Love is worth the wait

By Mir
May 10, 2007

Almost eighteen years ago I sat down in an auditorium next to a fellow eighteen- year-old who had dark hair, bright blue eyes, an earring (oh, a bad boy!) and an attitude almost as big as my own. I immediately set out to make him fall in love with me, but he was willful, you see. He found me amusing. He liked me. But he would not bend.

(Okay, he was dating someone else. Details.)

I told him we would end up together. He would laugh. Regardless, that was the beginning of a friendship that survived through our other relationships and our various moves around the country, and he still loves to tell people that he was at my wedding. And my baby shower.

I used to wish we’d figured it out sooner, that we’d skipped some of the detours and found our way to each other right from the start. But now I know that this was exactly the way it was supposed to happen.

All week I’ve kept sneaking peeks into this box, and tomorrow when we take them out and put them on, it will finally be the moment when I can look deeply into his eyes and say: “I told you so.”

Happy Love Thursday, everyone!


  1. Sara

    That is the very best kind of “I told you so.” Best wishes on your (impending!) marriage. May grace and peace and joy be yours.

  2. Aubri

    Your Love Thursday posts are always my favorite! Congratulations beautiful one! May tomorrow be the happiest of happy wedding days! We’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Delton

    This is awesome! It’s been fun watching this journey over the past few months. All the best to you, Otto, Chickadee, & Monkey as this new chapter begins.

  4. Dee Dee

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Congratulations.

  5. TrudyJ

    Awww…beautiful. Congratulations and best wishes.

  6. Jean

    Oh Mir, that was beautiful. Best of luck tomorrow and may you have many years of happiness together. Many blessings :)

  7. chris

    Congratulations! My shriveled black heart is cracking a bit.

    But, I really want to know if you got his ring engraved with “It’s about freaking time!”

  8. Heidi

    That bad boy already had a pierced ear? Well no WONDER he didn’t jump on the chance for a pre-wedding guys’ day ear piercing extravaganza.

    The rings brought tears to my eyes. Best of wishes for a wonderful life together.

  9. Katie

    Beautiful rings! I hope you have a lovely wedding day!

  10. MomCat

    Complicated plan, roundabout path, good stories!

    All the Best to you and yours! :D

  11. Patricia

    May Otto use this as proof that Mir is often right!

    May tomorrow not be the beginning, but the natural continuation of what has always been and always will be.

    Oh, and may neither child pick their nose in any of the photos.

  12. Summer

    So happy for you, Mir. God bless.

  13. Tug

    Best of luck…and many congratulations!

  14. tori

    So beautiful! I am so happy for you…plus being right is always nice!

  15. becky

    the rings are gorgeous. best wishes tomorrow, mir. congratulations.

  16. maggie

    All the best to you, tomorrow and every day.

  17. Genevieve

    Beautiful, Mir.

    All happiness to you, Otto, Chickie and Monkey!!

    Your wedding will be absolutely beautiful because your love will shine through it.

  18. Stacia

    I hope the wedding is beautiful and picture perfect. The rings are gorgeous! Congratulations and the best of luck.

  19. birchsprite

    Love to you and to yours for the special day!

  20. Kris

    “I told you so” is way better than “I do” any day of the week! And once you and Otto are married, it’s a law that you get to tell him “I told you so” at every turn.

    The rings are simply gaw-geous!! (My 2nd wedding ring looks a lot like a feminine version of Otto’s with a spin section in the middle.)

    Wishing you a pretty, pretty day.

  21. Deanna

    Congratulations on this new chapter. Best wishes to you and your whole clan!

  22. Leah

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for both of you.

  23. Nichole

    Beautiful story, and beautiful rings! I hope tomorrow is absolutely wonderful.

  24. Bonnie

    My gosh I have a big old lump in my throat for you. Best wishes tomorrow and forever you two. What a wonderful story.

  25. Single Ma

    *sniff* Congratulations!

    I’m starting to LOVE your blog. Especially the Thursday post. You have a beautiful spirit. I hope tomorrow is everything you dreamed it to be.

  26. Ruth

    Mir, I’ve sprung a leak on my face….I’m so glad that hope and hard work and going with your gut has finally paid up for you and your lovely family.

  27. boomama

    Blessings to you and yours on your special day…and for the rest of your lives.

