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By Mir
March 24, 2008

What do you do after a long week and a horrible day when the worry is eating you up and you wonder if you’ll ever get your footing when it comes to this parenting thing? Well, if it’s the night before Easter, you have to chat with the Easter Bunny and strategize, of course.

But you’re probably not feeling much like making trails of eggs to follow, or like writing little cutesy clue-notes.

In fact, you may be thinking that you don’t much care if the kids find the baskets at all. That’s not TRUE, of course, but you’re not in a very good mood.

But then a thought strikes you, see, and instead of adding to your general grumpiness, it suddenly feels like the funniest thing in the world, this idea, and you check with your husband and say “Can we even DO that? Would it be funny?” and he’s chuckling and shaking his head, and then he goes out to the garage.

And he comes back with a lightbulb-changing pole.

And at first you say no, but he assures you, no, really, it’ll work. It will.

And it turns out that he’s right.

So you hide the baskets and go to bed, and the next morning, your son comes down and watches cartoons for an hour in that very room, totally oblivious. And when you tell him he can start looking, he’s mystified.

His sister, on the other hand, walks right into the room and spots them immediately.

(There’s a lesson there in personality differences, but I’m not sure I want to know what it is, truthfully.)

The Easter Bunny has brought pool toys and chocolate bunnies and Fun Dip (“That Easter Bunny sure is smart, because I can just lick the Fun Dip and it won’t hurt my mouth at all!”) and wishing stones, and for one day, things are more or less okay—which feels like a fitting little miracle in itself.

And later, there will be a discussion of whether or not the Easter Bunny has somehow sprouted wings.

Spot the hidden Easter baskets!


  1. Brigitte

    Yeah, I definitely would be the person who goes around totally oblivious to those baskets up there. I hope Otto successfully pulled them back down without any tragic chocolate spillage!

  2. Jen

    PERFECT!! The Easter Bunny wasn’t very creative at my house this year,and ended up leaving the baskets directly outside each child’s bedroom door.

    BTW: May I say that I just want to come to your house, snuggle up on that very comfy looking chair next to a warm fire and a good book? That looks SO inviting :)

  3. Leandra

    That is brilliant!

    Punkin was introduced to the magic of Fun Dip yesterday! Ahh, good old Fun Dip.

  4. StephLove

    It looks like you have a lovely home. I’m glad you had a nice Easter. We were Easter sloths. My sister made the baskets for us and my son wanted to hide them since it’s his first Easter not believing in the Bunny and he wanted a part in it. Since my little one really had no idea what was going on, I had to be the one to look for them. They were in partner’s bedroom closet.

  5. StephLove

    p.s. It would not have made as pretty a picture, next to an overflowing clothes hamper.

  6. Tammy

    I’m with Jen, the Easter Bunny wasn’t feeling the mojo this year at our house. She left the baskets in the toy room–where the door could be closed to prevent the dog from attacking them. Smart Bunny.

  7. All Adither

    Except that my kids are so tall they could totally reach up there.

  8. Jamie

    Your Easter Bunny is pure genius! On a side note, I want to snuggle in that chair in the corner, looks so comfy!

  9. BethR

    In my family the bunny leaves baskets in the recipient’s closet so we don’t have to hide them. We hide Hannukah presents, and you can tell the difference between Christmas presents from your parents and Christmas presents from Santa because Santa doesn’t wrap his. We’re ethnically confused, but we have fun.

  10. Wendy

    HA!HA! That was a good spot. We would have never found them, being a family of gnomes and all.

    Happy Easter! you all deserve it.

  11. Ladybug Crossing

    OMG! That’s the best!!!

  12. Jenni

    Since Red was at her mom’s for Easter Sunday, we’re doing Easter tonight with my parents coming over for dinner. I wrote out an elaborate treasure hunt that involves three trips outside and many trips up and down the stairs. And all the clues will be in plastic eggs. But then it was late and so I made a list of where each clue went, as well as a bag of eggs and now my husband is in charge of getting each clue hidden. Hopefully it works out.

  13. Marissa

    I LOVE your house! This year I had to out smart 7 yr old logic to keep him a believer for just a little longer. Son: “Mom I think you put out the Easter stuff because you and Daddy don’t get anything and you get stuff from Santa.” Me: “Well that’s because Easter is more for kids.” So I resolved to make a basket up for me and my husband this year.

