The first 6 months of the rest of my life

By Mir
November 13, 2007

Dear Otto,

Happy halfiversary! I’m sorry I spent most of it on the couch and/or unconscious. I guess the stress of the last week finally triumphed, and the germs just had to have their way with me this weekend. It seems like YOU having your way with me might’ve been a more fitting way to celebrate this milestone, but the germs will go away and you won’t, so there’s that.

(I have already sent your brothers running for the bleach, to cleanse their eyeballs. Sorry, guys.)

This weekend was momentous for two reasons: First, it marked six months since we got married (AND! it goes without SAYING that we STILL LIKE EACH OTHER!), and second, we are just one week from the end of The Year of Living Changerously (if, indeed, we keep it to just a year, which I might not, because I am a rebel that way).

Yesterday I managed to miss my exit on the highway WHILE I was using the GPS—which is sadly, not at all out of character—and still, you love me. Screw the Christmas miracle of the baby Jesus; THIS RIGHT HERE is proof that God works in mysterious ways.

I’m still trying to figure out what you got out of this deal. Me, everything in my life is infinitely improved. I hardly ever have to do the dishes or the make the bed anymore. If I look pitiful enough you’ll help with whatever task I’m currently screwing up. I finally have someone in the house who likes my cooking, and who can make dinnertime not just a place for inappropriate potty humor and whining. My feet are never cold at night, and you hardly even complain anymore when I chase you over to the edge of the bed with my icy toes. Sometimes you tell the kids to stop hassling me and they look at you all, “Dude, does not compute!” and you point out how obnoxious they’re being and it seems like they might actually be recognizing that there’s some truth to what you say. (It doesn’t change their behavior, much, but it’s a start.)

Here’s what you got out of this: You’re in a bigger house, but you have four times as many people in it. Half of those inhabitants may or may not be feral, and they are definitely loud and unpredictable. The alarm goes off a lot earlier than it used to, and sometimes someone flings open the bedroom door and hops into bed to announce I’M AWAKE NOW even before the alarm goes. You are tasked with being a chauffeur, referee, short-order cook, and Fixer Of All Things Broken. In the meantime, some days you are the hero and some days you are the villain, depending on various warring factors completely outside of your control.

And through it all, you are the proverbial rock. You are steady. You’re cheerful, even. The kids light up when you get home and you return their delight with your own. You ask me “can I get you anything?” several times an evening, and no matter how much I bust on you for sounding like a waiter you don’t stop doing it, because if I want a glass of water or a cup of tea you would happily go get it for me no matter how grumpy or stressed out or annoying I’ve been.

You take every bit of what we three dish out and you are thankful. This probably means you need intensive therapy, but it’s working in my favor so let’s overlook that. Hey, look over there! Something shiny!

My favorite time of the day is right after you turn off your lamp. You work on getting your pillow at just the right angle while I fling myself as close to you as possible in the interest of continuing your snuggle-aversion desensitization therapy. We talk about our days, and sometimes we end up having Very Deep Discussions but usually we just end up falling asleep after some brief chatting about nothing or just cracking up over some inanity from the day.

“So, whaddaya think of the last six months?” I asked you in the dark on Sunday, somewhat fearing your response.

“Don’t take this the wrong way…” you started out, and I bit my lip, “but I really expected the entire first year to just be a wash. I mean, I’m a big picture guy. And we knew this was gonna be hard. So my expectations were… low. So you know, it’s been great! Much better than I expected.”

It was hard to know how to react to that, because on the one hand (not taking it the wrong way, no no, but really, I have to take it SOME way) you expected to be miserable all year? That’s not good. But on the other hand, you’re happy. Despite the crap. Thank goodness for low expectations! It’s about time that a bit of pessimism worked in my favor!

And because I love you so much, I kissed you and told you how grateful I am to have you in my life, and then I put my icy cold feet on your calves and you let me.

This true love stuff is pretty awesome. Can I get you anything? Because I totally would. Just name it. I’ll even go put on a pair of socks first.



  1. Juliness

    This is perfect, Mir. Funny, warm and whoops, was that a tear that just fell?

    Thank you for sharing your happiness.

  2. Megan


  3. Leandra

    Dang! Where can I get me an Otto? Or does he run a “Be Like Otto” training school on the weekends, perhaps? If not he totally SHOULD. I would sign hubs up right away! Just for the “can I get you anything” part alone!

  4. All Adither

    And he gets you! That’s a big something.

  5. Amy-Go


  6. Crisanne

    You are so good with words…

    I was thinking how often I say what a good man Otto is and how blessed you are to have snagged him, but you know? He’s pretty well blessed too! Don’t forget that.

  7. Tink

    How perfectfully delightful. And I do mean delightful. And perfectly.

    And I love you both, very much.


  8. Stacia

    I don’t know how it could, but here’s to everything getting even better. You both deserve it.

  9. tammy

    Well, the sixth month anniversary IS traditionally the Kleenex Anniversary. Similar to the one year Paper Anniversary, but much thinner and occasionally containing soothing aloe for your sore nose.

    Happy halfiversary! And gesundheit!