  28. jenn2


  29. MMM

    Awww, how precious! Happy Wedding Day tomorrow!

  30. Elleoz

    That is the sweetest post! Congrats and all many well wishes for your wedding day tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  31. Christie


  32. whoorl

    I can’t wait to hear all about the wedding! Congratulations!

  33. shannon

    chills, those rings gave me chills…they are just so beautiful. i miss my wedding. :)

    happy wedding mir! i wish you, otto, monkey and chickadee all the happiness you deserve. you’re smart to know things are happening when they are supposed to.

  34. parodie

    Have a wonderful, blessed day tomorrow – and in your new life together.

  35. Taylor

    Congratulations, Mir. I’ve really enjoyed following y’alls relationship for the last few months (I’m a new reader). It’s really inspiring to know that love can conquer all sorts of time, distance, and giant roadblocks (ugh. could I be anymore smarmy?). You have my best wishes for the happiness of you, otto, and your lovely children.

  36. Sharkey

    The rings ARE beautiful. And you’re pretty. And right–never pass up a chance to point that out to Otto. :)

    Best wishes to all of you. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow!

  37. Aimee

    I wish for you both a day as beautiful as pretty Mir, and a life as happy as you both deserve to be.

  38. ChristieNY

    Oh Mir, that was beautiful! Congratulations on being right!

    (Oh and getting the man of your dreams too, that’s always nice. ;))

    Best wishes for a very sparkly day tomorrow and a very, very pretty future together. {{{ hugs }}}

  39. Tara

    Congratulations! And I love the rings!

  40. ttulizzy

    Best Wishes to the lovely bride and congrats to the Otto! I hope you have a perfect day tomorrow (it will be) and a fun honeymoon! I’m so excited for you!

    Oh, and the rings are beautiful!


  41. Sheila

    Worth the wait, wasn’t it? Happy I Told You So Day!

  42. Lulu

    De-lurking to let you know that I’ve enjoyed reading your journey, and I wish all of you the best! Very preeeeetty rings, by the way.

  43. catherino

    I wish you all the happiness in the world. The rings are gorgeous!

  44. Cele

    Mir and Otto,
    Where we’ve been is who we are. It took a journey and every thing that has come inbetween to make you two the people today who appreciate everything about each other today.

    I wish you an eternity of love, joy, and peace.


  45. Melisa

    Best wishes for a long and happy life together.

  46. Liise

    THe first thing I thought when I read this was “Damn, Mir won’t be blogging tomorrow.”

    Apparently? It rilly is all about me.

    HAVE A GREAT DAY and weekend! YAY MIR & OTTO & KIDS & RINGS!

  47. Karin

    Congratulations and best wishes. What a happy ending (and beginning!). ;)

  48. Bob


  49. Alison

    I’ve followed your blog for quite a while now, and have enjoyed so much reading about your unfolding happiness. When I read about Kira’s wedding, on the other blog that I follow most often, I remember wishing that the same could happen for you.

    And it has. And I’m so happy for all of you. Sensible guy, getting such a great family; and at least he’ll be used to “I told you so!” from the word go.

    Many congratulations to all you, have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  50. Busy Mom

    I am so excited for you both! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m thinking you won’t be Twittering it?

  51. corina

    This kind of stories are the ones worth living for! Congratulations!

  52. Lauren

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow. The rings are beautiful and worth the wait (says me, who didn’t have the _stress_ you did certainly!).

    Congratulations! And take a break from posting!

  53. bonggamom

    What a wonderful story! I’m sure you’ll be telling your grandchildren about this story while holding hands :) sniff, sniff, congratulations on celebrating your love and commitment tomorrow!

  54. Karen

    Congratulations! I know things will be beautiful. You are a lucky, bless woman to have your life filled with so much love. I will keep you and your family in my prayers on your big day!

  55. cassie

    Aw, I’m so glad that you’ve finally reached the day. I think that the stress and anticipation of the last few weeks will melt away tomorrow.
    Congrats! I hope that someday I can find love like yours.

  56. The Other Leanne

    What a great story…we never know at the time why life takes us where it does, then one day that big picture becomes a little more clear.
    Best wishes on the rest of your life together.