    Easter morning, darling boy sees the two baskets, including the soccer ball shaped one he received last year. Son: “Mom I know you put this stuff out because I saw the soccer basket in the attic.” Me (thinking as fast as I could at 7:30am): “Well the Easter Bunny fills up your basket if you leave it our for him and since he gave you such a nice basket last year I thought we’d leave it out for him to fill. But I forgot to remind you to put it out before you went to bed (fell asleep watching a movie) so I put it out for you and the other basket I bought so he would leave stuff for me and Daddy.” Son: “Oh okay, that makes sense.”

    Then on the way home from church–“I understand the resurrection and Jesus rising, but what does that have to do with the bunny and eggs and stuff.”

    Me: “Well nothing…” and then I blabbed something about the coming of spring and incorporating of old pagan rituals into religious holidays and just left it at that. He replied “And Santa has nothing to do with Jesus being born either.” Me: “Yep.”

    Oh the age of questioning. I hope you have a better week.

  14. Jennifer

    The Easter Bunny had to make a run to Walgreen’s at midnight because he was having a pretty crappy weekend at our house too. It was really hard to make Easter happen. Sounds like you guys are slowly but surely making it through this rough patch. Many hugs for Monkey and for Chickie too.

  15. Astrogirl

    Great idea! I (being somewhat challenged in the department of “get your nose off the ground and think vertically”) would never have thought of it.

    Easter was inSANE at our house (well, at my mom’s). There was much running around with the cousins, and sneaking of just-one-more-chocolate-egg-please-momma (even though I told him a thousand times not until after dinner), and an egg hunt with crazy barehanded combat for the purple eggs (?). And many tears when it was time to leave. All in all, a success (cause, you know, we survived it. Success!).

  16. Aimee

    Heh. Well maybe it’s a very TALL bunny like the ones at the mall.

    BTW, I pink-puffy-heart that fireplace!

  17. Patricia

    When you are ready to trade those kids in — can I be your kid?

    I come not needing any orthodontia, I have a college degree (paid for), and I bring my own husband and child — but your Easter Bunny brings Fun Dip!!!

    (My Easter Bunny brought gummy Eyeballs — the boy wanted to eat eyeballs — we should blame the bunny for making a small boys dream come true?)

  18. Daisy

    My so-called “kids” asked me if I remembered where I’d stored the Easter baskets last year. Ah, yes, and my youngest is four inches taller than I am. He doesn’t see well, though, so I might be able to “hide” the baskets if I really tried.

  19. Burgh Baby's Mom

    I would have spotted them immediately. If, however, they had been placed beneath the completely see through coffee table, it would have taken me all day to find those suckers.

  20. Sue

    Aww! Great work, Easter Bunny! And genius idea with the Fun Dip. I hope this is the beginning of a better week for everyone.

  21. Headless Mom

    I’m so not that creative. New baskets, jelly beans, melted chocolate, and a book for each is all the Bunny could handle around here. It took me 3 stores to even find grass!

  22. Ani

    Once more, proof that the “finding” gene is just not on the Y chromosome.

    And now I’m off to find the 20 things the three males in the house have misplaced.

  23. liz

    The Easter Bunny can HOP of course. And you’ve seen the Easter Bunny at the mall – he’s pretty big. I wouldn’t put it past him to be able to hop that high. Question is, how long did the kids debate on how to get the baskets down?

  24. jennielynn

    Gah! Your Easter Bunny is far more creative than mine. Mine is a lazy, lazy bunny.

  25. Chewie

    Am I the only one wondering what the heck those shelves are doing way up there in the first place? Is it an architectural thing to help warm up the high ceilings? Do they usually have something else on them? If so, how the heck do you dust whatever is up there? (look, i KNOW you dust now and then, so don’t even go there with the “dusting? wha’?)

    I confess to being the Monkey in the story…and I’m married to the Chickadee type. Oh how it works well to balance life, let me tell ya. Although he seems jealous of my more quiet mind and laid back happy nature…*grin*…but I value his crazy way of thinking and learn from his point of view too.

    Wait. This isn’t my therapy appointment…oops.


  26. pam

    Any possibility of you and Otto adopting another daughter so I can live in that room? Now I REALLY want to see the rest of the house. Calmer week to you and yours.

