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We had no idea what time Otto was coming today, due to a confluence of events wherein he had to make several unplanned-for detours. (One of them was due to Audrey—the name Otto has decided to give the new GPS unit—failing to predict that there is traffic in New York City. GO FIGURE.) As of our last check-in call, we figured he wouldn’t arrive until after the kids were in bed.

So when he pulled up while the kids were still hanging up their towels and getting into their jammies and screeching and dancing and generally being spazzy, they didn’t even notice.

This gave me plenty of time to run outside and make out with him, so that was nice.

When we came back in, I called up the stairs to the kids to tell them to finish up and come down.

“Why?” asked Chickadee.

“Because I asked you to. Go brush your hair,” I answered.

She huffed in response and went into the bathroom. Meanwhile, Monkey was making his way down the stairs one at a time, saying “Why?” on each step. That was charming.

“Just come down,” I called, while going back into the kitchen.

Monkey came around the corner. “But why did you—” now he looked up and saw Otto. “OTTO! It’s an Otto! Otto is HERE!” and then he twirled around and ran back upstairs.

“Um, he’s running away from me. That seems bad,” Otto remarked.

“CHICKIE! OTTO’S HERE! HE’S HERE! OTTO! IS! HERE!” I giggled as I heard Monkey making a lap around upstairs, then bounce down the stairs again. He came careening around the corner, made a beeline for Otto, and ran into him so hard that his head actually bounced off of Otto’s stomach. This would’ve sent him sprawling out on the floor on his behind except that he had flung his arms around him and was holding on for dear life.

“HI OTTO!” My son beamed up at my husband, who smiled in return.

At that moment—heck, even now—I could not tell you anything else about my day, whether it was good or bad or stressful or not. That right there, that was my day.

And it was very, very good.


  1. Terri

    It IS very, very good. And I’m so very, very happy for you all, even though I’ve never met you. Here’s to happy endings and hassle-free moves. Hope you all enjoy the road trip!

  2. Rache

    Very touching for Otto too, I’m sure. Always great when kids and step-dad are close to each other.

  3. Jules

    I’d almost bet, truth be told, you greeted him the same exact way in the driveway ;)..more or less.

  4. Karen

    That is freakin’ adorable. I love your kids and I haven’t even met them!

  5. ChristieNY

    Too cute!!!

  6. Sheila

    The kids just know, don’t they? He makes you happy, which in turn makes them adore him. They’re great barometers of spousecompatibility.

    Enjoy the last hectic few days in your house. Soon you will all be home.

  7. liv

    that just makes my heart melt. :) so very happy for you all, mir.

  8. becky

    that’s a great ending to the day, mir.

  9. Barb Cooper

    It is very, very, very good to read this, too. It’s been a very odd day in the blogosphere –what with the Yarn Harlot and then Chris’s whole post/thread on privacy on the ‘net. I’m so glad to read something so joyous and, um, normal. Bless you guys –I’m so happy for you. ALL of you!


  10. emery jo

    happy happy joy joy!

    I think we all should TACKLE HUG eachother more often…in the office, at home, on the street… it would make the world a better place.

    Plus, we’d always have to be on our toes. And wear padded clothes.

    And probably helmets.

  11. Gaby

    That was a perfect post to end a perfect, or not so perfect day for you and your family. Thank you very much for sharing that. It definitely put a huge smile on my face!

  12. chris

    That is exactly how I planning on greeting Otto should I ever meet him.

    So happy for you. All of you.

  13. Lisa

    I knew the happy ending was just around the corner….I think you have rounded the corner honey!
    Yay! OTTO IS HERE! :)

  14. Heather

    WOohoo! OTTO HAS ARRIVED! And your family is beautiful. *sniffle*

  15. tuney.

    **SNIFF** What a wonderful Love-Thursday-2-Days-Early! A Tremendously Affectionate Tuesday! Happy Endings… woohoo!!

  16. April

    Wow. I almost feel like your blog could end right here, and I would feel as satisfied as I was with the Six Feet Under ending.
    But don’t take this as a reason to close up shop. I would hate to lose my daily fill of Woulda Coulda.
    You are one excellent writer.

  17. Sara

    Unbridled enthusiasm and love. Yeah, that’s a good day-ender.

  18. Rachel May

    Totally brought tears to my eyes. YAY, OTTO IS HERE!! I’m just so happy for you guys, my heart hurts a little.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I just love to follow along and share the emotions with you, Mir.

