Love makes superheroes of us all

By Mir
May 23, 2007

It was about a year ago when I first noticed Andrea Scher’s gorgeous Superhero necklaces popping up all over the place. I wanted one immediately. But then I saw how much they cost and I died. It’s not that they’re too expensive for what they are; it’s that I’m an incurable tightwad and I rarely splurge on something for myself. (Splurge on the kids? Sure! Splurge on you? Okay! Splurge on me? Let me get back to you.)

I vowed to buy one on several occasions, only to have something come up and make me change my mind. Unexpected expense! Major distractions! Oh, I didn’t need one anyway, you know. Frivolous.

Andrea announced that she’d be taking a last batch of orders prior to closing up shop for a while on the same day that I landed a big project. This was clearly a sign that the time had come. I placed my order along with half the free world and quickly put it out of my mind before I could think too much about how I could’ve bought a couple week’s worth of groceries with that money.

I had, incidentally, agonized for months over WHICH necklace to get. For me it’s very easy to get so cerebral about such a choice that I’m paralyzed with indecision. First, there were the colors (pretty, pretty colors!) to consider. Then there were the names. I’d like to be joyful; maybe I should get Joy! Oh, the Chlorine is pretty. On and on and on until I wanted to smack myself. Eventually I settled on Earth, both because it contains many colors I often wear and because the name appeals to me. I think of myself as a grounded person. But at the same time, I’m often not as trusting of my surroundings as I’d like to be. Earth was the right choice.

Today I finalized my move date with the moving company. My house hasn’t sold. Otto’s house hasn’t sold. We have yet to make an offer on a house. But summer is peak season for movers, and if I wait any longer I risk not being able to get scheduled. I inquired about storage prices and died all over again.

I made an appointment to have everything I own picked up and taken a thousand miles away even though I have absolutely no idea if I’ll have anywhere to put it all when it gets there.

Afterwards, I was unsettled. I talked to Otto for a while and made a few other phone calls, and spent a lot of time reminding myself to breathe. “It will all work out. It will all work out,” I found myself repeating under my breath. As eager as I am to get down there, I worried I’d made a mistake. Maybe I should gamble on waiting.

The mail came, and with it came my new necklace. I had to put it on right away, of course, and the children approved of it, which was nice. I’m not usually one to wear bigger necklaces so I worried I would find it uncomfortable. It’s lighter than it looks, though, and the stones are cool and smooth and soothing. It feels wonderful. Like I’ve always worn it.

Andrea’s site claims that the necklaces are designed to “to bring color, magic, and adventure to your life.”

I’ve got plenty of adventure in my life already, this year. On adventure I’m good. The colors in the necklace are undeniable, and I’m good with those, too. But magic? Superpowers? Could I really get some of those?

Metaphorically speaking, I threw myself off the cliff today. A little bit of superpowered flight would be handy right about now. As I sat rubbing the stones of my new necklace, I realized that hoping for magic from a piece of jewelry when I’ve got all this love and support buoying me already might be missing the point. A few years ago, I didn’t even know the cliff was there. And I would’ve had some choice words had you suggested I step off of it.

While I was trying to take a picture, Chickadee asked me why it’s called a Superhero necklace. “Because it gives you a superpower!” I told her, eyes wide.

“Really?” asked Monkey, stroking the beads.

“Absolutely,” I said. “But I’m not sure what my power is, yet.” We then discussed whether it might be super strength, or maybe super speed!

But I was still thinking about flying. Maybe with a bit of Earth around my neck, I could finally let go and soar. If not actual flying, maybe a bit of gliding. Just for a little while.

After a whispered conference, my two launched a giggling assault while I was snapping away with the camera.

“We know what it is, Mama! Your superpower is SUPERHUGGING!” It’s true; I’m pretty good at hugging. I’ll work on the rest.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. Start with love, then find your superpowers.


  1. Krisco

    Mir, you are the best. What a great post. Love your superpowers, all of them, and the necklace. Beautiful. And timed just right. Such as life.

  2. chris

    Just don’t go jumping off of a high cliff or anything just yet ;-)

    The necklace is gorgeous.

  3. Nancy

    I love your necklace and have never heard of them. I hope I can get superpowers just by loving yours, because her website is, indeed, closed. But really, I just wanted to finally write to you and let you know I love your blog. And I only read a few on a regular basis, so that is high praise (from a fellow freelance writer).
    Happy Love Thursday to you!

  4. MammaLoves

    I’m very jealous. I’m so bummed I missed the boat. I think I would have picked Joy, but you’re so right…I have plenty of love and joy around me.

  5. Cele

    Watch Monkey, he was eyeing the superpower necklace with a we bit of lust in his eye.

  6. Heather

    Superhugging is definitely a good power for a mama to have :-)

  7. Lady M

    This was a lovely post. The houses will sell and the new one will appear. They will.

  8. Judy.

    Glad to see you making your move towards us! Keep thinking positive thoughts. Things WILL work out. :-) So… when is the moving date? We need to make sure we have a big sign us saying “Welcome to Georgia, Mir”

  9. Sara

    Proud of you for making the leap. And I’m seriously coveting that necklace. I saw the “last chance” post and seriously debated getting my own, but alas, I am like you in spending money on myself. Also, I couldn’t choose either, although Chlorene was the front runner for me. I will just have to admire yours. Lucky girl!

