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By Mir
January 11, 2008

It is possible to be a Stanford-educated professional-type adult, to spend half the morning pondering—once again—how it’s really time to figure out how to incorporate an exercise routine into your life, because you’re too sedentary, after all, plus those pesky ten pounds don’t seem to be losing themselves (go figure), and to simultaneously vow, as well, to start eating better, YOU REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME, because you’re getting older and it’s important, sheesh, woman, it’s time to make your health a priority…

… and to then look up a sinful chocolate cake recipe online because you’re joining friends for dinner and told them you’d make dessert and hey, everyone loves chocolate cake!


  1. kailani

    How sinful is it??? Pass on that recipe, baby!!

  2. MitMoi = great desserts without weird ingredients that taste sinful. :)

    Added bonus – they tell you serving size and how many calories.

  3. Melissa

    When you bring dessert, you will always have friends. Because who doesn’t love chocolate cake? No friend of mine!

  4. Brigitte

    It’s velly velly possible – after all, in Mensa, it is well-known (within the group, anyway) that there seems to be a higher-than-normal food-addiction problem, especially with chocolate!

    After all, logically, there are many people worldwide, and entire cultures of the past, who would KILL for the opportunity we have to basically eat ourselves to death. Eating that cake is a privilege! Take advantage of it!

  5. Flea

    Really, the best time to make a sinfully delicious chocolate cake is when you’re meeting friends. Much better than keeping it at home and repeatedly visiting the kitchen for “one more slice”. Which I’ve never done. Ever.

  6. Z

    Oh, that is so me as well. And now you have me wanting chocolate cake, but it’s only 9h30 in the morning…

  7. Jean

    Stanford, hm?? Always knew you were a smart cookie!!

    As for the cake, gotta have dessert and the best lifestyles have many things in moderation (not a word I’m familiar with, but still….)

    Please link to the recipe if it’s any good, we love chocolate cake here.

  8. Zuska

    …hey at least you can just eat one piece and LEAVE the cake there as a gift for your hosts, right? That’s not too bad!!

    We’re having company tomorrow and if that cake is not only sinful but simple to prepare (time is at a premium for me for the next 36 hours!), PLEASE pass it along!!!

  9. Katie

    There’s got to be a way to blog and exercise at the same time. Someone should work on that. Where’s the cake?

  10. Rachel May

    Oh, yes. Totally possible. Gah.

  11. jp

    Chocolate Trifle
    4 ingredients
    Chocolate Pudding
    Box Chocolate cake mix
    Cool Whip
    Heath Bars

    Can be made very healthy and extremley low fat.
    Huge on the WOW factor with your guests!

    Thats all I know

  12. All Adither

    There’s nothing wrong with a little sin.

  13. Megan

    But you’re being GENEROUS and LOVING and GIVING and all of that when providing said chocolate cake. In fact, it’s a sacrifice on your part because you, you pretty, pretty thing, are willing to make an exception to your (doubtless severe and constantly adhered to) healthy diet just to provide a little bit (or rather a lot – up to the individual of course) of chocolate happiness for those you care about.

  14. mammafor2

    I am with katie, there has to be a way!

    Pass the cake, please!

  15. Crisanne

    Mmm…chocolate cake!

  16. prophet

    there’s this book out there about how French women aren’t fat (ok – more and more are getting fat, or maybe it’s just that more and more fat women from elsewhere are moving there hoping the thin bit rubs off or is in the water, or something)

    ANYway, I think the whole shebang of the book can be summed up by that horrible word: moderation. You can eat ANYTHING YOU WANT – just don’t eat tons of it.

    But what’s worse, I wonder: No chocolate at all, or just a bite and a half? Perhaps we could take a survey. . . .

  17. amanda

    Couch to 5K! 20-30 min/day 3x per week. I cannot sing its praises highly enough. Plus, in GA you don’t have to contend with snowy icy weather keeping you from being outside in the winter. Then you can have your cake, run a little, and eat it too!

  18. The Mom Bomb

    Life without cake = no life at all.

