It turns out I’m a fashion icon

By Mir
May 16, 2007

Did you watch American Idol tonight? Did you happen to notice Jordin Sparks WEARING MY FREAKING WEDDING DRESS? What’s that? You didn’t? Because it looked so much better on me? Oh, you’re sweet.

Such is the hardship of 1) buying off the rack and 2) being fabulous.

But, seriously, let’s think about this. Jordin Sparks is 17 years old. Do I need to be mortified that we wore the same dress? I mean, it’s not like I got it from K-Mart or anything. It’s a silk dress from Nordstrom. (Which, HI, I never shopped Nordstrom when I was in high school, but then again, I wasn’t on American Idol.)

No, it’s not so much that a teen wore the same dress as me as that I just know her teenaged boobs didn’t need nearly all the special help that mine did. Hmph.


  1. Andrea

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this! I say you are a trendsetter, Mir, and a PRETTY one at that!! You honestly looked stunning in those photos.

    So, yes, “such is the hardship…of being fabulous.” :)

  2. Amy-Go

    Betcha she used exactly the same boob tape. To avoid “wardrobe malfunctions” of course. And that she’s a WCS lurker who took one look at your gorgeous wedding photos and declared “I can’t win unless I look like MIR!” Because you are just that pretty. ;)

  3. boomama

    Totally noticed it. It took me a minute – sort of a “where have I seen that before” – and then I was sad that she didn’t have pretty flowers to carry like you did.

    At which point I decided that the interweb is in fact TAKING OVER MY LIFE.

  4. Erin

    Absolutely noticed it right away! And she was sitting down! I had to pause the DVR and turn to my fiance to say, “She’s wearing Mir’s wedding dress!” Of course, then I had to explain who Mir is. But still! Unbelievable.

    And it is absolutely NOT too young a dress for you to wear–you looked superfabulous in it and totally age-appropriate. It’s just a versatile dress, I think.

  5. Sheryl

    I did not put it together, but thought to myself “That dress looks so familiar, I’ve seen it somewhere before…” Also, can you believe the results?! I won’t spoil it for your non-EST readers.

  6. Crisanne

    I’m afraid I missed the American Idol episode, but I KNOW she couldn’t look as fabulous as you did in it. I’m sure it has something to do with the genuine happiness and joy in your life.

  7. kip

    The dress looked much, much better on you. :-)

  8. steph

    mir you ROCKED that dress!! and her shoes?? no where near as fabulous as YOURS!

  9. DebR

    My reaction was kind of like boomama’s and Sheryl’s. I spent at least half the show thinking “I’ve seen that dress somewhere before. Where was it? Dammit, I JUST saw that dress on someone else.” Drove me nuts until it finally hit me that it was your wedding dress!

  10. Christine

    I did notice that. In fact I hollered out, “Hey, that’s Mir’s dress” and my kids looked at me like I just grew a tail out of my butt as they said, “What’s a Mir?” You totally rocked the dress better than Jordin.

  11. Lia

    I came on to email you about this!!!!! Of course, I am in California so you saw this a few hours before me. Still love the dress!

  12. dani

    I totally did what Christine did too! Except, I said “that’s WouldaCoulda’s wedding dress!” My husband asked “Are you awake?” and thought I was crazy talking in my sleep. I am on West Coast time and just NOW saw that Jordin was wearing your dress!

  13. bob

    okay, busted. I got a consultant fee for telling Jordin about the dress. if she wins, I have a chance at her entourage.

  14. Karen

    when I watched it tonight, I cracked up. It was your dress! You looked hotter than she did. (and she looked hot!)

  15. Rebecca

    Couldn’t believe it. I kept saying – I know that dress, I know that dress. No way!!! Go MIR!!!! I had to come here to double check. We on the west coast are far behind, so you’ve known for hours. Way cool!

  16. Cele

    I totally noticed and thought it looked much better on you. BTW I’m sure Nordstroms is now looking to up the price of said dress because they sell out everytime she wears something on the show.

  17. MomCat

    That’s what I get for not being an American Idol fan. But I am sure you looked better in the dress, Mir. You are gorgeous!

  18. Brigitte

    Hey, quick, sell it on eBay NOW!

  19. LadyBug Crossing

    LOL!!! You looked way better in the dress than she did. :-)

    I’m with Brigitte – dump it on ebay as Jordin’s dress!! You’ll make a mint!

  20. Katie

    Wow, you are such a trendsetter!

  21. meritt

    Hmmm… a 17 year old shopping at Nordstrom? I don’t think I stepped foot in there until I already had 2 children. LOL.

  22. Melisa

    I just noticed the top of the dress and wondered if she was using boob tape.

  23. Christina

    I am not an idol watcher, so I (along with the 2 other people in the world who don’t watch idol) would never have known, but you totally rocked in that dress!

