The last straw

By Mir
September 27, 2007

(Hey, I’m so glad that no one else had an opinion on that last post. Heh. Y’all are pretty.)

This morning was one of those times when I actually had to choke back a sob when when the alarm went off, because it felt like I’d JUST gone to bed. This week has been overwhelming with too much work, too many places the kids need to go, too little time to sit and talk to my husband, too many late nights doing absolutely nothing you’d want to stay up late doing.

And the thing is, I think I’ve done pretty well, here. I’ve weathered a new marriage, new home, new town, new state, new school for the kids, new work, new church, new PTA, new friends, new responsibilities and even new local insects. And I don’t ask for much in return; it’s not like I want a medal or anything. I mean, maybe a cookie or something, but whatever. I HAVE HELD UP ADMIRABLY, is all I’m saying.

But, dude, I have had MONTHS in which to adjust and manage and figure out how to juggle all of this. It has been a struggle, at times, true… but I think I FINALLY have a handle on everything. I mean, I DID.

But now? Now my entire life is about to be turned upside-down again.

I mean COME ON. I just don’t think it’s possible to do everything I’m doing AND WATCH TELEVISION, and Grey’s Anatomy premieres tonight and then everything else I watch is starting up again, too, and the math, it doesn’t add up. Something’s gotta give.

With two mortgages, it certainly can’t be work. That would be crazy.

And believe you me, I have TRIED to lose the kids on occasion, but they’re very sticky so that’s just about impossible.

I sure am going to miss Otto. During the commercial breaks, anyway.


  1. mamacita tina

    Ha! I love the sacrifice. Just tell the kids, “Suck it up!”

  2. Leandra

    I feel you, sister. I’m on the horns of a dilemma because I can’t decide if I’d rather watch The Office or Grey’s. Fortunately/Unfortunately, this week I don’t HAVE to decide because like a DOLT, I told my dad that tonight would be the PERFECT night to take the kids to the fair. I would kill for TiVO.

  3. Andrea

    Oh, it’s no contest here: I’m all over The Office tonight. Hope to watch it plus I’m recording it. This new DVR thing is so cool.

    Hang in there, Mir. Like my 7-yr-old said this morning “It’s ALMOST Friday!!!” :)

  4. Heather Cook

    Oh I was too tired to watch the premiere of Private Practice. I tried, I watched part… but I couldn’t do it. I had to save myself for tonight.

    This will be a rough season. Now that I’m up at 0500 for work… I normally need to be in bed by 2300 at least. Or my co-workers get cranky, b!tchy tired girl…

  5. janet

    “grey’s” … YAY!!! i’ve been waiting all summer for this moment!! it’s time to wallow in soap-opera-y hospital drama! ain’t nothing like it! wow, i am too perky for 6:30 in the morning (pacific time)!! and i’m using too many eclamation points!!!

  6. BooMom

    “I sure am going to miss Otto. During the commercial breaks, anyway.”


    No hon, you won’t have time to – cause that’s when you’ll be dashing around gathering laundry, washing up the laaaast few dishes, giving a room a 5-min straightening…. oh, wait- that’s my house !!

  7. Erin

    My husband is feeling similarly overwhelmed by all the old favorites returning and the new shows starting up. Luckily, we do have a DVR, which definitely helps. I study television (no, really!) so I have the excuse (and the love and the practice)…but he just feels overwhelmed.

  8. All Adither

    Can you believe I’ve never once watched Grey’s? And I live in Seattle! Where it’s always dark and rainy and what is there to do but watch TV?

    Well, I’m addicted to my little laptop. And my husband is none too pleased.

  9. b*babbler

    Can’t wait to see Grey’s Anatomy, but the Office is being PVRd for the husband.

    What did we do before PVR? Hmm, maybe my house might have been a wee bit tidier.

  10. Lynne

    I know that my life has turned to the dark side because I am so looking forward to Greys Anatomy! What has happened to me? I used to be so…I don’t know…so something. Ah well…whaddya gonna do?

  11. Stephanie Chance

    Wait, don’t you have the not-Tivo? Or was that done away with in the move? Because I love my not-Tivo. I just wish it had more room to store things. As it is, I have a few shows’ full seasons on there that I have not yet gotten to watch. And we have to keep all the shows of Super Why, Wordgirl, and Super Dog. Now the Desperate Housewives, and The Office. I might actually have to start staying home and watching them as they come on. Well, maybe I could get some laundry folded. Good luck on the TV watching. I have been known to shout, many times if necessary, “Shut up! It’s Mommy’s TV time!”

