So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, g’bye

It’s the last day of school (finally!), and the children are utterly crushed.

As evidenced by the skipping, prancing, whooping and hollering that accompanied the last trip to the bus stop.

I asked them if they were sad to be having their last day of school here, and they never stopped running around in circles long enough to answer. Because today is exciting; they still have business cards to give out (Otto made them business cards with their new address info) and gifts to bestow and THINGS to DO. They haven’t stopped moving long enough to be sad, yet.

Come to think of it… neither have I.

The long walk to the last bus pick-up in the north.
(photo courtesy of Otto)


  1. Wendy

    How can one be sad when there are many adventures ahead?

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  2. Jenni-nifr

    That is a really good picture! I love the beauty in the “simple stuff” of life. You should enjoy their last day as much as they are!

  3. Isabel

    “From the shadow, into the light” comes to mind when I look at that picture. Congratulations and good luck to all of you on a bright and shiny future.


  4. Ben

    I think I may cry.

    Because my kids have been out of school for a month.

    (What a cool picture, too.)

  5. Randi

    Awwww…too cute! Wait, your kids JUST got out of school? What, is your school system sadistic?

  6. Katie

    Wonderful picture! Mine were out yesterday and I’m ready to send them back.

  7. Em

    The excitement of the last day combined with all their other excitement about changes…must be so cool for them!

  8. ishouldbeworking

    I’m with Ben. My daughter’s been out for a month and pretty soon, she’ll be past the half-way point of vacation and it’ll be time to think about school shoppin’ again! *sigh* :(

  9. Amy

    Randi, no it’s not sadistic, it’s New England! Most schools don’t start until after Labor Day and then have 2 week long vacations (Feb and April), and there are snow days (my school had 5 this year). Today’s my last day of teaching this year too. Where I am in Maine the weather is JUST starting to feel like summer.

  10. Lisa

    What a great idea Otto had with the business cards. So sweet!

    The small private school I teach at was done on Friday. My eldest just finished yesterday but she has to go back and write exams on Monday and Tuesday. We can’t wait for everyone to be done so the summer fun can begin!

  11. Daisy

    Snow days will extend the year, all right. Wisconsin and New England have that in common. And the business cards — what a great idea!

  12. Kate

    Otto made them BUSINESS CARDS. That’s about the sweetest thing ever.

  13. jenn

    Be prepared for the sad to hit this afternoon, especially Chickie. When Drama Queen left her elementary school last year to go to a new middle school (special program and all that crap), she was amped in the morning and devastated after a day of saying goodbye to all her friends and teachers. Not that I’m wishing you an afternoon of tears and despair. I’m hoping for a trauma-free day.

    And business cards? Otto, you totally rock, dude.

  14. Aimee

    Somehow, giving out business cards as an adult just doesn’t tickle me the way it does to think of Chickadee and Monkey handing them out at school. That Otto, he rocks! And I do love that picture — one of my favorite pictures of my nephew is one taken from the back. Even though you can’t see his face, it captures who he is.

  15. ChristieNY

    So sweet!

    Almost the beginning of happily ever after for you guys! :)

  16. becky

    and this means the move is oh-so-much closer. yay!

    will school start earlier in the south? ours did, in part because of the farming and in part because it gets too hot in june. we were always out around the 3rd week of may. but we started in late august, which isn’t much better than school in june. both are hot! humid!

  17. Andrea

    How sweet…that photo and the business cards. What a great stepdaddy!

    Exciting things are over the horizon for you and your family. Best wishes!

  18. ScottsdaleGirl

    Did you have to google Auf Wiedersehen to get it right? Because Damn. I always have to google hor’s doerve

  19. Ei.

    We are on an extended year. It is only a month until school STARTS for us.

  20. Mom101

    Oh you’ll be sad eventually. Don’t you worry your pretty little married head about that.

  21. Jen

    Love that picture. I can’t believe the school holidays in the US of A! In the UK they go to school until the end of July (yes JULY! and it can be VERY! HOT!), then they have just 6 weeks and are back at school at the beginning of September – although as my daughter is now in “college”, which is age 16 to 18, she finishes next week…

  22. Denise

    TW had business cards made for Michelle when we moved to Florida. It was brilliant. Best thing EVER, particularly for a middle schooler about to live life as the daughter of lesbians.

    I’m so glad Otto thought to do that for the kids. So glad!

  23. Barb Cooper

    I’m with Ben–my kids have been out for an entire month and the crying has been pretty impressive (on my part.)

    My older daughter made her own business cards when she was about 6 or so. They said, “Ana Cooper, Kid Genyus.” I said, “You know, if you want people to take you seriously as a genius, you might want to spell the word right.” She looked at me and without missing a beat, said, “I’m a MATH genius.”


    Love the picture–we have those backpacks, too! –Barb

  24. Heather

    The business cards are such an awesome idea! Go Otto!

  25. julie

    Umh, wait ’til your Lil Yankees figure out that school starts early/mid August here in the deep south. Their school vacation just got cut in half!
    Otto, the business cards are sooooo thoughtful! You’re a keeper.

  26. Mimipz5wjj

    Haha! I’m with Julie! In the county just next to mine, they start back August 1st (because July 31 is just too early)! And we start the following week in our county!

    Good luck with the move!

  27. Cele

    Kids here just got out a week ago, so I’m not shocked at the lateness that school is letting out. The cards, awesome idea, the picture fabulous.

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