A weekend of Olympic translation

By Mir
August 10, 2008

Our patriotism and sportmanship, let me show you it:

Women’s 4x100m relay swimming event = Sobbing child insisting he has already WATCHED the Olympics, can we STOP now?

Men’s Beach Volleyball = That looks itchy.

Men’s Water Polo = What are they doing? Where’s the ball? Is there a ball? I’m bored.

Men’s 56kg Weightlifting = Awesome! Little men scowling at big heavy things!


  1. Mike Golch

    beech volly ball is not an olympic sport as far as I am concerned it does not belong there! there was never any thing near this when the original olympics were held!!
    That’s my take on the olympics.

  2. suburbancorrespondent

    You beat us, we haven’t even watched (we don’t have cable). I would like to see the gymnastics competitions; I wonder if videos are posted on the web anywhere?

  3. Cathi

    Honey, the Olympics aren’t on cable. Try NBC – you can get that even with rabbit ears.

  4. jenn

    Go to NBCOlympics.com and you can watch whatever you like!

  5. pam

    No, ‘honey’ some of us hicks can’t even get NBC with them thar rabbit ears. But thanks Jenn for the NBCOlympics.com heads up!

  6. All Adither

    Don’t little men always scowl at big, heavy things? Short man’s syndrome and all?

    Or maybe not.

  7. Kimmers

    Lol, sounds like our weekend. Boyfriend and I CRACKED UP when freaking HANDBALL came on… handball is an Olympic sport?! Seems like everything is these days.

  8. Jenn F.

    Speaking of beach volleyball–where can I get a body like that? (Talking about women of course!)

  9. SoMo

    Kinda like my impression. Although, there is a new interest in the gymnast area. Then I had to ask is that included in the Summer Olypmics. Got glued to the swimming part, but only because I couldn’t make who was who and what the heck they were doing. My 2.5 yr old son’s take on it: “I want go swimming”.

  10. D

    I like John Madden’s def. of a sport “something I cannot do.” Yep, pretty good to me … think of John Madden doing handball or ice skating – maybe he can do it, maybe he won’t be good at it … :-) [of course I cannot find the exact quote – it was on the radio a number of years ago and Google ain’t helping me find it]

  11. Daisy

    Me: Which swimmer is that?
    Daughter: Michael Phelps.
    Me: How could you tell? He looks so ordinary.
    Daughter (age 21, BTW): I recognized his torso.
    Me: (chokes on coffee)

  12. Claudious

    lol, That is exactly what I said when I saw those events were on.

    I like the weight lifting though… not enough to watch it, but it’s interesting, maybe youtube has the highlights.

  13. Crisanne

    I don’t do sports much in general, but I do the Olympics. We went for a week when they were in Atlanta. Quite a memorable experience.

  14. LiteralDan

    Just wait till next time, when they’ll have “already watched the Olympics” to the MAX!

  15. Rosie

    I never knew that fencing or badminton were in the olympics, not that I watched them, the dh told me. He’s been watching it a lot, me and the kids– not so much.

  16. Flea

    I watched some of it at work tonight and enjoyed the games, but I pretty much gave upi after the last winter Olympics when the only sport on was curling, 24-7.

  17. Brigitte

    I’ve pretty much just seen the commercials so far, but my 3-year-old daughter seems highly intrigued by the girls’ gymnastics clips. Is it in the little girly genes or something?

  18. Linda

    I’m just baffled that they are taking out softball and baseball after these Olympics, but badminton will remain!!

  19. Beth

    Baseball and softball (especially softball) are DOMINATED by the Americans. It’s not really a world sport if one team wins by insane margins every time. That’s the reasoning behind this change.

    Oh, and I’m a few days late, but YAY for Mom-of-Otto being off the ventilator!

  20. Linda

    I guess that’s a good reason for the change of the softball and baseball, but I never knew that badminton and handball were world sports either.

  21. Rick Bucich

    Anyone catch the men’s 4×100 relay last night? It sure put some excitement into the games. This was the event that the French team said they would dominate us. It was a nail-biter come-from-behind win.

  22. BooMom

    Rick – YES !!!!! I had to scream silently, as the Boy ad hubs were alrady asleep. but DAYUM !! What a finish !!!!

  23. ben

    Same thing at our house, “but we already watched the swimming.”

    The boys are surprisingly attentive to the girls gymnastics, I’m trying not to think about the implications (that some of these girls aren’t much older than my boys) of that.

    I’m amazed that just about every commercial here has been for cars and trucks. You know, contrasting the “trained for ten years to compete in the olympics” versus “drive to the corner cuz it’s too far to walk” thing.

    My kids were watching Spongebob / Fairy Odd Parents and my wife had the other TV cornered with HGTV most of the weekend, so I’ve been reading a book.

  24. Tj

    Monkey and me have a lot in common – I was whining to my husband that we’d seen the last olympics and that that was enough :)

  25. Walking In My Sleep

    Ah, but did he catch those Olympic Beach Volleyball uniforms???

  26. Astrogirl426

    I fully believe that there would be a lot less Olympics burnout if they went back to the old system of having both Olympics the same year, so you’d have to wait 4 years for any Olympics games at all.

    Oh, and I can’t speak to badminton, but handball is quite a popular sport in many countries (especially the Latin American countries) – it’s similar in ways to the way basketball became the ubiquitous city-sport here in the US. After all, all you need for handball is a small ball and a big bare wall. You can find that in most urban centers (my dad played for years, so I’m probably more familiar with the sport than most people I know).

    Pam – I feel your pain. Here in the sticks, we only get one network, and it ain’t NBC (unless we buy cable/satellite, and we won’t). Thanks for the website heads up, too. I understand men’s gymnastics was quite the nailbiter as well.

  27. jo-less

    I love the Olympics – it’s a chance to watch so many different sports which we don’t get to see very often as mainly the stations here show football (soccer to the US bods), rugby, cricket and more football. I love to watch gymnastics, diving, badminton, hockey (field) etc etc. How else are children going to know and try different sports if they never get to see them played at a high level.

    Maybe you could use the chance to teach your kids that you can be world-class at sport in so many different things – very important for those kids who would be picked last for soccer but who may love rowing, for example (I know many people who are dreadful at hand-eye-coordination and thought they hated ‘sport’ who now excel at rowing). What about shooting, or archery, or….

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