No thank you

By Mir
March 8, 2008

1) Some freak stumbling across some pictures of my shoes and then contacting me to ask if I have any for sale, claiming to be a thrift store owner. Suuuuure you are, Sleazy McFetish.

2) Having to get up at 4:30 to get the family out the door for their flight up to New England.

3) Having my daughter decide at 5:00 in the morning that she forget to pack something. A, I do not care, B, it’s a good thing you’re about to leave for a week, and C, get out and let me go back to bed.

4) Being wide awake at 5:15 after everyone has left and I am free to go to sleep.

5) Snow. In Georgia. In March. (Whaaaaaaa?)

6) Knowing I should be working, even though it’s Saturday.

7) Acne. Just because, well, OBVIOUSLY.


  1. Slick

    Yeah, thank goodness the snow didn’t last too long. I couldn’t believe it either!

  2. Sheila

    Did your mother never tell you, pretty Mir, never to leave photos of your shoes just lying around where any old body can see them?

    And, just in case she never told you this, either: DON’T PICK. I speak from adult-onset experience, sadly.

  3. Loth

    Don’t squeeze, either.

  4. D

    Can’t top my story of having a photo/page of a stuffed bunny online and getting an email from a guy asking me why I was such a freak for having a stuffed animal online and it coming up in a search when he and his wife were doing a “normal search” looking for photos of people doing lewd acts with their animals … uh huh, I’m a freak and you’re normal??? Got it … it takes all kinds, just keep away from me, okay? :-)

  5. All Adither

    A week of freedom? It’s almost worth getting up at 4:30am.

  6. Tress

    Why in the world are they coming to New England? Looking out my window at yet another beautiful day of gray, cold, rainy-snowy New England crapola, I guess I can see why anyone would want to come here…

  7. Headless Mom

    What I wouldn’t give for a whole week without my kids! Love ’em but they never.go.away. ;-)

  8. Jennifer

    Thankfully the snow didn’t stick, but that wind is bitter.

  9. MaryP

    If I didn’t know that you were a hardy New Englander, and know very well what REAL winter looks like, I’d be making some bitter, bitter remarks about complaining about a smidge of snow that’s gone in a day.

    Yesterday: 5 inches. Today: 5 more. This evening/overnight: another 8 to come. Bitter.

    I want to go to sleep and wake up in Tahiti.

  10. Janssen

    Working on Saturday is a really horrible punishment, generally. At least you’ve got a whole week of weekend ahead!

  11. Jean

    I’ll swap your snow in Georgia for my hellacious flooding rain in eastern New York any day!! Sorry, but if it’s still winter on the calendar in this neck of the woods, then give me WINTER weather, not nasty spring rains.

    Oops, I think I’m still stuck on “stuck in my craw” day…..

  12. Daisy

    I can’t complain about winter; I live in Wisconsin by choice. But…how is it that every time I view my front porch I think of the book “The Lovely Bones” and how the icicle is supposed to be the perfect murder weapon?

  13. The Over-Thinker

    Isn’t that always the case? When you’re free to sleep to your little heart’s content, you can’t. When you HAVE to get up, you can’t get any further than hoisting one leg off the bed.

    Stupid Greener Grass…

  14. Heather

    Oh gross! As much as you adore your kids, I’m glad you get some time off from them! It’s likely very good for preserving sanity!

  15. Flea

    How lovely to look forward to a week alone with Otto. And you’re going to spend it catching up on work, aren’t you? Yes. Yes you are. Enjoy yourself. :D

  16. Cele

    Oh those treasured moments of silent bliss will be come screaming moments of silence by Friday morning. So enjoy now.

  17. mike golch

    Snow in Georgia,huh well we feel lucky if on opening day it does not snow.Last lesr we were one out from winning the game when it was called because of snow.

  18. Christy

    Mir- what really got me was the freaking TORNADO we had the night before, then I woke up and it’s snowing! Let me know if you see a swarm of locusts heading our way because I will be OUT OF HERE!!! :)

    And I thought the weather in Oklahoma was wierd.

  19. Lady M

    I figured that the acne would go away by the time I turned thirty, but uh, no. Sigh.

  20. Brigitte

    Heh, I’m in my mid-40s and still get acne, I figure I’ll go to my grave with “The North Star” at this point.

  21. Beth

    Yeah, let’s talk about the acne that decides to show up months ago (let’s say… October?) and still not have gone away. I know I’m now having my very own version of “The Year of Living Changerously” (stolen directly and with much love from you, my pretty tulip!), but still, I’m 37 years old. Who said I have to break out like I NEVER did as a teen-ager?

    But a week with just you and Otto? Go, Mir!

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