A very special talent

By Mir
October 13, 2007

So if you had the WHOLE DAY to go do absolutely anything you wanted to WITHOUT CHILDREN, what would you do?

If you were me and Otto, you’d (finally!) go over to Pier 1 with that $25 gift card the realtor gave us in June and promptly fall in love with the most expensive dining room table and chairs in the place.

(It costs… slightly more than $25.) (And by “slightly” I of course mean HOLY HELL, BACK AWAY FROM THE LEATHER CHAIRS WHILST YOU OWN TWO HOUSES, CRAZYHEADS.)

The rest of the day was sort of a wash, after that. We had to use the rest of the afternoon to ponder whether we’re stupid beyond belief or just have impeccable taste. And don’t think our empty dining room isn’t mocking us while we wonder, either.


  1. Anna

    Can’t you talk them into a discount for the floor model? And that gift card might cover most of the tax? I could talk myself right into that table and chairs…I LOVE Pier 1.

  2. Amy-Go

    I always pick the most expensive…whatever. So I guess I have that talent, too. Voting fot impeccable taste, that’s me!

  3. Cheryl

    I heart Pier One!!
    I wish I could live there!!

  4. LuAnn

    A day without children … that’s science fiction … kind of like Star Trek, and tells of a time many centuries into the future.

    Gawsh, it’s been so long since I was in a Pier One store!

  5. Heather

    Sounds like something I’d do! It doesn’t matter if it’s a store, a website, whatever – without price tags showing, I will automatically gravitate to the most expensive item there. It’s a … gift. Really.

  6. Heather C.

    OBVIOUSLY you have impeccable taste.

  7. Kellan

    I don’t go to Pier One often enough. The last thing I got there was two ottomans (red, with these glass beads sewen around the top edge – love um). If you really want it – it’s a good investment. It’s furniture – consider it an heirloom (that sometimes works for me) that you can pass down to your children.

  8. McSwain

    Take it from one whose instincts always take her directly to the most expensive thing in the store, the thing she can never afford. Impeccable taste.

  9. Veronica

    I think impeccable taste.

  10. Madame Queen

    Champagne taste on a beer budget is what my mom always says I have. We got our dining room table at Pier 1 and we love it. I do believe that we got the floor model and paid slightly less than the price on the sticker.

    The thing about Pier 1 is that their stuff goes fast adn they don’t keep many of anything large in stock. Soo….if you want it, you should get it. You don’t want to be kicking yourself a year from now, wishing you’d bought it. And yes, I AM the devil on your shoulder. :)

  11. Brigitte

    When you say “without children”, can we include our DH in that designation?

  12. Stacey

    I say go for it too! If you’re the kind of person that loves something and anything else will always be…”it’s nice but remember that one at Pier One…” Life’s too short. Dining room furniture is one of those things that…how manymore are you going to buy? If you think of it as a per year, month, week or even day purchase, look how cheap it just became!

  13. Kris

    And this is why I don’t go to Pier 1. HAH!

    Fancy furnished dining rooms are for sissies. Go eat out in your placebo…erm, gazebo.

  14. daysgoby

    Champagne taste and beer pockets, that’s me!

  15. All Adither

    Justification #15: When and if you ever sell that house, it’ll need some nice furnishings. When my husband and I sold our last house, we went out and bought some nice stuff to “stage” it and i just thought, Why didn’t we have this all along?

    Also, everyone needs a table and chairs. And none of them are cheap.

  16. Burgh Baby's Mom

    If you sign up for their email ads, you’ll get coupons. Just sayin’.

  17. Angel

    I had big plans when both of our kids started school full-time. After all, hubby works from home.

    Then we got a puppy LOL At least this “baby stage” is shorter than the other 2!

    I always manage to fall in love with expensive things. And we’re a one-income family. ::sigh:: At least I know I have good taste ;)

  18. cce

    Your dining room mocks you while my entire house is giving me the middle finger. We’ve lived here for two years and the whole thing is still nearly empty. Sigh. So many wants and desires so little cash on hand.

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