I make my own entertainment

By Mir
March 29, 2007

Pro: I’m not hungry, so I don’t have to cook/eat!
Con: The children still expect to be fed.

Pro: Less laundry, because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for three days.
Con: I probably don’t smell very good.

Pro: I’m able to sit up for ten or fifteen minutes at a time.
Con: That’s just enough time to obsess about all the work I’m not getting done.

Pro: The spam I got about “doing it camel style” made me laugh and laugh.
Con: Is there really such a thing as camel style? How does that… oh, nevermind.

Time to go back to bed.


  1. chris

    Camel style? I think sometimes I lead a very sheltered life.

    Feel better soon. The internet misses you.

  2. Aimee


    I’m speechless. Feel better, pretty lady!

  3. tammy

    Well, why do you think they call it “humping”?

  4. Liise

    I;m certain it was in reference to cigarettes. That’s the only thing my brain will accept.

  5. Cele

    Apparently I am happy to have a good spam filter :)

  6. Brown Eyed Girl

    Even sick…you are funny lady!

    I love famous bloggers! ;)

  7. BOSSY

    Laughing is good and falls always in the pro category. Unless laugh lines are a problem. Oops.

  8. too tired to

    When you are feelling better, I think you have made it your own resposiblility to explain what this Camel style thing is about. I have read the comments, I am lost. The humping thing is really funny though, humping is one of my favorite words. Just the way it sounds honest.

  9. Katie

    Sweet dreams!

  10. MomCat

    Is that you or the Tamiflu talking? :D

  11. Jeana

    Drat! I was going to say what Tammy said!

    I have heard of going through a dry spell…

    Yeah, not as good as the humping comment.

  12. Woman with Kids

    Geez, I know I’ve been single for a long time, but to go out and invent new ‘styles’ while I’m out of the loop? That’s just not fair.

    Although all I can think of is camel’s spitting… so maybe I want to stay out of the loop.

  13. cce

    I admire your tenacity. Hanging on to life by a shred and you just keep on blogging and making us chuckle. Bravo.

  14. Judy

    Now… can you IMAGINE what kind of Google hits you are going to be getting after THIS post????

  15. Mom101

    Oh no no no! I can’t believe you’re still sick.

    I hope it wasn’t the fondue.

  16. kellypea

    I love your blog. Sorry to hear you’re sick. But I can relate to the clothes thing and made an effort to put real ones on myself today. Get well!

  17. Melanie

    Camel style comes after marriage, I think. The minister explains it to you when you exchange the rings.

  18. Chris

    Sending get well wishes out your way! ;)

  19. ChristieNY

    Hope you’re starting to feel MUCH better… poor pretty thing! :(

  20. Brigitte

    I tried Googling it (and was afraid to actually click on some of the things that came up), but it looked like there was no consensus on the meaning . . . and I always thought I was a perv, I guess I’m more of an innocent flower than I thought!

  21. Rachel May

    This brings to mind the following deep question:

    Why do they call Wednesdays “hump days” when everyone gets laid on the weekend?

  22. bob

    you know, you have to share this spam now – or am I going to have to google it?

    taunt us with camel-style and not follow up? tease.

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