  12. Tracey

    Here’s my method: get a DVR. And then record all the shows that you want to watch, so they can sit on there and collect, and then it starts to feel like ANOTHER thing you have to do. Then you drive your friends nuts asking them for details (but not too many, because you ARE going to watch them…someday). I didn’t say it was a GOOD method.

  13. Ani

    Ah well we all NEED some time “off” to recharge. So block out the Grey’s time on your schedule and enjoy. :-)

    Nothing like brain candy to decompress. Get Otto hooked on Grey’s too and then it’s not an indulgence…it’s couple time!

  14. Aimee

    We have Ti-Faux. But we’re (sadly) using Tracey’s method. I’m never going to get caught up.

  15. jennielynn

    The Office is coming! The Office is coming! Wheeeeeeeee!

  16. ImpostorMom

    Tivo is my friend. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that we own three. That’s right three tivos. One is mine, one is my husbands and then we share one. I’m psyched about Greys’ and Private Practice last night was okay but I actually have a little dance I do at the mention that The Office is coming back tonight. The husband thinks the dance is hysterical. :)

    (doing little Office dance right now!)

  17. Ben

    Do what I do – have your wife watch it, and tell you the good parts.

  18. Contrary

    I am waiting for Project Runway. That’s right, the woman who would happily live in a nice soft pair of men’s PJ’s loves Project Runway.

    I may be disappointed this season though, as nobody can surpass the crazy that was Angela/Vince/Jeffrey last season.

  19. Jodi

    Thanks for reminding me about Grey’s. Baseball game tonight. Must record TV!

  20. Otto

    I knew I’d play second-fiddle to the kids, I didn’t think it would also be to the television.

    But it’s okay, I have a lot of books to keep me busy. And now I’m all excited about restoring a vintage flat fendered Jeep, so there’s that, too.

    I guess I’ll be okay with this …

    (And since you’ll be paying attention to other things, I can go back to saying …)

    -otto out

  21. Wendy

    One word: TiVo
    Seriously, people I got one for my mom a couple of years ago for $50. And then if you get the lifetime subscription for about $250, it is like the Gods have given it to you with a light golden kiss. (We are paying monthly, but that is like $15. I spend more than that on Icees in a week. Okay, I have a problem, but that is not the issue, here.)

    TiVo is the best. I love my TiVo and it loves me. How else do you turn a drama like K-Ville into a rip roaring comedy and spot what is wrong with this picture show.

    GET TiVo, NOW.

  22. Debbie

    The Tivo was my solution too until the extra kids showed up. Now, I download everything onto my ipod and watch it during wait time (you know, waiting for school to let out, waiting for the soccer game to start, waiting at the doctor’s office, etc.) I’ve even started hinted for itunes gift cards for the hoildays.

  23. Monica

    Three DAYS into the new television season and already I’ve got 7 hours of critical! Important! stuff to watch tivo’d and waiting for me to have a few minutes to watch.

    I’m starting to wonder how bad unemployment would be.

  24. ScottsdaleGirl


    Too much television, not enough time, even with 2, oh yes I typed 2, Tivo’s.

  25. Cele

    Oh mi gosh you all just made me realize I really don’t watch that much tv. I’m feeling so much better about myself. Now if I could cut back on the blogs I visit. That appears daunting.

  26. Dawn

    DVR- cant live without it….

  27. Leanne

    DVR – Best thing ever! You can watch shows in 40 minutes instead of that hour just by fast forwarding through the commercials. Oh boy ER’s on tonight too. Can you say lazy night AND my parents have my 2yo boy for the night! It’ll just be me me me me (til 10 when the hubbers gets home) :)

  28. Lauren

    You can do it!!!! We 3 vhs tapes poised and waiting to capture every moment of thursday night bliss (The office! Earl!! Gray’s! Ugly Betty!! CSI!).

    Kinda wish we had TIVO, but hey, then I’d miss out on all the fun of discovering that I’d accidentally selected channel 8 instead of 2..and now have a three hour “miracle of life” marathon on tape.

