It helped a little

By Mir
March 5, 2007

With all of the recent events and stressors swirling around in my head, I did the only two things that made clear sense.

First: I informed Chickadee that her ass is MINE this week. Slavery is BACK, baybee. She came home from school and did all of her homework for the week and then scrubbed toilets until it was time to go with Daddy. A good start, says I. My house shall gleam by Friday. And she went willingly, and then (unprompted) came and snuggled up with me tonight with her book about divorce and asked me to read with her for a bit. (She may not know why she did what she did, but she is sorry, and she knows she needs to deal with stuff, and she’s still talking. So let’s call it a victory.)

Second: I shopped for shoes. And they’ll be here tomorrow. And it’s a little sad how much that cheered me up, but how can you not be a little happy about $100 shoes for $12? It’s a sign that the universe is still a good place.


  1. Heather

    Wow! That’s an amazing deal. Kudos to you Mir, on both your shopping and parenting prowess. Glad Chickie’s communicating :-)

  2. Kate

    Ditto Heather, really glad to hear that she is coming to you to talk, Ice cream time has always been our best talking time.

  3. Marvo

    Geez, $12 for shoes! The only kind of shoes guys can get at that price are bunny slippers. Actually, I think bunny slippers cost more.

  4. TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre

    Great deal on the shoes!

    I remember a great comic, Elaine Boosler, talking about how men go crazy about hunting and such, but not so much shopping. We women, however can SO relate to a great deal. So much so, in fact, that she suggested tying our fabulous earrings to the hood of the car and laying on the horn so that our guy will *really* get the point.

    Just don’t scratch the paint.

  5. Sara


    That is all.

  6. meritt

    I’m not a ‘shoe’ girl and hate having to buy them. So finding $100 shoes for twelve bucks is a SKY HIGH feat in my book. You rock!

  7. Brown Eyed Girl

    I’m not a shoe girl either..but good DEALS like that…

    Totally cheer anyone up!

    I’m glad she’s a little remorseful. That still gives you hope that she’ll “get it” eventually and Mir, I believe she will because of your guidance.


  8. Homemom3

    Great deal, I love shoe sales. ;)

  9. LadyBug Crossing

    You did good in the shoe dept. and the kid dept.

    I’ll ship that dress off today.

  10. chris

    I bought another pair of shoes this morning. I did it for you. Seriously that is what I am telling my husband.

    That is great that Chickadee feels remorseful and came to you. Perhaps this is the turning point. Right? RIGHT???

  11. bob

    So, did Otto work on a car?

  12. cce

    Hope they were Spring shoes! Good times ahead.

  13. MomCat

    That’s great! Go, Mir! Chickadee has shown you that your patience was worth it (when what you really wanted was to burst into tears or explode with anger).

    Shoes always cheer me up, too. Don’t know why, but it never fails.

  14. Cele

    I’m not a shopping person…and yet I love Mir…hmmm, you put the humor in shopping.

    Two kudos for Chickie, the girl is coming a long.

    Really only $12? girlfriend you awe me.

  15. dorothy

    How old must they be to be housekeepers?

  16. Kestralyn

    Dorothy: old enough to know not to drink the cleaning fluids!

    Great news for you and Chickadee — keeping my toes crossed for you! (hard to type with crossed fingers)

  17. ishouldbeworking

    My daughter, too, knows the “your ass is mine” theory of discipline. It’s pretty effective, after a week of being my slave, she’s better for a long time. Until she forgets what happened the last time she royally screwed up, that is.

  18. JayMonster

    Hopefully the shoes are even. It is much harder to even out shoes ;)

    I don’t know how to express what I think about chickadee realizing she needs to deal with it. How to you show cheers and applause? And a big smile to both of you.

  19. KAT

    If I hadn’t just moved… and realized how many pairs of shoes I own when I went to try and fit them all in my new closets… I would be all over that deal! Of course, $12 for a $100 pair of shoes may just be too good to pass up. Do you think my fiance will mind if I give away a pair of his shoes to fit my new ones? After all, what does he need with SIX pairs of shoes anyway?

  20. hillz

    Kestralyn – i dont think they even need to know that. at the hostel i lived in at uni the cleaner was always in the cleaning cupboard drinking whatever was in there….

  21. jenn2

    Sounds like victory all the way around. Sparkly clean house, sparkly new shoes…life, she is good.

  22. Jen

    You so rock! :D

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