Sinking in

By Mir
May 24, 2007

We’ve got about one week for Something To Happen before I enter panic mode, re: the housing situation. The movers are coming in one month. One. Month.

If we make an offer on a house in this next week, we could close before my stuff shows up and needs to be left at that van down by the river.

I am, of course, dealing with this information by:
1) Not packing.
2) Not mowing the dandelion fields grass.
3) Working into the wee hours every night.
4) Shopping for shoes online.
5) Trying to find a cheap last-minute ticket to get down to Georgia this weekend to see my husband and also maybe look at some more houses.

But it was tonight at choir rehearsal when I opened the card they all gave me that it really hit me. I am moving away. I mean, that thing was FULL of kind words and well-wishes. Anyone who tells you church choirs are all sweetness and light has never been in one; I am accustomed to being tormented mercilessly in there. All that NICE can only mean I’m dying or moving.

I feel okay, so I guess I’m really leaving.


  1. Cele

    Wow, all of these changes in your life and no one offered to mow your dandelions er I mean grass for you.

  2. Kate

    Whenever I step out on a limb and rip the earth out from under my feet everything accelerates (even the things that rely on other people!) and its all done and dusted by the time I need to land again.
    Here’s wishing you a cat like landing perfectly on your feet

  3. Brigitte

    I KNOW you will land on your feet . . . eventually.

    But really, marriage plus this whole buying/selling/moving thing, two really big life changes. I hope for your sake that the next crisis to hit will be
    A) AFTER the dust has settled; and
    B) a tiny, daily, run-of-the-mill type.

  4. LadyBug Crossing

    Don’t forget to breathe.

    Hopefully everything will start to roll now. And when it starts it will go really fast, so hang on tight!


  5. MomCat

    Yes, hang on tight and don’t forget to nurture yourself with plenty of shoes! Food for the sole. :D

    I’m sending oodles of good house-finding and old-house-selling positive energies and prayers your way.

  6. Mimipz5wjj

    Denial. I handle things the same way.

    Good for you!

  7. hollygee

    It’s bundling all the major life changes together that is really tough. You know the ones that THEY say are leading stresses. Any one of them — selling a house, buying a house, getting married, moving from known community — are capable of completely discombobulating someone; stacking them all one on top of one another? There are going to be serious complications with your peace of mind.

    All of your us know that you are going to have serious and joyous compensations to your mind and spirit before this is all history, and that you will get through this just fine. A little frantic, buy just fine.

  8. tuney.

    Just a hint: you might not want to take any of those online stress tests right now. The maniacal laughter might scare the children. And? You are aMAZing. A weaker woman would have imploded my now, but then again, you DO have superpowers. Rub that pretty necklace and chant after me – selllllll thah haaaauuuuuuuuuuuussssssssss….

  9. ishouldbeworking

    You’ll get through it, one step at a time. I like Kate’s cat-like landing on your feet wishes. And I’m sure you’ll find some fabulous shoes to wear when you land.

  10. Aimee

    Just hold on tight to the things that are good — which I know you will. I’ve done a bunch of changes like that all at once (moved cross-country, changed jobs, etc.) and it *can* be done. As long as you keep focused on Chickadee, Monkey & Otto (in other words, the things that *aren’t* changing) you’ll get through it all just fine.

  11. Ben

    Thinking of you, Mir. Hang in there…

  12. Summer

    I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who finds it soothing to shop for shoes online. Better than meditation, I say, even if drives me nuts with the slow, slow loading of the pretty, pretty shoe pictures.

  13. Melanie Marie

    Do you have an emergency supply of chocolate available? I’m thinking that this requires A LOT of really good chocolate. Oh, and wine. Lots of wine!

  14. Judy.

    I vote with Melanie…. chocolate and wine will do wonders. Also, you need to come down and see your husband. Maybe this weekend will be the weekend you find THE house. Then you can make an offer contigent on selling one or other of the houses.

  15. Katrina Stonoff

    It’ll be OK. Worst case scenario (*worst*) is that you’ll move down, put your stuff in storage, and cram into Otto’s house. You’ll be able to cover the storage bill because you’ll only have one mortgage payment.

    It would be stressful, yes, but a lot less stressful than you imagine, just because Otto will be there to shoulder some of the day-to-day responsibility.

    On our next-to-last move, we crammed four people into a 800-square-foot house with no yard, and I had a baby a couple of months later (think: crib, playpen, changing table, stacks of diapers). Eventually, we found the house we wanted and moved (happy day!).

    But I remember those cramped days fondly because we had made a gutsy move to fulfill a dream (that worked out beautifully), and what I remember most is the optimism.

    You’re making a gutsy move, and your love and your spirit (and your sense of humor) will get you through the journey. And it’ll be SOOOO worth it.

  16. Katrina Stonoff

    ACK! Stupid of me. Of course, you’ll have still two payments, but other costs will go down.

    And Otto will be there. Every day.

  17. BOSSY

    Sniff sniff online shoes sniff.

  18. David

    Online shoes. Hmm. Izzat anything like inline skates? *ducks quickly*

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