I’b a vzzzzzzzzzzzzz

By Mir
April 13, 2007

I would tell you all about how I commenced FUH-REAKING OUT yesterday during the ice storm (ice storm. in April. buh-bye, New England… gonna miss you NOT AT ALL) when my internet went down, but I’m too sleepy to do it justice.

Short version: I spent all day working on the New Big Project and literally just as I was trying to turn in my work for the day, *POOF* no connection. Way to make a first impression. Thanks for hiring me! I done broke the internet!

Comcast’s solution to my fickle connection is to do nothing at all, but usually when they run their nightly maintenance things magically start working again. So I got up at 4:00 this morning to work.

Many thanks to Otto for filling in, last night. I totally picked him because of his pinch-blogging abilities.

Before I faceplant into the keyboard, I just want to point out that I am about to be trounced by Dooce in the Best Parenting Blog category of the Blogger’s Choice Awards, which, WOW, who could’ve predicted THAT? So I’ve decided to focus my narcissism in a way I can back up with conviction. There are lots of lots of great parenting blogs out there, so I certainly can’t tell you I’m the best with a straight face. (Hey, you want to vote, great, but I’m just telling you how I feel.) On the other hand, I’m just egomaniacal enough to say that yes, there are many great shopping blogs out there, but Want Not has the very best ratio of money saved to entertainment. There, I said it. So if you want to vote for Want Not for Best Shopping Blog, you would be very pretty indeed. (Dudes, I got up at 4:00 this morning to post about the Amazon Friday Sale so that you wouldn’t be left bereft and bargainless. FEEL THE LOVE.)


  1. Cele

    How tall do I have to be to get the Amazon Friday Sale bargains?

  2. shannon

    as of 10:30 pst you are beating dooce by a smidge. keep up the winning!!!! :)

  3. Heather

    I enjoy your blog much more than Dooce’s, actually. Your content is certainly more frequent, and I find the writing more poignant and of higher quality. So there you go :-) Also, I think you’re pretty. :P

  4. chris

    I done voted for ya. Just for the shoes.

    To be serious for a moment, Want Not is a great shopping blog for the very reason that you highlight cool things that we all want or need that are bargain priced. Anyone could point out cool things with no price restrictions, but who wants to see cool things that you can’t afford to buy?

  5. Karen

    I voted for you. Because I like your writing. Because you brighten my day. Because there’s a Nor’easter on the way and I wanted to try to take your mind off the impending snow and power outages!

  6. Dave

    On average, Dooce makes me laugh, but you make me cry. You win my vote.

  7. Daisy

    I still wish I could vote American Idol style and vote early, vote often. Since I can’t, I’ll just send you kudos. I enjoy WantNot when I’m just reading, adn I LOVE it when I’m shopping.

  8. cce

    I don’t get the whole voting for bloggers thing but I can say that your site appeals to me as much as Dooce’s and I appreciate the fact that you have the comments option activated. It leaves me a little cold to read a Dooce rant and have to talk to myself about it afterwards.

  9. kathy

    I think it says a LOT that even though we’re in MExico and have NO HOPE of purchasing anything in the US or participating in ANY of the sales (for at least 6mo of hte year), I still read your chopping block :) and LOVE your parenting bloque.

  10. Kitchen Madonna

    It ain’t over with until somebody sings. Not to worry, you can do it!

  11. becky

    woah, how did that wil guy jump out in front? i don’t think i’d consider his a parenting blog.

  12. This Eclectic Life

    Dooce WAS my hero…and then I found YOU. I’ll go vote!

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