Love slays me, regularly

By Mir
January 10, 2007

Chickadee: My name is Kooky.
Me: Hello, Kooky.
Chickadee: No, wait. My name is— actually, I quite enjoy my real name.
Me: That’s wonderful… I enjoy your real name, too. And when I was a kid I hated my name, so I’m especially glad that you like yours.
Chickadee: Well your name sounds much better for someone old like you, not a kid—
Me: *jaw drops, stricken look*
Chickadee: I mean, not that you’re old.
Me: Stop talking now.
Chickadee: You’re laughing.
Me: No I’m not.
Chickadee: Yes you are.
Me: You called me old.
Chickadee: I didn’t call you an old lady.
Me: Stop. Talking.

God, I love that kid.

Happy Love Thursday. May you know the joy of indignation that can’t help giggling.


  1. Cele

    I always hated my name when I was growing up. There were six Debbie’s in my kindergarten class alone. Just the first year of school. And it only got worse. I tried to spell it every way possible. It took me ten more years to realize I had a rocking middle name. Then came along that Flockhart person….grrrrr! Did you know that the lady who controlled (as if you could) Miss Piggy, is named Calista:) Kewl!

  2. Muirnait

    Yeah, neither of my names is particularly interesting or unique, so I’m SOL. Maybe I’ll start going by Kooky…

  3. Zee

    Well phooey. Now I wish I knew Chickadee’s real name. [sigh]

  4. Sara

    Indignation that can’t help giggling is the very best kind. I love it when that happens!

  5. birchsprite

    She’s a cool kid!

  6. Katie

    One of my best friends in grade school was named Miriam. Although she was Amish…

  7. MMM

    I quite enjoy my real name? Who says that? Not a child! How adorable is she!!!???

  8. daysgoby

    She’s such a sweetheart.

  9. Jessica

    Out of our little family unit, I am the only one with a “normal” name, and it is, literally, as “plain Jane” as they come. There is another woman who lives in the neighborhood with the same first AND last name as me.

    I’m very lucky that our kids both enjoy their unique names. My oldest boy likes to hear the story of how we decided on his.

    Chickadee is an awesome little girl!

  10. Chookooloonks

    “Stop. Talking.”

    Is that what I should’ve said when you called me old? ;o)

  11. jennie

    HA! My parents very imaginitively chose the most popular first name and the most popular middle name for me the year i was born. Thus i have spent my life as one of very many “jens”. Even worse… my husband’s sister has the same first name and same middle initial as i do. We are constantly getting each other’s mail, phone calls, and bills! As a kid I always wished I had an exotic name. So when i had a daughter i gave her the name i always wished i had. Unfortunately, it turns out that what was exotic when i was a kid, is now rather common *sigh*. I hope she likes it.

  12. Aimee

    When I was a kid, I liked my name but HATED the fact that everybody always misspelled it, AND hated the fact that I could never find anything (barrettes, mugs, etc.) with my name on it. They all said AMY. Some little piece of that has stayed with me, so that when my aunt went to London and came back with a Winnie-the-Pooh keychain with my name spelled correctly, I actually cried. I’m a dork.

  13. Stjernesol

    adorable :)

  14. Pastormac's Ann

    Too funny. Kids – their honestly can be brutal at times. Happy LT!

  15. dad

    Of all your repetitive musings, I like “Love Thursday” the best.
    Keep up the good work and keep listening to those kids.

  16. ishouldbeworking

    My own dear darling daughter likes to call me old. She takes a lot of pleasure in it, really. After a while the cute giggles that go along with it turn into evil little cackles…*sigh*

  17. Jen

    I love your kids, and your ability to capture their personalities for all of us to share. Happy Love Thursday–and if it helps, I’m older than you and my kids are younger. Whippersnapper…

  18. Tina

    LOL!!!! Oh my goodness, TOO cute!!!!!

    Kids, gotta love ’em!


  19. Amy-Go

    Oh, Chickie. Open mouth, insert foot. ;)

    Don’t feel bad, Mir – my husband was recently trying to convince my olest that my job was just as important as daddy’s even though I don’t get paid…searching for a better word than “housewife” he said “your mother is….” and paused a bit too long. Jack piped up “I know! Mommy’s the maid!”

    I feel your pain. ;)

  20. Barb

    I’ve always hated my name, so I can empathize. NO ONE my age is named Barbara – it’s an old lady name! – and calling me Barbie is just wrong. As a matter of fact, calling me Barbie usually results in me showing the back of my neck and demanding to know of Mattel is stamped back there! I’ve reluctantly come to terms with Barb, although I think it’s an ugly abbreviation of a dated and ugly name. God bless Mom, she meant well when she named me for my grandmothers, I know she did.

    Both of my boys have slightly unusual first names and very very common middle names. Figured when they grow up if the first name is just a little too….whatver, then they have a “normal” middle to fall back on.

  21. Daisy

    My daughter likes her name — most of the time. She has a Christmas-type name, and we buy ornaments and decorations with her name on every year. She finally told us (at age 20!) that we don’t need to do that all the time.

  22. Her Bad Mother

    My nephew told me that I would look less old if I didn’t wear my glasses. He said that I look like an old Velma with my glasses. I didn’t laugh at the time. I may, in fact, have cried a little, on the inside. But I can giggle about, now. A little.

  23. shaz

    ahhh, kids! gotta love ’em!

  24. Caren

    My son frequently tells his grandpa that he is “older than dirt”. :)

  25. Jillian

    I never did like my name. I always thought it was to plain. So when I got married, I changed my name. Well, not totally just lengthened it. Instead of “Jill” it’s “Jillian.” Now I just have to figure out a way to get people to quit calling me “Jillybean.”


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