  24. Aubri

    I was actually still at school (long loooong 12 hour day cutting hair… longer story) so I missed it… but honestly I’ll bet someone tipped her off! “Hey, I saw this dress online, at the worlds best website, being worn by the world’s prettiest woman… and perhaps it might even look merely acceptable on you!” To be honest, I can’t even find any pictures, but I’ll bet there’s no WAY she looked as smokin’ hot as you did in that dress!

  25. Crystal

    I totally noticed right away, looked at my hubby and said HEY! That is Mir’s dress. He was looking at me like I had three heads so I had to explain who you are!

    For the record, you looked way better!

  26. Lesley

    I thought that was your dress! Your dress was on the most popular show on TV. That is SOME style you’ve got there!

  27. Jean

    I came on here this morning to tell you about it if you didn’t see it. It looked so much better on you. And your boobs looked better than hers :)

  28. ChristieNY

    Well, you wore it first, she was totally copying you!

    And it looked FABULOUS on you, pretty Mir! :)

  29. Lisa

    Omigod!! You know you spend too much time on the internet with the first thing I thought when I saw her dress was, that’s Mir’s wedding dress!! I got all excited about it and told my husband about it, but he just rolled his eyes and mumbled something about me not having much of a life. And, yes, I believe she was totally copying you and you look much better in the dress! Congratualations on your marriage and best wishes.

  30. Shining

    Haha. You know, when I saw that…I thought, ya know? That dress looks very familiar! And then I wondered if YOU were watching American Idol, and if you’d have anything to say about it today. Hahaha. In truth, Pretty One, you looked MUCH better in it. Maybe Jordin reads your blog, saw your dress, and loved it….

  31. txhorns

    So that’s why the dress looked so familiar. Such a pretty dress, maybe I need to wear it…alas, not enough tape in the world to help me wear it! Congrats, you were a beautiful bride.

  32. Busy Mom

    I knew I’d seen it before! It’s a great dress, and, I guess she wanted to be just like you.

  33. Stephanie

    I was wondering why I kept waiting for her to smack someone with a bouquet of flowers. Don’t you wish Otto got married wearing Blake’s shirt? That would have been just too crazy.

  34. jackie

    LOL! I thought of you when I saw her dress. I was wondering if she was wearing boob tape also! ROFL

    You looked MUCh better in the dress than she did. You are very pretty Mrs. Otto. :-)

  35. Beth

    You looked *much* better in your pictures than she did! If I were her, I’da smacked that photographer — surely she has more neck than that!

    And you looked BEAUTIFUL, m’dear! You do realize we all spent Saturday sniffling a little thinking about how happy you were ;-)

  36. Liise

    You rocked the dress and also? SHE has poodle hair, not you.

  37. becky

    Um, I think in order to make a clear decision on this, I need to see MORE PICTURES. Only then can I make a reasoned evaluation of what you propose.

    That, and it would make an EXCELLENT Love Thursday post. Just sayin’.

  38. Jenny

    I’m usually a lurker, and haven’t made it to the wedding posts yet. BUT had to say that I burst out laughing at “teenaged boobs” and thought, “Mir is going to get some really confused folks from google searches…”

  39. MMM

    I was so excited when I saw that! I think you both looked wonderful in it!!!!

  40. dad

    No American Idol can ever look as radiant in that dress as you did.

    Besides, you’ve already won more than she can.
    I choose not to comment on the boob thing.

  41. Allanna

    Mir, I have to say that you rocked that dress more than she did. And I’m proud of you for doing it, too.

    Maybe the dress was her wouldacoulda lucky charm? :D

  42. Melissa

    When I first saw the picture I thought, “Wow, that would be an awesome dress to get married in”. The fact that it was on TV only confirms how fabulous it is.

  43. Heather S.

    I don’t watch Idol but I think you looked great in your dress and it was such a pretty dress too!!!!

  44. Ben

    Well, my wife knows who you are (kinda) and knew you were getting married, but since I don’t watch American Idol I kinda missed it.

    Was she hitting people with flowers, too? Cuz that really goes well with the dress.

  45. Kate

    Saw it and immediately thought of you! Loved your wedding photos – you are so, so pretty!

  46. Lillian

    I am happy to say that I have saved hours of what would have been totally wasted time by never having watched American Idol. So as far as I am concerned, that wedding dress is yours and yours alone. :)

  47. MMM

    Awww. Your dad is sweet. And funny.

  48. vkj

    I bet you and Otto had more fun after you took the dress off than she did!!!!

  49. becky

    hahaha – i think i love your dad. hee!

  50. daring one

    I totally noticed it and told Dan. What a nerd I am.

  51. Beth B.

    The dress looked much better on you!

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