  29. Crisanne

    Haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy…we don’t do doctor shows much since my husband lives in the hospital for work, but we’re all about The Office tonight!!

  30. Jessica

    WAhhhhh… Why would they put CSI, Greys AND The Office at the SAME time?
    I need to know what happens with George, but poor Sarah has been stuck under a car alllll summer… And if I take The Office off the DVR my husband will stop talking to me… though that would give me more time to watch other shows….
    Oh the torment!

  31. ChristieNY

    Hilarious post! :)

  32. Diane

    You can watch complete episodes online at the ABC website. They have Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers/Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives and a few others… I think CBS and NBC have some of their shows online too.

    No need to have tivo or dvr…

  33. Jamie


    Don’t know what I’d do without it sometimes. :)

  34. Pamela

    DVR – I love mine!! The problem is I only have 1 – thank goodness for the VHS I still have. Grey’s Anatomy – YAH!! CSI – YAH!! Husband must watch Supernatural (I think that’s a man thing?!) I haven’t seen The Office because I’m already full on Thursday. That’s so Sad!?

    Mir, enjoy you’re Grey’s time – you deserve because you are so pretty!

  35. Kellan

    Very funny and I’m right there with ya’ watchin’ Grey’s Anatomy!!! CAN’T WAIT – MCDREAMY NIGHT!

  36. amanda

    Our bedtime routine still spans 2+ hours, so tv…nothing but a distant memory.

  37. InterstellarLass

    We have a DVR on each of our two TVs (one in the family room, 1 in the ‘kids’ living room), both with dual tuners. So it means we can record 4 shows at the same time. We just have to watch at least 1 during the recording. It doesn’t mean that we do. But I’m just sayin’ we can.

  38. Delton

    Lol! Every fall I start out thinking “There’s just no time for new shows. Only the carryovers from last year.” This year that happens to be Lost, Grey’s, CSI, and Extreme Home Makeover.

    Of course by winter I’m recording tons of shows, scrambling to watch one the day that a new episode comes out so I won’t be 2 episodes behind. So far, I’ve done well, no new shows. Good luck to you.

  39. Angela

    Yep, Monday was all about Heros and How I Met Your Mother, and I forgot about CSI Miami, then Tuesday was about House, Wednesday about Private practice and again I forgot CSI NY. But tonight is the mother of all nights: Ugly Betty, Greys, Earl, Office, Smallville, CSI, I mean for real. I gave up ER ages ago and thought I was doing good. Thank Heavens for the internet…especially since we don’t even have a TV. I can watch every single show somewhere in the abyss that is the internet. I worked so hard to not be bummed about lack of shows this summer that I forgot how amazing and wonderful new episodes are. I’m in heaven.

  40. Lisa

    McDreamy – mcyummy. Y’all know where I’ll be!

  41. Flea

    Mir, did you start out this post with “y’all”? Sweet.

  42. Heidi

    My honey got a screaming deal on eBay–a TIVO lifetime subscription for $120. It’s SO convenient, and just in time for the new season. Just think, you could watch Grey’s Anatomy after the kids are in bed. (And the season premiere of Private Practice? Meh. I’ll give it one more try before taking it off my TIVO list.)

  43. Amy-Go

    My life is only possible because of Tivo. Well, and duct tape. Just sayin’.

  44. Coco Kraft

    I am a new fan. Just love you! Yes: Grey’s. Yes: Tivo. Yes: Exhausted. No: Change in sight.

  45. LuAnn

    Wouldn’t it be nice if our favorite shows ran a contest for free babysitting on the night of the premiere? :p

  46. tammy

    Tivo, shmivo. My Tivo “forgot” to record the premier of Heroes this week, and we are not on speaking terms right now. The only reason it is not sitting out on the side of the highway right now is that they’re rebroadcasting it tomorrow night.

  47. Brigitte

    Ah, going for a light n’ fluffy post after getting us all riled up!

  48. Megan

    We not only don’t have cable (I know! My Children! The suffering!) we only watch tv on Sunday night. I did watch Grey’s last season for a while until I realized I was spending every episode wanting to grab the Meredith woman and shove a few healthy carbs down her gob.

  49. pam

    Poor Otto. You can come to my house where you only have to play second fiddle to two adorable sharpei puppies. Oh wait they ‘Don’t Want’ boys. So sorry…

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