My deal with the devil

By Mir
February 17, 2008

I’m doing a bit of research this weekend, pretty readers. I thought perhaps you’d like to participate.

IF you had a young lady on your hands for whom getting her ears pierced was more or less the pinnacle of all things good and meaningful, and IF you had already laid down the law stating that such piercing would not be happening either A) until middle school or B) until said child could manage to comport herself in such a way that you no longer felt compelled to comment that she would lose her own head if it wasn’t attached, and IF said child had a rather large—say, double-digit—birthday coming up, and IF you were completely unwilling to bend on the ear piercing thing but suddenly had an inspiration and blurted out without thinking “HEY, HOW ABOUT YOU HAVE A SLEEPOVER AND WE DYE YOUR HAIR CRAZY COLORS!”, and IF you had already obtained the BFF’s mom’s permission to do so, and IF you then realized “Oh, crap, I may have just stepped in it,” well, then, WHAT PRODUCT would you be looking for which would be safe to use on small girls and would sufficiently color their hair SEMI-PERMANENTLY in various rainbow hues?

Just wondering.


  1. Otto


    who will now not be allowed in the house that weekend
    (Was that intentional?)

  2. Bikini

    Honestly, in high school Kool-Aid was very popular, but it gives more of a tint than a definite color. There is also spray-on color, like hair spray, I think. You can probably find it in costume stores (I’m thinking Party City, perhaps), or on-line.

    Both of these suggestions come from my experience in high school band, which means that neither of these may be the pinnacle of cool.

    Also, I lived by the clip-on earring in my youth (dollar store, baby!), as we weren’t allowed to pierce our ears until we were 18.

  3. Jess

    Heh, Otto.

    I don’t know, myself, but I’m definitely interested in the answer, as my daughter REALLY wants purple hair, but I don’t want her to have purple hair FOREVER.

    I read a blog where the blogger’s daughter regularly has different-colored hair, and I know that, at least once, they used a mousse that supposedly washes out after 8-10 washes. (With something like that, you could use do stripes!)

  4. tiffany

    If the kids hair is blonde then koolaid can stain it and not wash out completely for awhile and its hard to get a tint with dark colored hair. Id go to party city and get the spray stuff that is out around halloween. You could call the hair salon too and ask for their advice, i know there is colored hair gel that you can buy to color their hair, i should know i have a husband that did it for the kids one time.
    The ear piercing thing, i gave into on a whim and my almost 9 yr old loves her earrings!

  5. kaleigh

    Splat is easy to find at Walgreen’s and supposedly lasts up to 6 weeks. If you don’t do the bleaching first, it won’t last that long. If you do bleach first, it will. We did both (bleached streaks) and the streaks stayed blue from Memorial Day to late July. It’s wicked messy, especially the blue. Don’t panic, though. I got it cleaned up pretty easily. But don’t let it get on skin. It stains. The raspberry is a gorgeous pink, and the blue is amazing. Some pics of my daughter immediately after pink:
    Both the kids after blue: Please note that a glob of the blue got on my son’s scalp and did leave a mark.

    Loreal’s Color Pulse supposedly lasts 8 or so shampoos. For my daughter, it lasted much longer. It mousses in, much easier to use and less messy, but not as intense as far as color choices. The “Chilled Plum” faded to auburn pretty fast.

    I love letting my kids have fun hair. It’s one of those “pick your battles” things that my mom didn’t handle well, which resulted in much strife. By encouraging/facilitating this, you’re showing that being different is fine and not scary. Yay!

  6. zarlyng

    Tiffany has a point, in that if the girls’ hair is light, anything will stay in it for a longer period of time marked on the box.

    I used Punky Color a lot in my, ahem, younger days. Depending on how light their hair is, it will wash out within a few weeks.

    Oh, and Aveda makes a great deep shampoo called hair detoxifier that will help get out semi-perm color.

    Wow. Can you tell I write from experience ;)

  7. MomCat

    Fine, blonde hair will stain, no matter what product you use. It would be better to use a gold or silver glitter spray, which will still be kinda cute after 2 weeks and many washes. We endured months of an increasingly skanky-looking purple streak after my blonde daughter used a ‘temporary’ product at a friend’s birthday party. Nothing removed it, even a professional treatment. (Bless you for asking the other mothers first!)

    Glitter spray will show up better on darker hair than a color mousse/spray anyway.

