Wii for you, Wii for me

By Mir
September 19, 2008

So. Um. Hi! It turns out that the whole thing where my kids wanted to win a Wii and I acted like “Hey, what a great idea, good luck with that!” so as to cover up the fact that I had ALREADY purchased a Wii for them—designed to be a Big! Exciting! Unexpected! Christmas present—has totally bitten me on the ass.


Yep. Some of you already guessed it, though I just found out yesterday: They won the Wii.

Now, there was a long conversation amongst the PTA about what this MEANS and whether it’s FAIR and while I know some of you have differing opinions, I just have to ask you to trust me when I say that it has been discussed TO DEATH and determined to be okay by everyone. My Christmas plans are hosed but Chickadee really worked for this (including hitting up teachers for donations, the little capitalist).

For those of you who are good at math, you’ll realize this means we now have two Wiis. Well, the Wii that the kids won, and the one I bought months ago that they have no idea about.

So I am selling the extra. But more specifically, I am auctioning off the extra (brand new, unopened) Wii for our school. Every penny for which it sells will go to my kids’ school, because I don’t need my money back, and this was all designed to raise money for a school really in need, so that just seems like the right thing to do.

Do you want a Wii? Here’s the deal: This post will serve as the auction. You are bidding on a brand new Wii console (Wii Sports included). I will cover the shipping, and I’ll even throw in a copy of Sleep Is for the Weak. (I’ll sign it, too, if you want.) Total retail value of this package is around $300 with the purchase cost/taxes, book and shipping and all.

Bid: By leaving a comment with the amount you’re willing to pay. (If you would like to be anonymous to other bidders/commenters, feel free to use “Anonymous” or something else non-identifying as your name, but all bids must be left with a valid email address. (I’m the only one who can see your email address.) I will accept bids here through Monday, September 22nd, 2008, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

Payment: If you win, I will happily accept a check made out directly to my kids’ school (I’ll give you the information, obviously) unless I suspect you’re a creepy stalker person, in which case I might insist on Paypal. I will also take Paypal if you just happen to prefer that.

This is charity with a side of video games. I could auction this on eBay and let eBay take a chunk of the profit, but what I really want is more dollars going to the school, hence doing it here. But if you decide to bid, please keep in mind that although this may be your chance to get a Wii on the cheap, this is also for a good cause (cue distraught voice in the background—“Won’t SOMEBODY think of the CHILDREN?”) and it would kind of bum me out to have to sell you this for five bucks. Just sayin’.

So there it is. Place your bids if you’re so inclined.


  1. wafelenbak

    Whoa. I’ll come in at $150!

  2. Heather


  3. mamalang

    I’m not bidding since my Capitalist husband managed to get his hands on a Wii last year, but I had to comment…


    Good luck :)

  4. Randi

    I’m in for $260!

  5. wafelenbak


  6. Randi


  7. Janet

    well dang, I was going to get the bidding going at 200. :) Now, the question is, will you ever tell the kids that you had already bought them one? :) Can’t wait to come play! :) :)

  8. Bikini


  9. jules

    Way to go Mir! What a great idea.

    Enjoy the Wii, it really is a load of fun.

  10. Katie in MA

    I bid $1, Bob!

    Oh, wait – wrong game. Darnit!

  11. Megan

    Brilliant idea – and a beautiful work around the whole fair/not fair thing. This way the school wins all over the darn place!

    Would bid, really would, but sadly my Children must go Wii free yet again what with me selfishly buying new tires for the car and other fripperies.

  12. Otto

    I bid $3.77, plus a big smooch.

    Do I win?


  13. Nichole

    We already have a Wii, so I’m not bidding. But I wanted to say: You are such a nice person.

  14. Jamie AZ

    We already have a Wii that Mir pointed us to back in May, but I wanted to say contrats to the kiddos and that you’re doing a great thing, Mir! And as someone else asked, are you going to tell them you’d already bought one? Might make for a fun surprise.

  15. Sillycakes

    I am broke as a joke, so no bidding from me. But I did want to say that what you’re doing is awesome! (And congrats to your kiddos, as well.)

  16. Heidi D.

    Mir, you’re doing a wonderful thing for the school (in case you don’t already know it… but I’m sure you do).
    I hope the school knows of your unselfishness and is thankful.

    We’ve had a Wii for about a year now and love it- you guys will, too.

  17. The Other Leanne

    What a splendid idea! Let me look in the Pig and get back to you.

  18. Katherine

    No bidding here as we already have a Wii. I’m sure your school will love you even more now! So, inquiring minds want to know how much did they raise to win the Wii?

  19. Beachgal

    What a fabulous thing to do. No bids from me, tho, too broke.

