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By Mir
April 25, 2008

Sometimes, I sit down to write in the morning and there is a Big Thing on my mind that I really do NOT want to get into, so I try to find something else to natter on about, and then sometimes there is simply nothing shiny available and my children have been neither unusually delightful or horrid and then—very rarely, but it happens—I wander off and realize twelve hours later that, Oh, hey, I never wrote today.


So I could get into a BIG GIGANTIC RANT to finish out the week (Hint: Are 504 Plans optional, and should the school which is ONCE AGAIN in violation open a conversation with me by saying “Well, really, it’s okay!”? Answer: No, and OH HELL NO.) or I could just tell you what ONE THING tickled me today.

Today the kids had Field Day at school, which was very! exciting! on a number of levels. There was tug-of-war and archery and running things and throwing things and BOBSLEDDING. Yes. Bobsledding. In Georgia. IN A CARDBOARD BOX.

Life doesn’t get any more fun than THAT, people.

(I am willfully overlooking how unsafe that sounds, so just don’t even speak to me about it. Six kids at once in a cardboard box! On a hill! Tralalala! Fantastic!)

My children are nothing if not predictable, and so both of them declared the SNACKS to be their favorite part of the day. For the bargain price of one dollar, each child got a wristband with four marks, and those marks could be redeemed towards various yummy things.

Tonight before bed, Chickadee was going on and on about it and I realized that in all of her OH SO GROWN UP 10-year-old-ness, she was referring to the place where you could go for snacks as “The Confession Stand.”

This was hilarious, especially once I pointed it out to her.

We then discussed what sorts of confessions would be necessary during Field Day. “I confess… that I throw like a girl.” “I confess… that my shoe is untied.” “I confess… that I am having trouble remembering this is actually a Concession Stand.”

Maybe you had to be there. Whatever. It was the high point of my day, because some days it just doesn’t take much.


  1. Cheryl

    As a mother of a son with autism, I empathize. My son is fortunately in an excellent school right now, but we’re moving this summer and will have to start all over again. Feel free to rant if that is what is on your mind/heart, because I’m sure many of us will be able to relate.

    And, I love the term “Confession Stand.” I confess that I’ve been stalking your blog all day because it’s so unusual for you not to have something for us. . . Does that mean I need to get a life?

  2. ChristieNY

    Hilarious about the confession stand!!!

    Sorry about the other stuff that’s – I hope everything works out quickly. :)

  3. Mama Bear

    Aaah! There’s my scream over 504’s not being in place when they are supposed to be. I sympathize with you completely on that one. Miss 14 has a 504 due to a heart condition. Some teachers have seen it, some have not. Umm, heart condition, perhaps all teachers should know about it. Before the end of the year!
    Oh, and I stalked all day too, sorry.

  4. Mom24

    Well, the good news is you were definitely missed. Sorry about the school situation. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard, does it? Have a great weekend.

  5. Lady M

    I have a couple of Big Things to write, which is why I’m posting on completely random and unimportant topics this week.

    Funny thing – my mom found my canvas library bag with the name of our mutual elementary school on it! She gave it to Q to carry his first library books. Good ‘ol NE.

  6. pam

    Well finally (in a huff ;) I really couldn’t go to bed w/o knowing the Mirto’s (that’s your alls new LA name) were all ok.

  7. Megan

    Good gravy. Perhaps there’s a smaaaaall issue with the actual definition of “optional?” As in – ooh! We can opt in, or opt out!

    And my work? Needs a confessional stand. Right now.

  8. Kathy

    My daughter (now almost 10) has a twin and an older brother. She’s at the baseball field a LOT. She called it the confession stand for years. As a family joke, we’ve all called it that since. Too cute!

  9. jennielynn

    If you say the words “fair hearing” I guarantee the 504 will stop being optional.

  10. Headless Mom

    I confess that I need more snacks!

    Lovely way to end the week!

  11. Heather

    Hehe confession stand. I like it :D

  12. mike golch

    Once my supervisor said something simular after I mentioned that there might be a problem in one of the pods (housing units) and the C/O was standing it the coffee rome not careing about his pod.

  13. Flea

    Jennielyn’s got something there.

    Was today outside day elsewhere? My fourth grader had an Oklahoma Land Run today on the playground. Square dancing followed indoors.

