Love says it all

By Mir
February 14, 2007

I am not a Valentine’s Day person. I want to know that you love me, but not because Hallmark told you to say so. And while I do enjoy a lovely bunch of flowers, I like them best for no reason in particular.

So Otto and I had agreed not to do anything specifically for Valentine’s. I was happy to see him this past weekend, and sorry to see him leave on Saturday morning. But when I went up to bed on Satuday night and pulled back the covers, something went clunk.

Nestled between my duvet and the top sheet was a heart-shaped tin of chocolates and a card. The chocolates, well—that’s a no-brainer. Cheesy though such a gift may be, I’ve yet to meet the chocolate I didn’t like. The tin now sits on my nightstand with the card propped up behind it, so that I can look at it each night while I’m having my hooray-the-kids-are-in-bed piece of candy.

The card sports a silly joke and a simple note from my beloved:

It’s hard to be sad about being apart when looking forward to all of the being together yet to come.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone. May you have someone who knows just what to say to make you smile, even from afar.


  1. Cele

    Just wait Mir, someday he will start signing cards…
    ♥ Otto

    Happy Valentines all

  2. Lady M

    Yay for chocolate! We are enjoying some now too.

    I love the fuzzy red heart shaped boxes, but I won’t let SwingDaddy get them for me anymore. I can’t bear to throw away the boxes, and what am I going to do with more fuzzy red heart shaped boxes?

  3. Sara

    We make our Valentine’s Day about our family and friends. We make some treats and leave a “heart attack” (the treats and a bunch of hearts stuck to their front doors along with the “love chapter” 1 Corinth. 13 from the Bible) on the doorsteps of our family and friends. Then we have a special family dinner. Nothing fancy, but together. Because you can have all the cheesy cards and pretty flowers in the world and that’s nice, but being all together? Well, you know how wonderful that is.

  4. MomCat

    That’s the sweetest thing, Mir! And Happy Love Thursday – wishing you and Otto many more.

  5. chris

    Awwwww, that is the sound of my cold steely cynical heart melting.

    That Otto just keeps getting better and better.

  6. Brown Eyed Girl

    Oh..that candy story made me cry. Mostly cuz my Grandfather was a hard nosed steel worker SOB from East Chicago..but you never saw a more noodle of a man when it came to my Grandmother.

    She also got heart shaped boxes every Valentine’s Day for 49 years. Grandpa passed away before they hit 50.

    I love Otto. He’s good people.

  7. anna

    Manys the time I have thought I would be so divorced by now if my Mate didn’t have the uncanny ability to make me laugh.

  8. Bob

    his handwriting looks JUST like my brother’s. What did you say Otto looks like?

  9. Aimee

    You know, I’m not a Valentine’s Day person either — my husband sent me flowers on the romantic thirteenth of February. I would say something about Hallmark, but for reasons related to my dream career, I may soon be singing their praises to the heavens. So I’ll hold off for now, and say that I think Hallmark is totally pretty and cool and awesome and smart. Yay Hallmark!

  10. Sophie

    Wow, that is romantic and touching. You are awesome for sharing it with us. Yay for you two — last one apart.

    I, too, keep the cards that my husband gives me on my night stand. I just like reading through them, being a person that is moved by words. Of course, rolling over and saying hello is very nice, too. :-)

  11. MMM

    Last one apart…..awwwwwwwww.

  12. shannon

    tears in eyes…so very sweet…

  13. Liise

    My prince cooked me a full blown chicken fried steak dinner, I doubt it was less calories than chocolate but oh so happy-making.

    Commercial holiday be damned I got a nice home cooked meal so bite that Hallmark!

  14. the Narcissist

    That sneaky little bugger is certainly a keeper.

  15. lastewie

    Whoa. That brought me back to my sophomore year of high school. Otto’s handwriting is EXACTLY like my Very Important Boyfriend. Luckily I know VIB’s (happily?) married in West Michigan, so it’s not actually Otto.

  16. Randi


    That was so sweet I think I’m going into sugar shock!

  17. Mom2One

    See, that’s cute because it’s original and NOT a manufactured card. I like it. Otto seems like “a good egg.” :)

  18. Waspgoddess

    The unexpected is always the best.

  19. Tabitha

    I agree with your thoughts on this one. His gesture was genuine – just because. I love those “just because” moments. Happy Love Thursday!

  20. Eve

    Sounds like you and I had similar Valentine’s days. And as much as we love our kids, let’s face it, you feel like you’ve crossed the finish line at bed time.

  21. Amy-Go

    AWWWWWWWWW…get a room.

  22. Dawn

    Does he have a brother?

  23. Mom101

    I don’t know if I should gag or cry – that’s just too cute for words. My chocolate has yet to arrive (mail delay from NY). So I had the date but not the chocolate. Not sure who was better off…

  24. jin

    i have been following your blog on and off but never comment but i just cannot NOT comment on this one…Otta is just soooo sweet! you are one blessed woman, Mir!

  25. Amanda Cowan

    That actually is pretty romantic. It’s like a little bit of him there.. so sweet. And the chocolate? Who needs flowers when you have chocolate!

  26. Lena

    I’m so glad it wasn’t a horse’s head, Mir.

    Happy V-Day! Go Otto-matic!

  27. Pastormac's Ann

    So sweet that he put it there where he knew you’d find it. You’ve got a keeper there.

    I got unexpected chocolate for Valentine’s Day too. Happy LT.

  28. LadyBug Crossing

    Awww… that’s so sweet….


  29. Karen

    I didn’t know Otto was a doctor. That’s prescription-worthy handwriting if I ever saw it! ;-)

    Happy Valentine’s Day, friend!

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