I’ll try not to cough on the bandwagon

By Mir
March 30, 2007
Category Friends

[Note: Today I am fever-free, and it is with renewed zeal that I have decided to LIIIIIIVE!

That renewed zeal was somewhat dampened by the phone call requesting a showing of my (germy, dirty) house this very afternoon, but I am verrrrry sloooowwwwwly dragging my pale shell of a self around and cleaning.]

Quite a few folks I adore are blogging about Stop Cyberbullying Day, and although I don’t think I have anything new or insightful to add, I will say this: There are people behind the shiny screen. Yes! Truly! Actual living, breathing people and not just a 2-dimensional aggravating internet floating around, disembodied. There are people out there, and they have feelings just like you do, and families and hopes and dreams and fears, and don’t be an asshole to them just because you can’t see their faces. The end.

Now. Go find a blogger who’s having a hard day and say something nice. And remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe you should shut your yap. (I say that with love in my heart, you know.)


  1. Brandy

    I’m a lurker, but I had to say I like the Idead of a Stop Cyberbullying Day! So, in interests of being nice (which I am told I am too much of) I hope you feel much better soon! And good luck showing your house today.

  2. MMM

    I pink puffy heart you, Mir!

  3. Shalee

    Oh amen again and again. And I hope you return to your normal self soon!

  4. Janis

    Very well said. I so admire how Dooce can make her hate mail into fodder for entertainment but if that happened to me I would just turn into a whimpering blob incapable of coherent thought. Where do people get off being so judgmental, anyway? If I don’t care for a blog, I don’t read it again. Concept idea! (I read yours every day, Mir, and not in a stalker-ish scary way, either.)

  5. ali

    yes…my lovely little troll should have thought about this yesterday when she decided to smack me down.

    i love this day!!

  6. Co

    Mir – I’m so glad you have decided to live. Very good plan. Your blog is first on my list, so it’s nice to know that you will still be around. It’s also a good reminder that there are people behind the computer screens. I’d hate to think that I spend 1/2 my day reading and replying to people that aren’t really there. I like my virtual friend world, but reality is good too.

  7. chris

    Yes please LIIIIIIIVE!!!!!

  8. julie

    Oh, Mir, I can feel the pain. Cleaning sick is like cooking hung over. Or something. No good. Drag yourself out of the house for the showing and over to a good salon for a shampoo or something. You deserve some pampering. And God knows the last thing I want to do when sick is lift my arms one inch farther than my mouth (where I deposit all the cookies) so the hair washing, oh, man, it’s heavenly. Just don’t breath on anyone.

    And fingers crossed for a successful showing!

  9. jenn2


    And, Get Better!

    Sorry, it’s been a tough week.

  10. Daisy

    I’ve been bullied at work lately, making it tough to park the car and get out my “smart card” for the door lock each morning. It’s great to get here and hear good news! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Be gone, fevers!!

  11. Procrastamom

    Do you count as a blogger who’s having a hard day, because you’re still trying to get over the plague and you have to get your house ready for a showing?

    Or do I count as a blogger who’s had a hard day because THE WHOLE INTERNET WAS BROKEN ALL DAY!!! And the withdrawal was so bad that I very nearly called it quits, until I found a Cadbury’s Creme Egg in the freezer and that kept me alive until my IT guy (my husband) repaired the World Wide Web.

    So, really I haven’t had time to find a blogger who’s having a hard time and say something nice and that’s my excuse.

    [something nice] You rock Mir! [/something nice]

  12. meritt

    HEY! THAT WAS ME!!! I WAS HAVING A HARD DAY! My post this morning was about how I should be wrapped in bubble wrap and set in the corner for my own good.

    And I didn’t even know it was a cyberstalking something or other kind of day… but if anyone wants to come over and greet me they still can. It’s not midnight yet! :)

  13. Krisco

    Glad you’ve turned the corner. Maybe this buyer will make an offer and you’ll be h o m e f r e e e e e !

  14. Anna

    Glad you are on the road to recovery! Amen Sister to the Cyberbullying, it is a particular issue at my daughter’s high school. MySpace is the new meet after school in the parking lot location. Modern technology brings a whole new dynamic to interpersonal relationships.

  15. Brigitte

    YOU’RE having a hard day . . . but I’m sure you’re still very pretty!

  16. wordgirl

    Well…if I lived closer I would totally bring you a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. Then I would feel your forehead for fever and give you a dose of Tylenol for good measure…and some lovely ginger ale. Then I would help you clean your house so that you didn’t lose your last ounce of strength to get it ready for potential buyers. As the saying goes: “Many hands make light work” and hopefully this would make you feel even better. I would wish a POX on cyberbullies, but in honor of the philosophy we’re going for, I’l simply wish them PAX in stead. Apologies to Angelina Jolie for stealing her new son’s name.

  17. cce

    Me too, me too. Having a hard day. Lost the motherhood pissing contest last night. I need reassurance and coddling. Please someone come nurture my sore spirit.
    Glad You’re back to the blog Mir and good luck with that showing.

  18. GetSheila

    The problem with bullies is no amount of telling them the error of their ways will have an effect. They enjoy behaving like assholes and get even more enjoyment when people get upset. It makes them feel powerful because they know there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about. It is frustrating for the recipient. I would say I feel sorry for the bullies but I don’t. I feel disgust and annoyance and am glad I don’t have Mental Powers of Death or they would find bodies slumped over their computers with no visible signs of trauma. And I would only feel bad for a short time.

    Hope you get totally back on your feet soon!

  19. Heather

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I’m absolutely thrilled that you’ve decided to LIIIIVE! Which, really, is much better than the alternative when you think about it!

    I’ll say something nice to you, since you’re recovering from the flu and all. I absolutely love your blog. It was the first one I ever stumbled on (on Blogger, no less!) and I’ve loved getting to “know” you a bit more each time I visit. Thank you for sharing your wonderfully funny perspective with us:)

  20. daring one

    I want you to LIVE! It’s so important to be responsible online. Down with faceless jerks. I don’t like jerks with faces either, by the way.

  21. Beth B,

    Your aliiivee soooo happy. And still able to show your house – your simply amazing….. I am inspired to post now about cyberbullying – thanks for the info…

  22. Mom101

    Can I say something mean about the flu bug you have? Because I really want to.

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