Extra special bonus day

By Mir
September 30, 2008

Our weekday mornings ’round here are pretty typical: I am up first, checking email and pouring milk, and the kids eventually make their way downstairs and get themselves situated with breakfast, and finally Otto emerges from the shower and joins them at the table while I finish up packing lunches.

The kids and I will often chat about various minutiae while this is going on, and then Otto will either join in or read the paper, depending on how awake he’s feeling.

It’s not a bad way to start a day, all in all. I mean, sure, about 20% of the time the children end up having some sort of squabble (see: Yesterday, also known as “the day my son decided my daughter was hiding a book from him just to be spiteful,” or “the day I couldn’t figure out if my daughter was hiding a book from my son just to be spiteful,” or “the morning both children ended up crying over a book that is probably jammed in the sofa cushions”), but most of the time it works out fine.

More often than not, at some point Otto will say to me—after his cereal, but before he gathers up his things and leaves with the kids—“What’s on your schedule for today?”

I find this endearing, because most of the time my schedule is: Sit at desk. Work. Get up and get some food. Sit back at desk. Work some more. Consider showering. Work. Realize the kids are about to get home. Shower. Work. Greet children. Referee homework and play taxi driver.

My schedule isn’t very varied, is my point. But I think it’s cute that he asks.

This morning Otto asked what’s on my schedule and I said, “Well! This morning I get to go see the doctor!”

(I am soooo lucky!)

And Chickadee, who’d been eating cereal and reading a book, looked up and said, “What? What kind of doctor?”

“I have an appointment at the gynecologist today for a check-up,” I told her. And as my darling daughter had just recently been telling me that she clearly remembers the time I took the kids with me to the gynecologist, she was moved to crack a huge grin and declare:

“Hooray! Mama’s gonna get her boobs squeezed!”

Yes. That’s JUST what I thought when I noticed the appointment on my calendar. First, you know, the utter joy of the boob-squeezing and other probing. And second, how thrilling that would be to my kid. Obviously.


  1. Hip Mom's Guide

    Out of the mouth of babes. Hooray! Of course!

  2. Ani

    Well, at least you get something to smile about while you do get squeezed and prodded.

  3. Tammy

    Um, have fun?

  4. Suzanne

    Oh….Thanks for the reminder that I need to make my appointment! Major procrastinator here. I hate going!

  5. Megan

    And when you all get home she has the joy of asking you about your boob squeezing! Over dinner! Whee!!

  6. diane

    Please remember to remind Chickadee of this moment in future years, when she herself is faced with the good old boob squeeze. Her feelings then may be slightly different.

  7. Kris

    My 11 year old daughter was asking about some “female stuff” with exams and I told her they’re nothing to worry about. I made the mistake of describing the speculum as “it kind of looks like a duck’s bill.” Of course, now every time we have a lull in conversation she looks at me and goes “QUACK!!” (And of course I bust up every time.)

    Yep. Definitely my kid.

  8. Kris

    Oh, and once you have a mammogram, you never quite look at (or handle) uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts the same again. I just can’t bring myself to tenderize them with the mallet anymore.

  9. Flea

    Oh the joy. My boob squeezing is the end of the month. A traveling mammo-van. Or something. Have fun today!

  10. Half Assed Kitchen

    Your mornings sound like pure heaven compared to mine. ‘Course my boy and girl are still 5 and 3. Oh, the hardship.

  11. Barbara

    And this evening you get to segue into breast cancer prevention education! You’re welcome!

  12. jennielynn

    LOL at Megan’s comment. I had a x-ray tech tell me (while we were getting Red’s arm x-rayed)that my mammograms were going to be a real party since I am “busty.” Yay. Can’t hardly wait.

  13. beenreadin, now commenting

    Mornings that WCS has made me laugh until I cried or almost peed…too many to count!

  14. dgm

    So, I’m guessing you didn’t tell her momma gets her boobs squeezed more often than she (Chickadee, that is) realizes?

  15. Michelle

    Well, of course, the boob-squeezing is everyone’s favorite part!

  16. Heather

    Your daily schedule sounds a lot like mine. It’s nice to know other people spend time thinking about showering before actually getting around to it!

  17. tj

    Probing is a terrible word. Good luck with the gyno – such fun :)

  18. maris

    Wow. I’m not a mom and I just read your gynecologist post and all I can say is…wow. I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire time. Your kids are hysterical and you sure are brave!

  19. Shannon

    You have to love the boob squeezing, LOL.

  20. Astrogirl

    See now, because I am a very bad mom, my response to her would have been, “Don’t worry honey, it’ll be your turn in just a few years.”

    Yep, nothing like traumatizing the girl child. Because the fates are sometimes kind, I have a boy child. Guess I’ll find another way to traumatize him.

  21. zandor

    Ha. Thats kind of funny.

  22. Vicki

    Astrogirl, you can just remind him he’ll get his ummm…turn your head and cough when he gets older before he can play sports…hehe.

    And this is why I ALWAYS find a sitter before I have to go get the girly parts checked.

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