  8. Stacia

    Go to Sally’s Beauty Supply. They have a large selection and the people there should be able to help you (you might need to ask for a manager though, to get anyone who knows what they’re talking about). At least then you’ll know what your options are though.

  9. bkwyrm

    I spent much of the eighties in high school dying my hair various unnatural colors, so I speak with some authority when I recommend a brand called “Manic Panic.” Use the original formula, because the newer stuff lasts longer. Manic Panic lasts a lot longer if the hair is bleached, blond, or simply very dry, but even on “normal” hair it sticks around for a couple of washes.
    If you want something not likely to stick around for very long, try Manic Panic Dye Hard. It’s temporary color, and shampoos right out. And it does, in fact, shampoo out.

  10. Ani

    As you are in a college town, you can also check out the big fan memorabilia stuff stores near campus. I’ll bet they have some hair-color spray for their younger, wilder, “get-myself-on-ESPN” fans. That stuff should wash right out. Of course, the color selection might be limited. :-)

  11. All Adither

    Dudette, you are SUPERCOOL.

    And smart to get advice first.

  12. carson

    Food coloring is what I’ve heard.

  13. Karen Sugarpants

    I was 10 when I was allowed to get my ears pierced and I wasn’t ready to take care of them properly (can you say painful infection?) so good for you on not wavering there.
    As for hair colouring – Dylan had blonde highlights put in by a hairdresser and it went really well. But since you are doing it yourself, buy gloves and use Kool-Aid!
    Best of luck!

  14. Sabrina Denesha

    Kool-Aid can stain permanently so be careful with it, although you can also use Jell-O and get he same result. And if you can bear to be seen in there try your local hot topic they sell a lot of semi permanent color in a wide variety of shades and they can probably tell you how long they last!

  15. Ei

    Are any of these children VERY blonde? Temporary is never temporaty for very blonde kids. Not that I would know. Um Yeah.

  16. TC

    I can’t help you because I let Em get her ears pierced when she was 9, but have absolutely REFUSED to even CONSIDER any kind of hair color aside from the kind that immediately washes out…and even then, only on Halloween.

    Strange how we all view these ‘evils’ differently, no?

  17. josy

    i’m surprised that no one has mentioned this yet –
    bingo dabbers.
    they wash right out of even the blondest hair. they’re cheaper than dye and come in all sorts of colours. i used them all through my teen years and i had the driest, most bleached-out hair ever. and they never stained my hair.

  18. Steph

    I am fairly certain that you can buy some temporary hair coloring stuff at places like Sally’s Beauty Supply. The grocery store will obviously have regular colors, but they probably won’t have the rainbow hues Chickadee so desires.

    Please let us know the outcome, Mir, as I have a 7-year-old girl and I am convinced that I will be dealing with this sooner rather than later. I’m sure it will be a smash with her homies, much like her 6th birthday party, which was comprised of 8 mini-women (read: fighting over) Karaoke. Good times.

    Also, I made a deal with the devil about a year ago that I have never recovered from. In order to get Maya to go grocery shopping with me, I promised to buy her a toy at the store. It was a Bratz doll. Oh, good Lord, that right there was a Pandora’s box opening right into the mouth of hell.

    Good luck, Mir!

  19. hollygee

    Semi-permanent? Sebastian Cellophanes were what we used in beauty school, but are no longer available. They came in black, purple, magenta, red, turquoise, indigo, orange and bright yellow (I tried most of them :-)

    This is what I’ve found:

  20. Trish

    I would go to Sally’s. However you need to check with the school to see if rainbow colored hair is against the dress code.
    I think that your awesome for coming up with such a great compromise. Have fun!

  21. saucygrrl

    Can you ditch the hair idea and go with Henna tattoos? Oh. No? Damn. I’m useless then…

  22. Megan

    The Male Child was allowed to temporarily colors its hair whatever its soccer team jersey color was (once that meant we had half red, half green though because it was on TWO teams… good times). The product we used lasted for about three weeks before it faded considerably. Granted, the Male Child was (at that time) quite blonde so the color showed up really well. For lovely brunettes it’s not going to be nearly so noticeable. If three weeks is too long a time for you you might look into the intense color gels that are out there. They are super sticky, rather nasty, but they do give a good color AND they wash out after one shampoo (also you can make interesting hair-shapes which is good if you are Male and easily amused). Manic Panic does a line and I think they have some that glow under black-light if you can get your hands on a bulb. There’s some info here: I think Manic Panic does some semi-permanent as well. For the record, the gels are FAR less messy since you can apply them to dry hair and don’t have to rinse anything out. If you have only one BFF coming then semi-permanent will be fine; if you have multiple children who will want to be rainbow-headed then… you might want to go with easy and reasonably tidy. Also, dig out all your less-favorite towels, and make sure the girls have nearly-rag-pile-ready linens for pillows and sheets. No matter how careful you are there’s bound to be some rub-off.