  10. Mimipz5wjj

    What a great post!

    Maybe the superpower will be the ability to hypnotize potential housebuyers into buying your house! LOL

  11. MomCat

    I think one of your powers is obviously, “Superwriting!” I can visualize the comic book now! But I bet you are quite the superhugger, too! That can be a second power. You know how Superman can fly AND has x-ray vision and is super-strong? So keep looking for those powers, Mir!

    Love the look of the necklace, love the love! :D

  12. Hula Doula

    I’ve obviously been away for a while. So…you’re moving? And I remember you had just started dating an Otto….now crap I’m going to have to go through the archives and catch up!
    SWEET necklace. It’s gorgeous.

  13. Woman with Kids

    That’s a pretty awesome super power. Although x-ray vision? Pretty helpful for finding lost keys.

  14. Nichole

    What a wonderful superpower! I went with “Joy.” My nephews were here when mine arrived; you should have seen their faces when they saw a package with a “Superhero” return address in my mailbox!

  15. LadyBug Crossing

    It’s so pretty!!
    Maybe it will bring a super house sale…

  16. alektra

    I’m so with Hula Doula, I’ve been a slacker. (Stupid school getting in the way of blogs!) But I think your other superpower might be SuperMommy.

    Just sayin…

  17. hollygee

    On Andrea’s site it says, “Remember:You are your very own superhero.”

    And you, my pretty Mir, have already proved that. I know that this chaos is unsettling. Concentrate on your grounding, your Earth. You are going to be fine.

    BTW, my stuff is still in storage in Vermont while I live in my 320 sq ft rented house in CA with my honey. I miss my stuff, but I wouldn’t trade it for my man.

  18. shaz

    awww :)

  19. Aimee

    I know you can fly, Mir! I moved out here to CA with my then-boyfriend, now-husband in 2003, and we brought only what we could fit in a teeny-tiny trailer. Our stuff stayed in boxes for the first three months we were here while we rented a room in a house with two INteresting roommates. It was a pain the butt, it was frustrating, and it was absolutely worth it. All will be well. Go ahead and jump.

  20. dad

    You’ve got it all!
    Joys, frustrations, frenetics, uncertainty, love and hugs.
    That is the superpower.
    Now go forth and …. whatever.

  21. dad

    Oops. I forgot to mention “talent.”

  22. Heather B.

    My Superhero Necklace came yesterday as well. Thus far my superpower has been dealing with members of congres and their staffs. Which shocking has been easy. A necklace that makes members of Congress listen, who would have ever thought that?!

    By the way, Earth was my second choice. I ended up going with Pyrex.

  23. Jan

    Do you know about PODS?

    I mean, I love the necklace, too, it’s very pretty, but the image of all your stuff with noplace to go kind of won’t let me enjoy that. Because I? Am a worrier.

    Anyway, if you don’t know about PODS, check them out here:

  24. marsha

    what a coincidence, I have the same superpower as you! goody!!! I wonder what will happen if we hug each other…er….maybe we shouldn’t!

  25. Heidi

    Wow, what an awesome responsibility. Be sure to use your powers for Good.

  26. Nicole

    Beautiful and what a lovely post. Here’s good vibes that everyone who’s trying to sell and/or buy a house gets there soon (I’m in the same boat). And I keep seeing your darn dress everywhere – in our paper yesterday and on the SV Moms blog today. I think you looked much better in it :)

  27. Andrea

    I received my Superhero necklace a few weeks ago and I can’t take it off. I purchase Joy! and that is definitely something I need right now. And oh yeah, Superhuggin’ is a great power to have!

  28. Gigi

    My “Earth” necklace came in the mail yesterday as well. It was a birthday gift from my daughter, which makes it really special to me.
    I love the superhero imagery, of women feeling strong, self-sufficient and powerful. Some days I need that reminder!

  29. bonggamom

    Beautiful necklace and beautiful post — mir, you’re truly a beautiful person. Happy Love Thursday!

  30. Pastormac's Ann

    As a mom, what better super power could there be? And how special that when your kids think about what super power you have they thought of this.

    That necklace really is super.

    Happy Farwell LT! I’ll miss it but I’ll be by for a visit. Love is still all around us, right?!

  31. Chris

    Love it! I ordered Earth as well- cannot wait to get it. I’m even more excited having seen yours.

    Just found your blog and am digging it. We just moved from NH about 1.5 years ago and I miss it terribly.

  32. Michelle

    I got mine, recently, too! I’ve been loving blues and greens together recently, so I was torn between Grass & Sky and Sea Glass, but I went with Grass & Sky and I’m glad I did, I love it.

    Nice post! :)

  33. JamieLee

    I’m so proud of you!
    As a fellow tightwad (when it comes to big spends on myself), I an very impressed and happy for you. You deserve a little somethin’-somethin’.
    And such a beautiful something to choose. And with superpowers and everything. I think you made a wise purchase.

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