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By Mir
June 9, 2007
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The following all-points bulletin has been issued for the New England states:

Earlier today a beloved mother of seven disappeared from her home after a series of instant messaging exchanges. Police have been able to recover only small pieces of this communication, and can’t make heads nor tails of the messages within or determine with whom the vanished woman was speaking. The only clues they’ve extracted include these snippets:
enough family time

Concerned citizens should be on the lookout for a petite woman in a minivan who appears somewhat robotic. She is believed to be headed north and is easily lured by the promise of margaritas.

Her family is praying for her safe return.


  1. Sara

    If I were withing driving distance, I would totally come and wow you with my organizational prowess–which only improves with the consumption of margaritas. Happy packing you two!

  2. Karen

    Ha ha ha…I got some of those messages yesterday from said woman. You two kids have BIG FUN, okay? MWAH!

  3. Stew

    Mother of *seven*? That threw me enough that I got the horrible pit in the stomach feeling of “uh, oh…”

    And then I eventually figured it out.

    Hang in there.

  4. ChristieNY

    Have fun you crazy kids! Mir, you’ll be all packed up before you know it with Chris by your side! :) :) :)

  5. Jenny

    Oh my GAWD you guys are going to be having way too much fun.

  6. shannon

    Have a great time with her! :) She truly is a good friend…

  7. kathy

    believe me, honey, that’s NO minivan. We have the same van. When you can put a generator, a rubbermaid full of food, a tire, six bikes, four carseats and 15 bags of 50kilo cement bags in the back on the “minivan” with room to spare, you know you have one WHALE of a van.

    But definitely NOT mini. 15 passengers, 4 rows of BACK seats (doesn’t include the front seats) and this is a behmouth. Not to belabor the point… :)

    Now, someone lay a trail of tequila and sh’ell be found.

  8. Kerry

    Chris has a mini van?

  9. becky

    hahahaha! hope you two have fun. i bet the margaritas will help lessen the pain of packing.

  10. Mamacita

    If you were coming my way, I’d feed you and lay icy drinks before you.

    Consider it? Please?

  11. Daisy

    Gee, where were you two when I moved my classroom supplies across town? It took two minivans and a lot of (nonexistant) strength to get it done.

  12. jenn

    I’ve got margaritaaaaas…and chiiiiiiips….and guaaaaacamoooole. *waving tequila bottle*

    Did I mention the pool?

  13. Steff

    That’s awesome! Dont forget the advil!

  14. Cele

    Take the advil before the margaritas and drink plenty of water, but not in Jenn’s pool, I know she has a tap.

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