Better omens

By Mir
May 5, 2007

Would there be a problem, do you think, with flying down to Georgia the day before my wedding to go to a school board meeting? Yes? You people have no imagination. I mean, I could totally paint my nails on the plane. On the bright side, I have secured a mole who is keeping me informed about what’s happening, a lovely and charming mole for whom I am going to buy many margaritas once we get down there. So I know what’s happening, at least, even though it’s killing me a little not to be able to participate, because that’s the sort of overbearing and bossy parent I am.

In unrelated news, thanks to everyone who patiently explained to me how to PROPERLY curl my daughter’s hair so as not to repeat her Little Orphan Chickie experience. We did a test run with the curlers last night, and were quite pleased to behold the bouncy results this morning. It was especially encouraging because the other small head in my house wakes up looking like this every morning.

And I could talk about some other stuff, but right now I have to go clean up and get out of here. It seems that our buyers who offered a buck fifty and a closing next winter contingent on their lottery win have decided to come see the house again in light of our counter-offer ($2k under our asking price, no contingency, June closing). “What does this MEAN?” I asked the realtor. “It means they really want the house,” he answered. It does not, however, mean they’re in a position to buy it, necessarily, so we’ll see.

Maybe I could offer to curl their hair, as an added benefit.


  1. Juliness

    What gorgeous hair Chickie has!! She certainly comes by that honestly. After seeing that picture, I just want to hug Monkey. (But he probably wouldn’t like that would he?)

  2. Allanna

    Chickie’s hair = SO pretty! (I’m jealous!)
    Monkey’s hair = adorable (I can relate to this one)

    News on the house = Making my SO hopeful for you!! I hope that it works out! And FAST!

  3. Em

    Yeah, the plane trip the day prior to the wedding might be pushing things just a tad! LOL But I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news on the house.

  4. Contrary

    Chickie’s hair looked GORGEOUS.

    I have to say though, as a pet groomer with many, many hours spent de-snarling dogs, Monkey’s hair makes me want to hide under a large piece of furniture. It might be time to start braiding it at night to offset the threat of tangles.

    Ok, I have to go giggle until I can’t breathe at the idea of you trying to convince him that braids are the way to go.

  5. Nancy

    Did you add ‘I think you’re pretty’ to the counter offer? That might have helped!

  6. Heather

    I have my fingers crossed for you about the house and her hair turned out great

  7. MomCat

    Chickadee has beautiful twirly, girly curls! Love it! Monkey’s hair is approximately what my daughter’s hair looks like in the morning (add five times the length) so I can relate. Tangles “R” Us.

    The thought of the potential buyers (we’ll call them the “Lowballs”) coming to look at the house again, the school board meeting AND the wedding, all within the space of a week, is enough to curl the hair…..take deep breaths!

  8. Crisanne

    Monkey’s hair gives new meaning to the term rat’s nest! Chickie’s hair is beautiful! Here’s hoping the house showing goes well.

  9. Sheryl

    Glad your potential buyers have come to their senses!

    Oh. my. Lord. the tangles in that boy’s hair. I’m with Contrary. Just tell him Peter Parker has long hair, and has to braid it before he puts on his Spidey costume.

  10. Heather

    Her hair looks great! Monkey’s…well…it’s an adventure, right ;-)

  11. Heather

    Hey, her hair looks great. did you use the white curlers I lent you?

  12. Mary Tsao

    I want that hair! Or you to come do mine. Hey, good luck with the wedding! Thinking about you.

    Sorry about the house stuff. :(

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