And then Otto’s head exploded

By Mir
July 21, 2007

This morning, in the pool:

Monkey: I can do an underwater somersault! Look!
*does a somersault*
Monkey: Did you see it? Did you??
Me: I saw! That was great.
Monkey: I can do a double! WATCH!
*does a double*
Monkey: See that?
Chickadee: Yeah, well, SO WHAT. I can do a TRIPLE somersault!
Me: I saw you, buddy, that was really neat.
Monkey: Yeah, well, I can do a QUADRUPLE somersault!
Chickadee: Yeah, well, I can do a QUINTUPLE somersault!
Me: Oh YEAH? Well I can do a million somersaults in a row!
Otto: Oh YEAH? Well I can—

She wins.


  1. Brigitte

    Ummm . . does she?

    And Otto should just do some reflecting on his youth – he had siblings, he ought to remember!

  2. Laura

    Brigitte beat me to it. So….?

  3. Sara

    She went right for it, didn’t she? That Chickie is a force to be reckoned with. Love it.

  4. GetSheila

    Tell Chickadee I have a third nipple, too, and it never got me anything good so stop bragging. You would think extra chocolate or perhaps the odd foot massage would be in order but, alas, no.

    Did you by any chance get her from the circus?

  5. Kari

    More is better. Clearly no matter what.

  6. Single Ma

    HA HA that little Chickadee. She is so clever. Come on, what can top a 3rd nipple? LOL Love her!

  7. Barb Cooper

    So, GetSheila, has it been problematic at all? My ex-husband had three nipples and I remember the doctor telling us that it was never a problem for men but for women–well, he thought I should divorce my husband and not procreate with him. (Okay, so maybe I added that last part.)–Barb

  8. Mark

    Hmmmm if she volunteers that kind of information that quickly & easily Mom, you might seriously want to consider chaperoning her on her Prom nights.

  9. dynamitt

    Not really related to this post, but I have spent the last weeks reading your whole blog, from the very beginning.
    Thank you for making my days on bedrest more fun :)
    Im hoping I too soon will have funny things to write about my son.

  10. Cele

    Having a third nipple is much better than a third cheek, chin, or knee cap.

  11. udge

    I thought everybody had four cheeks…

  12. Lynda

    Kids will say the most unexpected things, even if they are true just to be “the best”…you can only laugh at things like that.

  13. Jenifer

    Yup…. she wins!

  14. Kate

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. Had to comment just to say: HA! That made my day.

  15. Melanie Marie

    I’m thinking of the wonderful day in the future where Chickie is checking out her mom’s blog. She comes across this and her head implodes when she reads it! :)

    That is one awesome girl you have there!

  16. Jessica

    Hey! I have a third nipple too! I win, I win!

  17. Aimee

    HA! Chickadee *slays* me!

  18. ishouldbeworking

    Betcha can’t WAIT to see what kind of Google searches lead people to your blog via that!

  19. mama speak


    poor Otto, just wait till she’s a teenager, he doesn’t stand a chance.

  20. Shalee

    Ha ha ha ha! Now you can name her Anne Boleyn.

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