  57. Allanna

    Yay!! I’m so, so, so happy for you two.

    And the rings are GORGEOUS! His was definitely worth the wait.

    I hope that everything goes wonderfully tomorrow and for the rest of your lives, too!

  58. Kate

    Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.


  59. Sophie

    Your rings are beautiful and so is your story. Congrats and best wishes.

    Remember George from Seinfeld? Do you remember the episode where he said that successful couples always had great stories about how they met? Well, that goes for you two.

  60. jp

    “THe first thing I thought when I read this was “Damn, Mir won’t be blogging tomorrow”…………

    haha, thats exactly what I thought too!

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow! I wish you cool sunny days w/ no snow, strong non-leaking pipes, well behaved children, pretty hairdos, breasts that stay in your dress and years and years of love, laughs and all that is good.



  61. Chrissy

    Happy Wedding Day!

  62. Jody


    Glad you found your way back home to each other!

  63. Heidi

    Congratulations!! and Happy Wedding day!~

  64. Susan

    You made my eyes well up with tears!

    Happy Love Thursday indeed!

  65. Catherine

    Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness!

  66. liv

    my husband and i shared similar detours — i totally get it tho, when you say you know it’s how it needed to be. i’m so very happy for you and otto. :) the rings are gorgeous — hope tomorrow is a beautiful start of a wonderful and happy life. :)

  67. Nicole

    Wonderful rings. What a story! Congrats and have fun tomorrow.

  68. JustEnjoyHim/Judy

    I am so durn happy for you, Mir. You deserve this so very much.

    Hugs and squishes,
    Judy/Joyluck and all the other names. Love, love love to you and Otto, for the rest of your lives together.

  69. Tracy

    Congratulations from a daily reader, usually a lurker, but one who wishes you all the happiness and blessings that life can hold.

  70. Randi

    The rings are absolutely beautiful.

    Dear Mir, Otto and Children,

    May your lives always be filled with sunshine and roses. And, when the skies start to cloud over, or the roses start to fade, may you always be there for each other.

    All the best.


  71. Christina

    Congratulations!!! I cannot wait to know that you two are officially married – God bless you and enjoy :)

  72. ArizonaGirl

    Congratulations and I hope you both have a wonderful day!

  73. Laura

    Wishing you, Otto and the kids every happiness- you all deserve it.

  74. Terri

    Best wishes to you all! May your wedding day be perfect, and your future bright and full of laughter and joy. It may have taken him 18 years to see how right you are, but if he had listened to you all those years ago, you wouldn’t have Chickie and Monkey to share your day (and life) with! Besides, you’ll get to hold this over his head forever!!!

    Can’t wait to hear how it all turns out.

  75. Beth Reid

    Otto, attitude? Impossible!

    Seriously, best wishes to both of you and I hope it’s a beautiful, joyful, love-filled weekend.

  76. juile

    Best wishes!!

  77. cher

    What???? No “Told ya so” dance back down the isle?? Awww come’on!! LOL.. Congrats on your impending nuptuals and may you both be as happy ten years from now as you are at this moment! My husband and I have been together a total of 16 years.. with a two year divorce in there somewhere.. thank god we came to our senses. Ya’ll don’t go that route.. its too costly.. in more ways than one.

  78. Ben

    Ohhh, quit making me cry at work.

    And just think, after tomorrow, you two can finally “do it.”

    *singing ‘AnticipaAation…’ *

    You’re like ketchup, but better.

    Congrats, you two. Twoo Wuv wins in the end.

  79. Fold My Laundry Please

    Your rings are beautiful! You’ve got one on me. I can’t say that my husband was at my baby shower!

    Congratulations on surviving til the big day! I’m all a twitter for you!

  80. Cecile Weekly

    That’s so cool and sweet. The best ‘Told you so’ I ever heard of. Good luck tomorrow and congratulations. May your wedding be the best ever.

  81. Sheryl

    *sniff* looking at those rings made me tear up a little, and I’m not even sentimental about that stuff. Mazal Tov, and best wishes.

  82. Dawn

    Somehow I just knew that your LT post would be fabulous. And as usual it made me cry! And I once read that the key to having a love filled and successful marriage is to make the conscious choice EVERYDAY to love and honor the person who is your spouse. I read this advice too late, but thought I would pass it on. If I get another chance, I know I would do this everyday. The best of times are wished for you and yours.