  23. la blogger gal

    I think if you go to Sally’s you can find colors that are semi-perm.

  24. Jules

    After the hair coloring, and everyone is asleep, maybe they can sneak to the freezer for some ice and pierce each others ears.

    ..I’m just sayin’

  25. annie

    I dye yarn with Koolaid, permamently. The citric acid in the Koolaid makes a fantastic mordant for dyeing protein fibers (hair). Yikes!

    What about those clip in crazy colored hair extensions they have at the beauty store? They aren’t too expensive and there is no mess and no upset parents when it won’t really wash out. Sally also has some paint in highlights like mascara as well as the punky hair spray stuff. If you can find bright colored mascaras, I used to use that in middle school to put blue streaks in my blonde hair and it washed right out!

    Could you soften the blow of compromising on the dye by letting the kiddo pick a few crazy shades of nail polish from the Sally Beauty Wall O’ Nail Polish? Glitter blue? Lime Green? And crazy lipstick and body glitter? All taken care of with soap and water?

  26. Ladybug Crossing

    Have you considered changing your mind and doing tie dye t-shirts instead??

  27. Denise

    Kool-aid, really blonde haired child or not, is the answer.

    My girls had incredibly blonde hair when they were young (they actually still do but with michelle you can’t tell because she changes her hair color constantly) and Kool-aid does not last any longer for blonde kids than it does for brunettes. You just don’t leave it on quite as long with really blonde kids.

    I think SJ (i, asshole) just did kool-aid hair color with her kids last week – she may have solid tips for you. I haven’t done it with kids in 10 years, so I’m a little fuzzy on the process. (kool-aid, aluminimum foil, hair dryer… that’s all I remember, lol)

  28. Daisy

    Word of warning — wrap the darling girls in a towel first so as not to damage their clothing. And use OLD towels. If you don’t own any old towels, go to a thrift store and buy some.
    Just sayin’. My daughter is now 21, so take that for what it’s worth. :)

  29. carrie

    I haven’t tried it myself, so I’m hesitant to mention it, but you can check out

    Good luck

  30. tammy

    Crayola markers work well on light hair, and they’ve never stained my hair.

    What? I used to have some really slow days at work.

  31. Molly

    To second Tammy’s idea, I have had a few blonde students who have colored their hair with Crayola markers and it washed right out. They liked it because they could do multiple colors on their heads, kind of a tropical bird look.

  32. DR

    Coming out of lurking to share a couple of points to ponder…

    Have you checked the student handbook at her school? Granted I am retired now but the student handbook in my system still forbids wildly colored hair since it causes disruption in classroom instruction.

    Also, have you ever seen the “stick on” earrings that adhere to the lobe with a tiny circle of adhesive and give the look of pierced ears? Those are very popular with the pre-teens and unless someone is really looking at the back of the lobe, they look extremely real. (Is it obvious that I taught junior high?)

    By the way, while I am in “de”lurking mode I need to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. It is one of my favorite daily routines!

  33. Heidi

    Yo, if you aren’t up for ear piercing, how about NOSE piercing? No? Okay, then…

  34. DR

    I should have searched for the product before posting!

    Nowadays the stick-on earrings look fairly tacky (at least those I saw). They resemble tattoos more than earrings.

    However, take a look at
    Those tiny pearl posts are the ones I remember. They really have a high class look. I’m not familiar with the magnetic closure but I suspect it will even give the appearance of pierced even on the back of the lobe!

  35. Siobhan

    Hello there, I got here via someone I don’t know via who remembers now(?)

    Some salons have wash out hair dye in unreal colours, I usually see it at the counter, sitting there hoping I pick it up and indulge. Not so much.

    I enjoy your style of writing and could tell right off that you do this for a living in some shape or form. I tend to gravitate towards teachers and I-do-this-for-a-living writers, even though I am neither of those myself.

