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By Mir
January 20, 2007

So, my parents are here for the weekend, and I am overjoyed. I never really realize how nice it is not to be the only person in the house who doesn’t think “I know you are, but what am I?” is astute rhetoric until others are here. Then, instead of being outnumbered by my children, I suddenly have reinforcements.

Of course, then the kids have an audience, too. So there is still a fair amount of burping at the dinner table. But at least my urge to make them wear their dinner plates as hats is somewhat lessened.

After not having seen each other for months, it’s only natural that we would stay up until the wee hours catching up on each others’ lives. Or just watching endless hours of CSI: Miami and wondering if David Caruso’s face is, in fact, melting off. Either way.


  1. tori

    My parents are here this weekend too. Once my kids settled down and stopped running around showing them everything we have done differently since the last time they were here, it has been enjoyable.

  2. Cele

    I vote for melting, but not fast enough, he’s still on TV.

  3. The Other Leanne

    Remember when he was the be-all, end-all of NYPD Blue? Now he just looks…doughy. And melty. And the whole show kinda sucks.

  4. Karen Rani

    If it is in fact melting off, I wonder if it hurts. And if it hurts, I wonder if he will ever scream. And if he scream, I wonder if it will ever be an actual scream, or an obvious, monotone statement of: “My face…seems to be melting off.”

  5. Otto

    I think, when it happens, the actual line will be, “You see, the fact is my face is melting off … and you can be sure I’ll be there to watch it.”

  6. Contrary

    How can it be melting off when he NEVER MOVES IT? Also, please ‘splain to me how you do science and crimefighting while always having at least one hand in your pocket? While the other is holding your sunglasses in a quietly menacing (or completely ridiculous) way.

    Gimme Gil Grissom any old day.

    Oh, and I am not a squee-er by nature, but I might have squeed a little at Otto’s comment. Because he’s exactly right.

  7. Amy-Go

    I just get the giggles ’cause the guy’s name is Horatio. Just ONCE I’d love to see some perp bust a gut laughing when he introduces himself. Then it would be: “Are you laughing at me…because my face is melting off? Or is it…just my name again?”

  8. libragirl

    Ok I thought I was the only one who did plates as hats (or anything that can be put on the head) So glad to know it’s not just me.

  9. daysgoby

    I want to know where he’s always GOING. Do the other actors get sick of him flitting in and out of the shot?

  10. Em

    I’m jealous that you and your parents stay up late watching TV and just catching up. That is a level of connection I’ve never established with my family. And I miss that.

  11. Susie J

    I have been alone with 4 boys all weekend. I’m losing my mind — but it’s nice to see you got a break!! Mine’s coming soon…

  12. Rachel May

    I know I’m blessed that my parents live in the same town as we do. In fact, it’s the reason we moved here just before Jet was born.

    My folks came over and spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening at our house. It was so nice.

    I’m feeling a little left out of the CSI discussion. We decided not to get cable, which was fine until we were housebound during the recent ice storms. I’ve been watching the seasons of Monk that my brother has on DVD. That’s a pretty funny show!

  13. Lena

    This just in: David Caruso’s face is in fact melting off.

  14. Shawnte

    Despite our hate for the Miami version of CSI, my friends and I have decided that we’d like to make a drinking game out of it:

    -Every time Horatio tilts his head quizzically, take a drink.
    -Every time Horatio takes of his sunglasses in an overly dramatic manner, take a drink.
    -Every time Horatio puts his hands on his hips while pushing his jacket back with his hands, take a drink.

    Then again, we’d be hammered before the opening credits.

  15. Andrea

    Okay, delurking to get in on the CSI Miami drinking game.

    -Every time Horatio says “Hi” in his particularly intense manner, take a drink
    -Every time Horatio puts ON his sunglasses in an overly dramatic manner
    -Every time Horatio raises his eyebrows quizzically, take a drink.
    -Every time Horatio actually does something in the lab, take three drinks.

    What does he do? I mean, what is his job? He never seems to do any of the science stuff anymore — he just orders people around. I think the last time we saw him in a lab coat was sometime in the first season (but then, I don’t actually watch the show all that regularly, so I could be wrong).

    And WHY do children find him reassuring? Every time there’s a kid, they seem to totally trust him. I’d be running screaming in the opposite direction because his manner is sooo creepy. And. Everything. He. Says. Is. Said. With. Intense. Meaning.

  16. daysgoby

    Oh, Andrea, you make me laugh!

    Don’t forget:

    Every time Horatio stares at the floor when someone is talking to him, take a drink.

    Every time one of the other crew calls him ‘H’, take a drink.

    (And what is up with that? Can’t any of them say Horatio? Are they not allowed to call him Horatio?)

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