Cotless in Allentown

By Mir
December 22, 2007

Actually, we are not QUITE in Allentown, but we are close; and we are at a motel which rhymes with SUPERGREAT where I have paid an extra $10 for a cot for a certain small boy who would really like to go to bed, but the cot still isn’t here, because, well, things are not all that SUPERGREAT here at the SUPERGREAT.

We did about 750 miles today. It went smoothly, all things considered, but I don’t recommend it, frankly.

Best part of the trip so far: Seeing a GINORMOUS pick-up truck (you know the kind—it has double wheels on the back and seems too large to even fit in its lane) and remarking to Otto “That man has a small penis.” And then Chickadee (who I thought was watching a DVD in the back) piped up “What did you say? Why do you think that man has small PANTS? Can you even SEE his pants?”


  1. Beth

    That’ll learn you to make fun of a man and his dually!

    I trust your response was “Gorgonzola, young lady!”

  2. NoDramaMama

    OMG! MIR! You are maybe 30 mins from my house! I only know of one hotel that rhymes with SUPERGREAT and well… I almost want to stalk you! hee hee hee

  3. ImpostorMom

    Yuck! 750 miles. We only did 180 and arrived at our destination. Just far enough to be away from the family but not too far away.

    I was just telling my husband today that one of the reasons I cannot stand his giant “man truck” (RAM 1500)is because I never imagined he’d be the sort of man that would drive one of those things. I also said that when I see the giant pick up trucks it makes me think that those men are compensating for something. He said that was sports cars, not man trucks. Hmmmmm

  4. LuAnn

    *LOL Out of the mouths of babes, eh! I feel for your long trip. We did 900 to Texas from Kentucky with 3 kids in the back of a compact car…UGH!

  5. Suzanne

    I soooo feel for you with kids in a car for extended travel and the motel experience. At least you’ll have something to blog about when it’s all said and done right? ahem.

  6. Burgh Baby's Mom

    That’s funny–we call the SUPERGREAT the SuperHate. You must be enjoying it WAY more than we do.

  7. All Adither

    Hope you get your blasted cot soon. Sweet dreams to all of you.

  8. Mamacita

    Well, Mir, if you are ever near my house, I’ve got actual beds for you all, and they’re already set up. I don’t need any advance notice, nope, I’m ready for you any time. Star Wars sheets on request.

  9. Kirsten

    Hope y’all are staying safe and warm. The midwest has been getting clobbered, from what I’ve read. Here in Juneau, it snows, then rains, then snows again. We went from a winter weather advisory yesterday to rain today. Fun fun fun.

  10. Chuck

    Wow…750 miles in one day with two kids…now THAT is impressive. I tend to average just over 600 on road trips when I’m by myself. I suppose it might be easier to travel with kids nowadays that there are portable DVD players and handheld video games…but not that much easier.

  11. Amy

    I’ve always called those trucks sorry-about-your-penis trucks, which now is usually just shortened to penis trucks.

  12. Sara

    BWAHAHAHA!I’ve had incidents like that and since learned I can never use the dvd player for “cover”. Enjoy your Christmas.

  13. Flea

    Hope the rest of your traveling is uneventful. Our 500 miles flew by, the three kids all plugged in and silent, weather cooperating beautifully. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Kimberly

    heh. Thanks goodness for distracted hearing. For you, anyway. For my part I would have looooooved to hear how you explained that comment to her.

    We have an inflatable bed that we bring with us. Takes up practically no room in the trunk, is exciting to sleep on, and eliminates those SUPERGREAT moments when no one will allow the children t go to bed.

  15. Daisy

    Possible reply for “Why do you think he has small pants?”
    *He looks cold, so maybe his pants are too short.
    *His shirt looks small, too.
    *He’s sitting funny, like he has to use the bathroom.
    *Guys who drive big honkin’ trucks are often tiny. (No further explanation needed as to what might be tiny)

  16. Another Dawn

    HA! I thought the same thing when I saw a man walking two very, very tall Great Danes today. “That man is compensating for SOMETHING.”

  17. daysgoby

    Happy, Happy Holidays to you and yours, Mir!

  18. Mishel

    Ha-ha! Merry Christmas to you. I think I encountered a man today while driving home from Schmalmart (it rhymes w/that:) who had small pants too:)

  19. Therese

    No, no, no, the man with the dually does NOT have a small penis. It’s the extremely middle-aged man with the Porsche, Vette, or some other kind of snazzy sports car. You cannot pick up those sweet young thangs with a dually.

  20. Heather Cook

    That’s a dually my dear! I love me a dually!!

    I’m trying to convince DH to let me BUY a dually, except a) we can’t afford it and b) we live in the city, and for bonus points c) we couldn’t park it in our parking spot.

    I agree with Therese, it’s the man in the wee small car that costs more than my house that has a wee small twig n berries.

  21. kate

    Ah, yes…signs of a small penis. When he was two and three my mostly non-verbal son would always ask about cars loudly revving their engines. And, not expecting he’d share, my general answer was “the driver has a small penis.” So guess when the kid decides to start talking clearly enough for outsiders to understand? Yep, in the Target parking lot as a man with all signs of a small weenie whips into the handicapped space and pops out of the car. Loud as he could, “So, mommy, that guy has a small penis, right?” I’m so proud!!

  22. kathy

    Duallies are quite necessary for hauling large loads. We have an E350 1 ton 7.3L PSD and I’m seriously considering adding duallies both for towing capacity, handling and to drastically decrease rollover.

    (i’m the girl) :)

  23. LyndaL

    750 miles?? Seriously?? If I try to drive that far I run out of country!

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