    I am sure I will return (even if it’s just to ask an opinion on an ‘A’ series Canon camera), I enjoyed the journey too much not too. Thank you for letting me peek into your life.

  36. Siobhan

    and I just typo’d the “to”. That sucks.

  37. chris

    Good God I hope she has no blonde haired friends, because I did wash out dye once and it didn’t wash out. Also, you are so very brave.

  38. Tracey

    If it makes you feel any better, you are now officially NOT the worst mum ever, because not only won’t I let my girls pierce their ears, but I don’t do sleepovers..! And given I’ve never dyed my own hair, it’s not something I’d even suggest to them! (Feeling really boring here…!) That said, Santa kind of had a twitch or something last christmas, and bought the 12 year old these markers that say you can colour hair.

    My three girls had a wonderful time over the summer holidays doing each other’s hair. (They even managed to con their Nana!) It doesn’t necessarily wash out with the first wash, but it doesn’t stay in that long, plus they had a great time being creative with each other. I figured it was ok seeing it said you could do hair on the packet! Plus the colours weren’t too intense.

    Only problem is, they seem to be an Australian product! Which makes a change. (If you wanted some and couldn’t find similar, hell, I’d buy you a pack and send it over. Just email me. It’d be novel sending something over to the US because we actually had a product over here that you needed!

    [My very successful line with the ear piercing is that I say that they can! BUT! Only when they are old enough not to come running to me IF/WHEN they get infected, because I won’t help them with icky holes in their ears AT ALL. I don’t have mine done, so I suppose it helps that they realise I would have no idea how to help them push bits of metal through their ears. It’s been great. They don’t hassle me at all about it really.

  39. Kris

    Here in town you can get Manic Panic products at Junkman’s downtown (probably lots of other places, too), and I’m sure the employees could help you select the right kind! I also like the idea of hitting up Sally’s.

  40. Melisa

    I know this will probably offend your sensibilities, but I saw some Hannah Montana hair streaky things (kinda like a giant crayon?) at Party City yesterday. I think I have seen something similar at Walmart or Target as well. Also, I think Conair makes a gadget that does washable streaking for around $20(?)

  41. janet

    um. i … uh… hate to be the killjoy, but … um… does the school have any rules about hair colors not found in nature?

    ours do … so … erm … yeah. just thought i’d throw that in there.

  42. Jen

    Go with the ear piercing. I think that’s easier.

  43. Wendy

    I would not use food coloring. I tried it back in the 80’s and it seemed ot stay in forever (at least 3 weeks) but for a teenager it was forever.

  44. Amy@UWM

    Not sure which is worse. Promising hair dyeing or promising room re-decorating. Took me five months to not-so-gracefully back out of that one. I say go for the spray stuff (Party City or sometimes can be found in a drug store). Dyeing…spraying…same difference.

  45. Pave.Gurl

    Depends on how long you want the “semi-permanant” to be “semi.”

    Kool Aid can work, but can also be sticky… and dyes any natural fibers quite well, as a bonus (it’s used with some regularity to dye wool in crafty circles, to excellent effect, as seenhere). Manic Panic has a great array of colours, as does Punky Colour – and they both have… Um. Not-great staying power. Special Effects has the best longer-lasting crazy dyes (here).

    One thing to keep in mind is this nugget of information from the Amphigory site noted above: “Dyes are like cellophane – and the lighter your starting hair color the brighter the resulting color. So, picture putting easter basket cellophane over your hair in a color when you check the colors above. If you put blue on blonde hair, you’ll get green. If you put green over brown hair you’ll get ‘ugh’.”

    To wit: If any of the girls have dark brown hair, they will likely be sorely disappointed at the effect unless it’s bleached first. (This is the voice of experience speaking, and I currently have electric blue hair – and my natural hair is what the dye boxes usually call “sable,” so I’ve bleached the devil out of it.)

    Also – when you want Chickie’s hair to go back to normal, as weird as it sounds, wash her hair with dishsoap ‘cos it will strip the colour much more quickly.

  46. Siobhan

    Hello again.

    P.S. I’m LDS too.

  47. Kay Breck

    How exciting that I can print this out as proof that my ten year old isn’t the ‘ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD WITHOUT PIERCED EARS!!” (can you hear the whine) … Our age line for ear piercing has been twelve – occaisonally I’ll agree to 11 & 364 days.