  10. jess

    I totally get the cold feet thing; however, my husband ASKS me to put them under his bum (if we’re sitting on the couch) or on him (when we’re in bed). I’d always heard how men hated this, so when I started dating my husband and he was okay with it? I knew he was a keeper. *winks*

    Also, I found out a way to not need heavy blankets or comforters any longer: Marry a man. Egads, but he puts out a lot of heat. So much so that I no longer need blankets at night any more. Wow.

  11. Ariel

    Ahhhh! It always makes me happy that other people get to be as happy as I am.
    Happy Anniversary!

  12. Rachel May

    Wow… I need to write something like this for Knight in celebration of our sixth halfversary. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Aimee

    Awwww! Happy half-iversary guys.

  14. Sheila

    So sweet. And you both are so deserving of it.

  15. Nancy R

    :::waiting for the chorus swell of Climb Every Mountain:::

    Happy Half-iversary!

  16. Janssen

    Lovely. You both sound so happy.

  17. ScottsdaleGirl

    Totally sweet!!!

    I am a bundle of HEAT when I am sleeping, so usually I have Cuddle-Aversion too.

  18. Terri

    Awww … so glad for you all. You’re a testament that it is possible to live “happily ever after.”


  19. chris

    Awwwww, so sweet.

  20. Kelly

    awww how sweet!!

  21. Heather

    Aww! *puke* jk ;) You two are adorable and I’m so glad you’re happy :)

  22. Lady M

    Every man should wish for as meaningful a tribute as that. Congratulations!

  23. StephLove

    Happy Halfiversary! We celebrate half-birthdays here (kids’ only) and two anniversaries a year (dating anniversary in July and commitment ceremony anniversary in January). The more occassions for celebration the better!

  24. Dawn

    Does he have a single brother??? clone? twin?

  25. jennielynn

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. It gets better from here on out. Mr. Clairol and I just hit 5 years and I tell you what, I love that boy more now than I did 5 years ago.

    Congratulations Mir and Otto. May the next 6 months be even sweeter.

    By the by, my beer and cheese bread turned out beautifully. Thanks for the advice!

  26. Paula

    The secret to happiness is indeed lowering your expectations. Be content, grasshopper. Your Otto is a wise old soul: congratulations on finding each other.

  27. Brigitte

    Gee, now Paula made me think of MadTV’s “Lowered Expectations” dating service skits – my husband and I always jokingly compare ourselves to the couple walking hand-in-hand on the beach, there.

    Luckily, I think you two have it just a tad better than that! Happy for you!

  28. Jessica

    Hey, he gets you, and monkey, and chickadee… that’s something!
    And I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months!

  29. ChristieNY

    Six months, already? Wow! Congrats on the Halfiversary Mir, Otto, Chickie & Monkey!!!

  30. dad

    Carpe Deum.

    Mim, you should be be getting paid to write stuff like this. There are minions out there, jealous and wishing they could express their feelings like you do… Oh yeah, you’re a professional writer. Keep up the good work on all fronts and happy anniversary.

    How can it possibly be 6 months already?

  31. Jules

    Ya know… I soo want me some of that.

    Happy Halfiversary sweetie..

  32. Melinda

    This made me smile. Happy Halfiversary to you both!

  33. hollygee

    Sweetie and I passed our halfiversary in October, but you n me n Otto n Sweetie — we have so much in common! “You work on getting your pillow at just the right angle while I fling myself as close to you as possible in the interest of continuing your snuggle-aversion desensitization therapy. We talk about our days, and sometimes we end up having Very Deep Discussions but usually we just end up falling asleep after some brief chatting about nothing or just cracking up over some inanity from the day.”
    Actually Sweetie beats his pillow up and folds it in half, but yes to all the rest. And we are still enjoying our new lives, too.
    Long may our mutual relationships thrive.

  34. kidzmama

    The time has gone by so quickly. I clearly remember those crazy movers!

    Wishing you and your family a lifetime of happiness.

  35. becky

    Aw, you kids are so sweet.

  36. Bri

    I want this. If you didn’t make me laugh every day, I think I’d hate you.

  37. Burgh Baby's Mom

    Awwwwwww, that was so sweet and well-written! It only made me want to gag a little bit!

  38. Not The Mama

    So sweet and lovely. I’m happy for all of you. Congrats on the half-iversary!

  39. saucygrrl


    I also have an unexplainable aversion to socks. It baffles my husband who is also the receipient of icy toes.

    I’m so happy for all of you.

  40. dynamitt

    Otto is much better then me. When my husband try to put his icey cold feet on mine I yell and move far far away…

    But I too love the late night talks. They are the best. And the other commenter was right – it really just get better and better. We have been married for almost 2 years now and I love really do love my husband more and more for everyday.

  41. Kendra

    Beautiful, Mir! It sounds like you and Otto BOTH got lucky.

    Cheers [glasses clink here] to more wonderful times for you. If you keep this up it really only gets better with your attitude.

  42. Another Dawn

    What the other Dawn said.

    Also, happy halfiversary! You give us singletons reason to hope.

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