  20. crockpot lady

    LOVE this.
    I can only bid a freezer full of crockpot food, though.
    xoxxo steph

  21. Memawcas

    I sure hope this works. I have been a lurker since finding your blog and have sent it to numerous friends, but have never posted a message. I would also like to thank you for posting some of your favorite blogs, I have also checked them out. I sure do spend a lot of work time reading blogs now (if they haven’t been blocked by Big Borhter that is). I don’t want this to sound creepy, but I really feel like I know your family and can imagine hanging out with you guys. No worries, I’m not a stalker, plus I live in Wine Country Calif. So, I bid $286.43 (teehee).

  22. Janis

    Put me down for $301.53! I have one already but our Elks Lodge REALLY needs one of these.

  23. Steve

    $290 – See I knew there was a reason I waited…

  24. Steve

    Crap, $301.53 came is as I posted mine and the page refreshed. $302.01!

  25. Memawcas

    ok, how about 304.72?!

  26. Steve


  27. Kimmer


  28. Burgh Baby

    I’m not bidding because I’m already up to my eyeballs in Wii, but I do hope that *ahem* some people manage to forgive the little math error now that you’re most certainly making up for it. Just sayin’.

  29. Victoria

    In support of a good cause, I’m in for $310.

  30. Steve

    $325.00, and that’s my final offer. If someone outbids me please bear in my mind that my daughter will be heartbroken, and cry for 6 weeks and 1 day and it will all be ON YOU!

  31. Vicki

    Not bidding here because of the whole broke as a joke thing but that really is a sweet thing to do. You rock!! Good luck Steve.

  32. dad

    This is even more surreal than your normal blog. But surreal for a good cause is admirable.

    Otto: You already won but I suspect it cost a lot more than $3.77.

  33. Chris H.

    I was trying to be Wii-less, but this is such a good cause and a potential Christmas present – $350.

  34. Katie

    Way to go Chickadee! You should be proud even though it’s a bit sad that your supper duper Christmas gift is a bust (I have faith you’ll come up with a better one though).

    We already have a Wii as well but good luck to you bidders!

  35. Kailani

    More schools need supportive families like you. I applaud your selflessness.
    And what a great example you are setting for Chickadee and Monkeypants!
    Thanks from:
    -Teacher in the Biz

  36. Heidi

    HAHAHAHA! I mean, I’m so sorry, Steve…

  37. Springsteen fan

    Mir, there’s always Wii Fit for Christmas–by then your kids will be jonesing for even more Wii Wonderfulness. And Monkey will go nutso for Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones.


    Wii-ed out Mom of Videogame Zombie Kidz

  38. Chris H.

    Sorry Steve….I’m a teacher…I couldn’t help myself ;)

  39. ATLCheap

    Too broke to bid, but what a great thing you’re doing for the school.

  40. WaywardGoddess

    I can’t really pay more that $300 for it. But I could save you the shipping cost by coming to pick it up!

  41. tammy

    Wii don’t need one, but if you want somebody to take yours apart, I know somebody who’s getting quite good at disassembling things…

  42. Heather

    Too broke ;) But what a great idea!

  43. Angela

    This auction was already too rich for my blood by the third or fourth bid. BUT, I’m seriously proud of the kids

  44. Chris

    I too have WII’s up the “wazoo”. Good Luck Mir. What an awesome thing to do. :)

  45. pharmgirl

    Wicked awesome idea.
    I’d bid, but then I’d need to buy a tv…

  46. Melissa

    $351 :) I’ve been wanting to get one for my kids. My very cute kids. C-U-T-E.

  47. Flea

    My Wii money is all tied up in a new fuel pump this weekend, but I have to say this is brilliant. :)

  48. Deputy's Wife

    No bid here, we already have one. And love it. Just wanted to say it is really great that you are selling your Wii for the school. As a school district employee I want to say I wish there were more people like you.

    Secondly, I totally stole your school’s idea and presented it to our school about raising funds. They loved it. Though when I said I read it on a blog, I got some “looks”. I guess I am out of the closet for blog surfing…

  49. Naomi in Ohio

    Totally love this (and love you too, Mir)

    We’re bidding $375.00.

  50. christina

    So, some lady on a blog said it might be tax deductible?

  51. susie

    Wow – what an awesome win-win! Now if there were any question of fairness, you have completely wiped any of them away. Bidding is already too high for me but congrats on the successful fundraiser.

  52. Sarah

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade but donations of this kind are deductible on your tax return for the amount over the market value of the goods you receive in return. For example, if you pay $500 (dreaming big for you Mir)for the Wii that Mir is auctioning off and the Wii is currently being sold for $300 in the store or on Amazon (don’t get too technical with sales and such, just go with regular price)then you can deduct $200 on your tax return as a charitable contribution. I live and breathe this type of stuff since its part of my job as a CPA. Happy bidding everyone!

  53. My Readable Feast

    Great minds think alike. I too have stashed a Wii, bought at a terrifically good price, in the basement as a Christmas gift. Now if I can get a Wii fitness for ME.

  54. alala

    Well I’m coming to this way too late, and besides you couldn’t (wouldn’t, shouldn’t) ship a Wii to Germany, but I did want to chime in and say what a wonderful, wonderful thing I think you’re doing for your kids’ school.

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