Living the high life

By Mir
March 22, 2007

Tonight I: spent an amount of money on dinner that would cause me to curl up in a little ball and hyperventilate if it were not a business expense, walked enough to give myself a few impressive blisters, and was stepped on by a very drunk man who veered into me on the sidewalk.

Yes, I can see why people find the city so irresistible.

(But it is a pretty neat time, here. Today I liveblogged a session and met a bunch of interesting people and had a massage at a cocktail party, and how often can you say THAT? It kind of balances out the being stepped on by a drunk part.)


  1. Cele

    Oh, I hope this was all with a martini, flirtini, or a cosmo in hand

  2. hillz

    wow. hurrah for business expenses.

    and yay for cocktails and massages. you just dont get better than that

  3. sognatrice

    I think in some places, massages at cocktail parties are illegal, but, you know, when in Rome ;) Sounds like a blast!

  4. Rachel May

    Glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks for the update…

  5. cce

    Where’d ya eat? What did you eat…come on throw me a bone for an evening out in these parts in Fuddruckers with the kids. I’m living vicariously.

  6. Mom101

    As they say in that classic song:

    If you can be stepped on by a drunk here,
    You can be stepped on by a drunk an-y-where.

    You’ve arrived!

  7. Contrary

    I used to get massages at cocktail parties all the time; if by ‘massage’ I mean grope, and if by ‘cocktail party’ I mean kegger.

    Glad you’re having fun, Mir!

  8. dorothy

    You’re such a good mom!

  9. Colleen

    Glad you’re having a good tiem. I read your live blog piece..great job and so interesting. :)

  10. dana

    I envy you….

    You must be having the time of your life…. :)

  11. MomCat

    Soak it up while you can! And I second the motion for telling us about dinner – where, what and who you saw. I love reading travel stories.

  12. Beth blecherman

    You were way too much fun to hang with! You smiled even though your very stylish shoes were killing your feet, and did not flinch when you were stepped on by an executive drunk.

    So great to see you!!! Let’s party again soon….

  13. Melanie

    Cocktail party massages sound so risque!

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