  19. LadyBug Crossing

    I’ve got a little tear of joy rolling down my cheek…

  20. Kerry


    But please tell Otto, and everyone else who might ever consider driving on 95 not to…it is so much nicer to take 84, 81, 77, etc. No traffic, no tolls, and beautiful mountain views. It looks further, but all things considered it takes the same or even less time.

  21. Judy.

    How great! Otto is there for the very last time and soon y’all will all be HERE! Start practicing on that “y’all”, y’hear? ;-)

  22. Heidi

    Awww I love that, so sweet!

  23. ishouldbeworking

    Aaaawwww. Sweet story. Hope the rest of the packing and the move go well. Can’t wait to read about the road trip!

  24. Brigitte

    Silly Audrey. Doesn’t she know you have to go AROUND New York on the Garden State, then over the Tappanzee (which hopefully won’t be closed due to an accident)?

    And I’ll echo Emery Jo’s Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  25. Ben

    Everyone else is gushing and playing in the sweetness, so all I can add is:

    Audrey? As in, “Little Shop of Horrors?”

    Don’t let the GPS near the garden, is all.

  26. Jean

    That is simply beautiful. What a perfect day!

  27. Kris

    Why for I got this lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

    Oh yeah – mus’ be allergies!


  28. Delton

    Things are progressing for your new family, and that’s great! So what if there’s still a multitude of concerns to work out with housing, etc. Enjoy the new beginning. When has anything in life not been a little messy?

  29. Aimee

    Aw! OTTO! IS! HERE! I’m so happy for you guys!

  30. jenn

    Could you say that Otto has a Monkey on his back, erm, front?
    heh heh heh

    Oh and, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So sweet!

  31. Sophie

    That Monkey is one sweet kid. I just love him.

    Your new life is off to a fantastic start.

  32. Genevieve


  33. Heidi

    Let the New Beginnings begin!

  34. Cele

    That is definately a Love Tuesday post.

  35. Susan

    That made me tear up!

  36. ScottsdaleGirl

    Dammit! I have cried three times this morning!!!!

    I love when my pseudo step son smiles at me and then makes a wise crack. Best.Moments.Ever.

  37. angelfeet

    Would you stop it, you made me cry! That’s so lovely.

  38. Erika, Plain Jane Mom

    Excellent. I loved my step-mom in the same way when I was growing up.

    (I still love her, but I so rarely greet her with a tackle ;)

  39. Jenni-nifr

    congratulations to all of you. many many blessings on your new life together and praying traveling mercies and angels galore to watch y’all on the road trip! (see the y’all??? i’m from texas!)

  40. Kristen

    it’s all going to be so good. And no one deserves it more.

  41. Mimipz5wjj

    That is too sweet! I’m beaming ear to ear and I don’t even know you guys!

  42. Ayla


  43. reen

    Oh dear. I just had to de-lurk to say this put a lump of joy in my throat. Thank you for sharing it… you can just tell by reading it that you clearly (and understandably) are overflowing with pride for the love you all share.

    My children display a similar reaction (well, they’re girls so it’s an eardrum-imploding squeal and swarming around his legs like ants) when our good male friend arrives. It makes him – and me – so happy. And I’m happy for you, too.

  44. kate setzer kamphausen

    SO. GLAD. Hallelujah for living together!!!!!!!

  45. David

    Dude! And it’s not even Thursday yet. Sweet!

  46. Dawn

    That is nothing short of wonderful. Cherish this connection with your life. My girls are NOT close to their stepmother and it ain’t pretty.

  47. Lynne

    How sweet and fun! That is how I great my honey! I also greet my boys by singing to them when they stop by to say “hello”~

    Me: “Mikie’s home…Mikie’s home…yayayayyayayyy!!”
    Me: “Yayyyyyyy Ethan’s here…ethan is here…yayayayay!”
    Me: Corey is here…Corey is here…yayayayyayayayay!”

    Of course, I resist this urge when the boys stop by with friends, though it would be fun to sing: “Ethan and Corey’s friends are here…yay!!!!!”

  48. amy

    What a wonderful greeting. Thanks for sharing!

  49. carrien

    Came by to see if there was a new post for today but you must be on the road. I hope the moving and traveling is going well.

  50. Lady M

    Oh yeah. Much love, plus a little bruising.

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