    Go Cardinal! (class of ’92. I wonder if the alumni association also hunts you down and assaults you with relentless, emotional requests for money).

  19. PunditMom

    Please let me know when you’ve got it figured out, ’cause that’s me (except for the Stanford thing — I’m an East Coaster!)

  20. MomCat

    You don’t want to look up chocolate cake on this site — — cuz it will surely tell you how long it takes to walk off a slice of it. (Hint: it’s over an hour)

    Okay, go ahead and smack me upside the head. My defenese is, I’m cranky, because I have to give up caffeine, alcohol and rich foods for a long while, cuz I have an ulcer. *whine*

  21. MomCat

    Defense. (I can’t spell either due to lack of caffeine.)

  22. saucygrrl

    I *would never* suggest to someone who said they needed to lose 10 pounds that *this* book has by far the best chocolate cake recipe (and that recipe *might* be found on page 50). I would also *never* tell that person if she *wanted* such a recipe as this, if she emailed me, I *might* scan it and email it back just because this cake is so good that it’s really more like chocolate frosted crack and it would cause anyone who ate it to worship her forever. I would never do that because I’m just not that kind of girl. I would also *never* suggest any leftover cake (if not chosen to be breakfast the next day) freezes wonderfully.

  23. Aimers

    (found you through All Adithers)

    I so fit this blog…I could have written it..LOL
    and i am sorry- but Chocolate Cake is NOT a sin….lol

    ;o) GREAT BLOG!

  24. Wendy

    Just think of all those calories you are expending making that cake. Then there are the ones you use to resist the act of eating the whole thing and then making another one.

    Hey, you find excercise (or delusion) where ever you can get it.

  25. Sara

    Chocolate cake is great anytime and I’m sure yours will be impressive. What I find even more impressive is that your blog post today is all one sentence!(Yes, I’m easily impressed. Why do you ask?) A few of those after eating said cake and you will have burned all calories consumed.

  26. cursingmama

    It’s Friday and anything eaten between 5:00 Friday and 1:00AM Monday doesn’t count.

    I make my own rules.

  27. Jill

    Kathy and I tagged you with a “Roar for good writing” award over at The DHX — — I don’t know if you do memes or not, but if you do, we’d love to read some of your tips on writing.

  28. Jo

    Ha! I have you beat! I ordered a month’s worth of Nutrisystem yesterday WHILE eating Chik-fil-a at my desk!

  29. dynamitt

    I have heard the key is ‘limitation’ meaning you can eat anything you want while trying to lose weight, but just in small portions. So with said chocolate cake, maybe jut have a little taste and not half the cake (as I would normally do :P)

  30. transplanting me

    yes, it is possible to be that person. and i see nothing wrong with it. you made a commitment and stuck to it. you should be commended for that! :)

  31. The Over-Thinker

    Cake cake cake cake cakety CAKE! and also? Calories Schmalories.

  32. Marlee

    Well, haven’t studies shown that chocolate is actually GOOD for you? ;)

  33. Donna

    MMMMMM, Chocolate. MMMMMM, Cake. I have a friend who is allergic to chocolate. How can you be a woman and allergic to chocolate? I don’t know how she exists!

  34. shea

    chocolate is always good

  35. tori

    can you send me the link for the cake? My son’s birthday is on Wednesday and I need to make one!

  36. carmen

    Mir, I have SERIOUSLY the best chocolate cake ever. If you want the recipe, let me know – I’ll be glad to share it.

  37. juliness

    Come kickbox with me!

    PS Bring the cake.

  38. elizabeth

    I do think you’ve been listening to the voices in my head again. except they didn’t go to Stanford either.

    my downfall isn’t chocolate cake, but I’ve been practicing how to make apple pie. luckily I have a house full of boys to keep me from critiquing the whole thing.

  39. Liz

    That’s my dilemma…okay…if I work out and then eat 5 cookies, does the workout still count? LOL

  40. NoFear

    The Mom Bomb, also Cardinal Class of ’92. Didn’t make it to reunion…it’s like I insulted the Pope and must pay and pay and pay…by donating money, of course!

    Mir, yes, completely possible and logical, too.

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