  48. Emily

    I’ve never colored my hair with fun colors, but I do remember that one of my best college friends streaked her blond hair with red kool aid at the beginning of the school year. When I met her at just before Christmas, it was still streaked.

    I get all my hair info from They have lots of great product reviews and information.

  49. mojo

    Nothin’ new to add in to the hair coloring topic. I have always let my kids know that I’ll streak/temporarily tint their hair whatever they wish. The deal is that when they’re 15 we can go permanent (‘though I’d be swayed if they wanted to participate in the It’s just hair and if they want to dare to be different, more power to them!
    As for the ear piercing – I think you know your kid the best and it’s your choice. A good alternative are those earrings that use magnets to keep them in place. Or the stick-on kind.

  50. Flea

    This is so very cool. My brunette daughter, age 14 guitar player, asked for red streaks so she could look like her Zwinky. I know, right? So we tried the mousse and couldn’t see it at all. Here I am thinking we’ll need to bleach, and is that at all worth it? Now I have new products to try! Thanks!!

    The ears? Let the MIL talk me into that when daughter was six months. Ugh. Closed up. Opened them again at about eight. She loves having pierced ears. I love borrowing her cool jewelry.

  51. becky

    hmm, i used to just use the wash-in/wash-out stuff from l’oreal. you can get it at walgreen’s. they have varying degrees of permanence. i did it when i was “trying on” colors to see what i liked. but then again, the colors may not be sufficiently “crazy” enough.

  52. Emily

    I’m not a parent and only let other people (who I pay awful amounts of money) dye my hair for me, so I don’t know if I get to have much of an opinion, but am I really the first to say that I hope you’re willing to throw out the pillow cases!!

    Good luck! I wish my own mom had let me do that kind of thing when I was younger! I had my ears pierced in grade 2. They both got infected and grew over. I got them redone in grade 9 and was finally able to take care of them adequately!

  53. Cassie

    OH! I know this one!
    2 options that I used a mere 12 years ago… and to be honest, I think my mom preferred my hair dying stage over all others. :)
    1 – kool aid! seriously, it works but washes out after a few days. be sure to get it WITHOUT sugar and DO NOT add sugar. Trust me on that one. But really? This version is cheap and easy and will be the least permanent that I know of.
    2 – manic panic. I don’t know where you’d get it, but I dyed my hair magenta many times, and it normally washed out after a week or two.

  54. Bri

    Crystal from reviewed a company that sells beauty products for kids that she really liked. I saw on the samples page, hair color that is supposed to wash out in one shampoo. (Also, I’ve used the Color Pulse mousse stuff, and it lasted FOREVER, it gave me VERY bright red hair.) Here’s the link for the kid’s stuff, the neat thing is you can get many samples for not a lot of money, perfect for a sleepover.;jsessionid=0a0016421f43137750e22eab4a95bde9df8f0661b885.e3eSc34OaxmTe34Pa38Ta38Mc3v0

  55. Linda

    There is a local children’s hair place that caters to just kids called Snip-its. They use some sort of mousse to color kids hair after a hair cut. Washed out the first time. Maybe you could call and see if they have one down there? It’s franchised so who knows?

  56. Linda

    On the whole earring thing…I had mine done when I was 7 and total infection all the time, but not because they weren’t taken care of. It was because of the nickel in most cheaper jewelry (although some expensive jewelry has enough to bother me). So I made sure when my daughter had her ears pierced that all of her earrings were nickel free. Made a world of difference.

  57. Meg

    I have mouse-brown hair and I used Manic Panic without bleaching first all the time in high school to get colored streaks for a couple weeks at a time.

    If you’re dying a lot of hair (more than a tinfoil streak or two), put Vaseline or gobs of handlotion along the hairline to avoid those unsightly purple skin stripes.

  58. Cindy

    We dyed my 8 yo son’s dirty blonde hair black for Halloween (Harry Potter) with semi-permanent color. You know, the kind that washes out gradually? Yeah. It was still there at Christmas when I finally made him shave it off.

    He liked it but I couldn’t stand looking at him and wondering “who is that?” for a split second before I realized…oh yeah. My kid.

  59. Jenny

    I’m with those who recommend checking out places like Claire’s and Hot Topic (and I think there’s another tween-y place, but I haven’t been to the mall in forever — Afterthoughts, maybe?) and Sally Beauty Supply. You might find some good temporary dye options AND they could have glitter gels or bright, clip-in extensions that would be fun for the kids with darker hair…

  60. Jennifer

    Strangely — I ran into this very same issue. I made my own deal with the devil and promised my child she could dye her hair pink for her birthday. I came up with the best solution ever. We did pink hair extensions. This was after much research with no solutions. So I suggest either doing that or going the girl crush streak and style direction. . .