  27. Beachgal

    I love that fireplace and the whole room. Makes me hate my house even more, but awesome hiding spot.

  28. Lady M

    Clever bunny!

    I love your living room.

  29. Jamie AZ

    That is so perfect! When I was growing up, the EB hid our baskets, too. Hubby’s EB never hid their baskets. So, we’ve just had them sitting out in the open for the most part the past couple years, but I think we’re going to move to hiding them next year.

    Glad Easter was a better day for all involved. You certainly don’t need another last week!

  30. Heidi

    Today is the day after Easter, when the chocolate is marked down. What are y’all waiting for–GO!

  31. Kate

    That EB is a tricky one!

  32. Crisanne

    Hmm, maybe we need to try the basket hiding thing??!!??

    Glad you had a nice day together. I still have many prayers going up for you guys.

  33. Sheila

    I think a tradition has begun… well, it would have in my house anyway. It’s pure genius, really– no one can reach their stash until after the parents have awakened (on their own schedules, mind you), and can thus monitor the sugar intake before 7am.

    In my house, the egg hunt was over by 7:14 and I had barely made it down the steps. Most of the chocolate had been consumed before I even opened my eyes.

    So glad to hear your day was blessedly normal.

  34. Dawn

    AWESOME. I love it.

  35. DBN

    Sadly, it took me a minute to find them IN THE PICTURE!

  36. Lori

    In our house we give the baskets (usually nothing much) and the EB fills plastic eggs and hides them. This year the EB was hopping all over the house (too cold for him/her to leave the eggs outside.) The kids found eggs on top of picture frames, light fixtures, thermostats, and our hanging pot rack. Personally I just wish the EB would leave a note saying how many eggs have been hidden so we know we’ve found them all. There’s nothing that says lazy housekeeper like finding plastic easter eggs in August!

  37. ImpostorMom

    The Easter Bunny never hid my basket when I was growing up. This has only just come to my attention since having a child of my own. I suppose my mom was lazy. I didn’t even make one for Boog this year so I guess I’m even lazier. He’s only 15 months though, he doesn’t know. :)

  38. StephLove

    I grew up in a eggs-are-hidden-but-not-the-basket family and partner grew up in a basket-hidden-but-not-the-eggs family. Somehow her tradition won out. Maybe some year I will wrest it back. Some year when I feel up to hiding a dozen eggs.

  39. julie

    In our house the Easter Bunny dyed the eggs magnificently with hand-painting and glitter, then cleverly hid them. I realized this was not a good tradition the year I found myself in Kroger on Sat at midnight, crying and buying a dozen pre-dyed and somewhat worn-looking eggs on my way home from work. Fear not, young SuperMoms. Lil Daughter never even noticed. But, a word to the wise…simple traditions are just as memorable. He never hid the basket, but he always hid her collection of stuffed bunnies all over the house or lined them all up in a silly place, like the bathroom. She thought that was hysterical.

  40. Sophia

    Umm, Mir. How come your house is so clean?

    Any picture I would attempt to take like that of my home would be embarassing. lol

    Good for you and the EB!

  41. amanda

    This is the kind of thing I would remember forever. How magical!

  42. carson

    If that chair gets gone, I’ve got it. It needs me. (I know that had little to do wiht the post, but I have the tired.)

  43. Cele

    Love the room. And how nice it comes with Easter Basket shelves.

  44. angelfeet

    Excellent (or should I say, eggcellent) location for those baskets.

    That’s a very inviting-looking room.

  45. MM

    I had no idea what we were looking for in the photo. No. idea. LOL.

  46. Deb

    BEAUTIFUL room! And great idea too. Hope Monkey is feeling better and eating too.

  47. Julie Stiles Mills

    Such a simple way to ditch a bad mood! We were in a hotel room on Easter morning this year and both kids were awake the night before until we actually got into the bed ourselves. So, the Easter Bunny had to sneak around in the morning and hide plastic eggs filled with candy. He also left more candy and MONEY! (He used our son’s baseball cap for his basket and tucked everything around my daughter’s stuffed bunny.)

    Your house is beautiful! I need me a chair like that! Now, in our house, the scene in FRONT of the camera would look just as lovely. The scene BEHIND the camera? not so much. :)

  48. Susie

    I probably would have missed those…. In fact, I had to look twice at the picture… Our Easter Bunny brought Fun Dip too… Hmmmm

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