    Oh! And yes, snow events are done that way in the south. We used to “sled” down the levees south of New Orleans on cardboard boxes when I was a kid. But my favorite was the inner tube from an 18 wheeler: we’d crawl into the middle, grab hold with arms and legs, have someone roll us down the levee. Great fun. Not everyone has the luxury of snow, you know. :)

  14. Shannon

    The Confession stand sounds like a Catholic sponsered snack area. LOL.

  15. Crisanne

    What a nice moment with your little girl, esp just before bed.

    Why is it that schools, who exist soley to care for our children, allow themselves to get so lazy with such important things???

    On a positive spin-I know you chose this school because of some of the other “lessons” it held for your children. It is quite possible that they have not had any other parents be such strong advocates for their children, who have surely fallen through the cracks as well. Just think of all the children you will be helping once you get their broken system fixed! And you will get it fixed, I just know it.

    Saying many prayers for your little Monkey.

  16. Sheila

    We have a Confession Stand at my church. But we don’t actually stand. We kneel. And sometimes, we sit face to face with the proprietor. I must admit that I don’t like that method of transaction too much, and so I rarely visit the Confession Stand. In fact, I seem to have lost my wristband somewhere…

  17. Sara

    “I confess I throw like a girl.” Bwahahahaha!!

  18. KellyMichelle

    Ive had those days, and weeks. Keep your chin up.

  19. KarateMom

    I just love, love, love it when kids say things wrong! My son talks about getting “handi-down” clothes from a friend of ours and I just can’t bring myself to correct him. I figure, he’ll figure it out before he goes to college, right?

  20. Windy

    Why is it that all the school’s defenses against the implementation of a 504 plan just sound like “Wahhhh, but I don’t want to, Mommy, don’t maaaake me! *stomps feet*”?

    Because I know that’s how it sounded to me and my mother when we were fighting for my equal education. Monkey has my sympathy.

    I’m right there with you and sending good thoughts your way.

    I also love the “Confession Stand”. That brightened my day.

  21. April

    Gotta love readily accessible confession stands!

  22. Daisy

    At our last meeting to update Amigo’s BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan), the team was woefully ignorant of the need for such plan until Husband blew his stack and announced we were NOT going to go through the court system with our son due to administrative incompetence — for a second time. Yes, it’s happened once already. rumblerumblerumble…you go, Mom, push that 504!

  23. kate

    So is this your Confession Stand?

    Also, thanks to your blog, I have begun thinking of Important Things in my head Like This, And This, And This… I never used to consider capitalization expressive.

  24. Leandra

    You know, the kids on campus actually set up some kind of Confession Stand near my office last week. There was a big sign that said “CONFESSION” and then a smaller sign that said “Have you been offended? Tell us about it!” I didn’t have the heart to tell them that confession is really about how you have offended someone else, NOT how they have offended you.

  25. The Other Other Dawn

    I hear ya.

    In Newfoundland, we have ISSPs (individual student service plans). They are just as ineffective. My kid with Central Auditory Processing Deficit? Supposed to have “quiet room” in which to write tests? Routinely got put into the room with the kids with Dyslexia, who, of course, need the test questions read out loud to them. Way to support my kid, teachers! Am I glad my kids are both finished with the public school system? You betcha!

    Same child, who never did get her diploma, is now holding down a full-time, more than miniumum wage office job, will soon start an evening program to get her high school equivalency (all under her own initiative) and then plans to go on to do a program in massage therapy. Seems you can’t keep a good kid down. Take that, teachers!

    Issues? Moi???

    Hang in there. Despite the school system’s best (or worst) efforts, your kids will be fine because they’re being raised to have good values. They see the adults in their lives working hard and they are learning that as their standard even if you can’t tell just yet.

  26. Aimee

    Confession stand! Oh, that Chickadee is one funny girl.

    As for the school: grrrrrrrr. I agree with what Jennielynn said above. I think you have to threaten to take this thing higher. Nicely, of course, but make your intentions clear.

  27. Southernbelle

    My daughter has also called it a “Confession stand”. I think it is hilarious also.

  28. Ramblin' Red


    We have a 504 non-compliance issue here too…but…she IS doing ok. Could she be doing better if the adaptations were adhered to? Maybe.

    Is it almost the end of the school year? Yes.

    Do I want to say anything? Debating.


  29. Belinda

    I confess…that I LIKE eating Frito Pie right out of the the little Fritos bag with a plastic spork.

    Hang in there, kiddo.

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