    Have Fun!!

  61. Stacey

    My two cents…make sure the mom’s feel comfortable voicing their true feelings. I would never want my pre-teen to do this, but it would be very hard for my child to be the one whose Mom said no. Also, for what ti’s worth, the magnetic earrings hurt my DD a lot. She can’t wear them because the pressure is just too much.

  62. carrien

    Skater dye. IT washes out in a couple of washes and come sin all sorts of very vivid colors. SInce it’s not meant to be permanent it doesn’t have all of those harsh smelling chemicals and do the same damage as the more conventional hair dying products.

    THe other option is to go with henna dyes. All natural and only semi permanent but they come in more conventional colors, like red and brown.

    DOn’t ask why I know this, or why I had the need to streak my hair dark green for a month when I was 19. I couldn’t tell you.

    On piercing. MY mom wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced until I was 14. On my birthday she surprised me by showing up at school, taking em to the mall and getting them done. THe only problem was, I didn’t want them pierced anymore. I only really got them done to make her happy about her big plan. I let them close over about 6 months later and never looked back, though I do have a nose piercing instead. :)

  63. jennielynn

    Okay, been there, done that and there are too many comments for me to read through and not replicate advice. La Drama Queen has medium brown hair and the Loreal Color Pulse didn’t show up in her hair. I’m casting a vote for the color spray, but for the love of Mr. Clean, do it in the shower or tub, ’cause the crap can get everywhere!

    I had really great luck with overlaying a light mist of silver glitter over darker blue spray. It washed out in a week (and covered my gray with spectacular results, if I do say so myself.)

  64. Nancy R

    We’ve always told the girls they could get their ears pierced when we felt they were able to take care of them on their own.

    The oldest turned 10 at the beginning of the month, so we gave her a ‘coupon’ to get her ears pierced whenever she was ready.

    She’s afraid to get them done. Nothing like a little freedom to knock ’em back a step, eh?

  65. PandaWriter

    I saw one commenter recommend henna based products. One word of advice, don’t do henna products on a blonde haired child. Will turn their hair green, and NOT be semi permanent.

  66. Vane

    And this is when being from a completely different country/culture makes a whole lot of a difference … See, I would say 90% of mexican girls get their ears pierced when they are born, as in, before they leave the hospital (nurses or doctors usually do it), so my daughter has had her ears pierced since she was a baby and other than lossing the ocassional earring, we’ve never had a problem. On the other hand, I think most mexican moms would never let their kids dye their hair, at least not until they are teenagers, so I guess, it’s a funny world that way :)

    P.S. The only teen I ever saw do the crazy colors semi-permanent thing did it with kool aid and her hair did look rather funky

  67. Deb

    I remember in high school that L’Oreal had color in a mascara type bottle and I did mine with purple streaks and pink LOL.

    But I think Limited TOO had hair color for young girls that was temporary and fun:

    Have fun!

  68. Lady_Faire99

    Ah, this is perfect. My 10 year old stepdaughter saw a mall party of girls from Libby Lu’s. The 10 year old immediately said, “we should do THAT for my birthday”!!

    So we walked up to the shop to find out that prices START at $22 PER CHILD, include make-up application and hair styling, they mix and keep their own glitter body lotion and lip gloss, with a couple other party favors. They don’t even throw in food or cake.

    In total fear of the price tag, I calmly said, “Well you know we could have a makeover party at our house and have a lot more fun!” I’m bookmarking this as a starting point for ideas and products. Let me know how Chickie turns out!

    Of course maybe my little one will forget all about it, that would be GREAT!

  69. Pendullum

    My daughter had her ears pierced in grade two…
    I had just got my head around it…
    And when we went in, the lady placed the dots on my beautiful baby girl’s ears…
    And then the beautician asked me if the dots looked straight…
    And then she said ‘Maybe I should move the dot over, as she may want many more piercings later’
    I just looked at my sensible beautician, and gulped…
    I barely could deal with this step, than thinking of future piercings…
    Good luck with it all…
    And I am happy to say, my daughter is content with her one set of piercings and does not want to dye her hair…

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