  83. Lynette

    Congrats Mir and Otto. May you have a wonderful day and live happily ever after!

  84. Andrea

    The rings are soooo beautiful. Thanks for showing us Otto’s “infamous” ring.

    Yes, everything happens for a reason. You must have been in the right “place” when the two of you reconnected.

    Best wishes!!! Congrats all around!

  85. Isabel

    Mir, Otto, Chickie and Monkey,

    May this new avenue in your lives be Blessed with many hours of laughter, a few tears of Joy and Happiness and an Eternity of togetherness.


  86. angie


  87. Katrina Stonoff

    I got the shivers reading this. Congratulations. I am SO happy for you and Otto, and wish you all the best gifts life has to offer.

    After tomorrow, you and I will share an anniversary too. :-)

  88. shaz

    congrats!!! all the best to you both!! :)

  89. GetSheila

    May your union be a happy one.

    May one always feel like cooking when the other does not (or at least know the number for take-out).

    May massage be practiced often.

    And may you experience joy each and every day.

    Happy Tie-the-Knot Day, Mir and Otto and Chickadee and Monkey.

  90. Erin

    Congratulations and very best wishes!

  91. BOSSY

    Holy smokeroos – congratulations girlie! It’s been a ride!

  92. carolyn

    ” I told you so” is a wonderful thing to be able to say. I’m glad you are getting to say it.

  93. Kellie

    Gorgeous rings…beautiful love story…my very best wishes to you and Otto and the kids as you begin the next chapter of your lives!!

  94. Jen

    Congratulations and ENJOY your day tomorrow. The rings are beautiful, though I can’t work out why Otto’s came in TWO boxes!??!? LOL Thinking of you :)

  95. Heather

    I’m so happy for you – Congratulations:o)

  96. Warrior Knitter

    Congratulations! I wish you much love and grace. The day and the life you never thought would get here is finally here.

  97. theotherbear

    Congrats and good luck :)

  98. Heather

    Absolutely beautiful. Ya’ll have one heck of a wedding and an even better marriage.

  99. Carolyn

    Hi Mir!
    I’m soooooo happy for you and your new family! Many,Many blessings and best wishes to you, Otto, Chickie and Monkey.
    Otto’s ring is beautiful. Have fun tomorrow!

  100. Upside Up

    congratulations mir. and good luck tomorrow! can’t wait to read about the “after.” the “before” has been so lovely.

  101. Horrible Warning

    Hope it’s everything you ever wanted (the wedding and most of all the marriage). You’ve both waited long enough!!

  102. liz

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a wedding I wasn’t attending! Remember what I said about the boobs – it still sticks.
    ba dum BUM.

  103. daysgoby

    The rings are beautiful – and so are you.

    Happy, happy Wedding day, Mir.

  104. Jane

    Have a very happy day, congratulations to your whole, new family.

  105. Crisanne

    I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with your fantastic husband (yea!!) and great kids. Looking forward to hearing all the details…

    And OMG…it said 101 comments when I clicked…how cool is that?!?

  106. Laurie

    Too cool!

    Joining the internet chorus of congratulations….Laurie : )

  107. Jenny

    Mir! I can’t believe it is go time! Wishing you all the happiness you can handle for the rest of your lives.

  108. Pastormac's Ann

    May your cup runneth over with love. Congratulations!

  109. Tabitha


  110. Janis

    I am SO HAPPY for you! I hope your wedding day is a blast!

  111. David

    Hey, so does this mean we’re gonna be short on blog entries for a bit? Just kidding. I’m really happy for you two. Seems sort of fairytale-like from this side of the screen. And I’m SO glad Otto’s ring made it here on time from across the pond. Ver nice, indeed. You WILL have somebody eat a piece of cake for me, won’t you? ;-)

  112. Girl con Queso

    You know how much I love and appreciate this story. I wish you love, peace, grace, sex, and a lifetime of blissful partnership. All my best to you and yours.

  113. Dawn

    What a great thing to be right about. And what beautiful rings.

    My shrivelled, black heart also grew a size today.

    Congratulations and all the best to you and your family.

  114. A

    Amazing story, to die for rings. Congrats!

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