Love requires creative interpretation

By Mir
April 18, 2007

I gave Chickadee one of these for her birthday today, and she promptly ran off and shot several feature films destined to be blockbusters. That’s because for the third day in a row, school continues to be underwater closed.

Chickadee was kind enough to allow her brother to participate, and the only thing I love more than the giggles in the clip below the fold here is Monkey’s response when told to “say something intelligent.” Prepare to be stunned by my children’s brilliance and maturity. (Also, by my excellent parenting. If you listen closely, you can hear me calling from the next room. “Are you done eating? If you’re not done eating, stop screwing around!”)

Puppy Takes the Stage on Vimeo

(I also love that Chickadee doesn’t miss a beat, doesn’t scold, merely heaves the smallest of tolerant sighs and moves on. If that’s not love, what is?) [UPDATE: I’ve just been informed that this video is ALL CHICKADEE, with Monkey merely standing by and giggling. “That was MY ‘buttsmacker,’ Mama,” she proudly reported. My daughter is either the next Sofia Coppola or has Multiple Personality Disorder.]

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. I dunno about you, but a little bit of silly is just what I needed this week.


  1. dysdhousewife

    Sooo..What happened to all those lovely cupcakes?

  2. Melanie

    That was so cute. I forget that we have a video camera and I should be using it for the joy of the internets, like the awesome dragon attacking the Playmobil guys movie Boyo and I made post-Xmas.

  3. Anna


    It is great that silliness abounds with Chickadee and Monkey home from school this week. At our house, I would be calling to verify that my child could indeed swim and needed her education. A concept for my sanity.

  4. Jennifer Morgan

    Mir, I know I’ve said this before, but our daughters seem to have been separated at birth. Katie got her video camera at Christmas, and we have multiple giggle-filled, jerky, low-res videos of the children — all thanks to you. I should upload some so you can see them too. And I love them, and am glad she has the creative outlet. It’s amazing how much time they can use up on a rainy day with a video camera.

  5. meghann

    “say something, you’re in a movie!” Oscar material right there. I love it! Thanks for the much needed smile this evening.

  6. Heather

    “All right puppy, that was a good enough movie.”
    She’s prettymuch the next Sofia Coppola. :-)

  7. Nicole

    Oh, too cool. My son has that sigh down pat too when his little brother can’t quite follow the directions, and they are 3 and 4 :)

  8. Cele

    That is a very patient stunt puppy.

  9. MomCat

    I’m loving this! She’s obviously director material. Have you put away enough for film school? And I did catch your comments from the next room.

    Thanks for the morning smiles again! :D

  10. Sara

    Will your children be attending school clear into July this year? With all the snow days, ice days and Noah’s Ark days that have been called, they could be in school all summer!

    Cute video. Great flying dog.

  11. LadyBug Crossing

    LOL!!! Pretty soon she’ll be sighing AND rolling her eyes in your presence… I loved it! She must have had lessons in sighing from my two….


  12. Zuska

    LOVE it!! What a cute movie (love those Monkey snorts I can hear in the background, too). And what a great little camera – might have to invest in one of those myself…will have to check my favorite shopping blog to see if the price drops even more, or for a special discount coupon or something…

  13. rachel

    oh, that is hysterical.

    That’s just what I needed this morning, thank you. Everyone should giggle more!

  14. Aimee

    Hee! That is a fine film. Buttsmacker!

  15. cassie

    Hahaha! That’s hilarious. Happy Love Thursday!

  16. Karen

    “Are you done eating? If you’re not done eating, stop screwing around!”

    Hi. I’m your twin. *snort*

  17. Laura GF

    Thank you very much, Mir. My two year old is now obsessed with this little movie — we’re on our 15th viewing now. It’s cuter every time, though.

  18. Jan

    I love the little Boston accent! Too cute.

  19. design mom

    Brillant. Definitely brilliant.

  20. Tabitha

    Adorable – thanks for the smile. :)

  21. Pastormac's Ann

    Very cute. She’s on her way to being a star. I agree – this week needed some silliness.
    Happy LT.

  22. Girl con Queso

    Watch out Stephen Spielberg!

  23. littlepurplecow

    I love your extra oomph on “…aROUnd.” It’s comforting to see that tactic works as well in your home as it does mine.

  24. tori

    The video was funny, but even funnier was my kids watching it, giggling and then asking if that funny puppy and her mommy could come over to play.

    They asked me what your daughter’s name was, and I told them Chicakdee, and my girls both said “but I’m Chickadee”. It’s true, I call them both that in real life.

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