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By Mir
September 27, 2008

I only watched half of the debate last night. The second half. I tried not to, because I knew it was just going to infuriate me, but then I couldn’t stay away. Guess what? It infuriated me! Go figure!

They’re having a little problem with my section over at Scholastic, and I just discovered that my last two reviews aren’t listed on the main page, although they are, in fact, there. So in case you want a little antidote to last night’s lunacy—in the form of kid-sized politics—I’ve got you covered.

Last week, we read LaRue for Mayor. And this week, we read Otto Runs for President.

(Both books, incidentally, were less ridiculous than last night’s debate!)


  1. Mike Golch

    the biggest joke of them all was that bot mccain and obama behaved like a couple of kids in a school yard pointing fingers ar each other and not really saying how they are going to fix things. both of then also pointed fingers at bush for all of the trouble.

  2. Kimberly/Mom in the City

    Adult politics is starting to give me a (literal!)headache.

    I like how simple kids’ books keeps politics (unlike the adults!). I’m also holding a giveaway of those two book (LaRue for Mayor and Otto Runs for President) on my site until September 30th.

  3. Jess

    Otto for President! There’s an idea! Rain barrels for everyone!

  4. Karen

    I did not even think about watching it. All of this election stuff is getting to be so ridiculous. I have said for a couple of elections now that I would be the first to vote for the person who just said, “This is what I think, this is what I really intend to do, and this is why I feel that way.” Also, I hate it when the only thing they can say in a campaign is something negative about their opponent, instead of something positive about themselves.

  5. Jenn

    We’ve been reading a lot of “Duck for President.” I highly recommend it. Didn’t watch the debate either but read Jezebel’s live blog and a few comments in all it’s snarky goodness.

  6. lmerie

    Skipped the debate to coddle a headache . . . .I vote for a do-over . . .or a grass roots campaign for a write in . . . maybe Otto :)

  7. Daisy

    Have you read “So you want to be president?” It’s awesome. Great fun and facts, too.

  8. Half Assed Kitchen

    I listened to some of it on NPR. And, oh Lord. Mir for President!

  9. elswhere

    Oh, your sweet, sweet, idealistic kids make me want to cry.

  10. andi

    Okay, I think I may be the last one to figure this out but I just now got the connection with Otto’s nickname…

  11. The Other Leanne

    Heh, really ridiculous is just around the corner on October 2, sweetie.

  12. Carolyn

    I know. I watched all 90 minutes and not ONCE did I say the words “Middle Class,” or even “Victory.” I’m a terrible, terrible person.


  13. Nancy R

    Oh, but it’s all going towards some good comedy over at Saturday Night Live.

    Back when the Republican National Convention was going on I was flipping through the channels and caught Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain sitting side-by-side in the audience. I turned to my husband and asked, “Is it wrong that when looking at them I see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s future characters on SNL?”

  14. Brigitte

    As soon as I hear there will be a debate, I pre-emptively feel all infuriated. I don’t have to watch ANY of it! Though, since I’m technically Canadian, I really should get better at ignoring the whole mess. >:-p

  15. Ronnica

    Oh, there’s so much to say about politics right now. I’ll leave it at that.

    Visiting from Debra’s Reflecting. I’m doing a Blog to Blog Project. Stop by tomorrow to find out what that’s about!

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