneys grandparents aren’t very “grand”…they’re all pretty self absorbed…don’t bother to visit or even call her very often. Luckily, she doesn’t really “miss” what she’s never had, but I had *wonderful* grandparents, so I’m doubly sad for her and for myself.

    I sound like such a Debbie Downer, lately, don’t I? I’m sorry.

    I really just wanted to say how lucky you and your kids are. I’m glad there *are* “grand*parents, out there.

  36. Ramblin'Red

    Awwww…..I’m somewhat jealous, but my inlaws are able to bring this essence occasionally….

  37. Wendalette

    Awww! Hi, Mir’s Dad!

    O Pretty One, may I borrow your dad for a bit — even if only for a half-hour? Yours is SOOOOOOO much cooler than mine. My dad…lost his bearings, we’ll say. I can feel the love beaming from your dad’s eyes and it’s not even directed at me.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us here on the Internets.

  38. sara

    I always pictured your dad looking like Alan Arkin.

  39. Kris

    You’ve got your daddy’s eyes.

  40. Flea

    Cu-uuute mug. Chickie with a halo, huh? Hi Mir’s dad and stepmom!!!

  41. Brigitte

    Ooh, we’re all loving your dad so much, maybe you should have blurred his face for his own protection! ;-)

    My mom isn’t very grandmotherly. She loves my daughter, but treats her more like she treated ME growing up (scolding her for things that I consider irrelevant or unimportant, etc). At least my MIL is more classic grandma, minus the baking!

  42. Stefanie

    Aww!! Your dad is awesome.

    I miss my parents. I’ve been meaning to go back to visit but financially it’s been impossible. I will soon though :) Next weekend or maybe the one after.

  43. Ray

    Aaawww, How very lovely. Sometimes, relating to the parents as adults still feels novel. I enjoyed a couple days this week with my mom.

  44. Amy-Go

    Have a great visit. I just got back from a visit with my parents…makes me wish this move would go ahead and happen even more!

  45. ben

    This is awesome. I’m jealous, since I don’t have that kind of relationship with my parents. In fact, I can’t remember the last time they came to visit (oh, time for a pity party, heh!).

    Enjoy your visit! I’ve liberally sprinkled this comment with exclamation points, in case you were running low. I’m all about the sharing!

  46. Chris

    What a loving post! Enjoy your folks. ;)

  47. Jillian

    I love favorite mugs. They make things taste so much better.

  48. Kailani

    You DO have his eyes!
    I totally pink puffy heart your dad.
    I think he is pretty funny and kinda insightful, too.
    Enjoy your visit!!
    ps I needs me one of those mugs…;o]~

  49. Cele

    Enjoy every minute with your dad and step mom, I miss my dad, and enjoy my time with my mother.

  50. Heidi

    [waving madly] Hi, Mir’s Dad! I’ve always enjoyed your comments. It won’t be long before throngs (ha–I typed “thongs” the first time!) of women will be waving madly at you in public. Warn your wife.

  51. Heather.PNR

    Watching my parents love on my kids has been one of the unexpected joys of parenthood. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

  52. Aimee

    Your dad looks like he’d be great fun to drink coffee with — he’s got a gleam in his eye! Hi, Mir’s dad!

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