Everybody sing!

By Mir
December 25, 2006

She’s hot-blooded
dunno if we’ll come
she’s got a fever of 101….

And there you have the conversation I had with my father this afternoon, albeit with fewer guitar riffs.

Merry Christmas! Here’s a child burning up with fever for you. As a consolation, she is quite amusing when sick. For example, she was staring at my earrings earlier and asked if they were edible. (I was wearing my tiny gingerbread men earrings, because I am fancy.) I said no, but they’re fun anyway. And then she insisted she wasn’t talking about my earrings, but my FRECKLES. Well, those aren’t edible either, I told her. Then she laughed and laughed.

Because that’s hilarious, you see. Edible freckles.

Moving right along….

Actually, Christmas was quiet wonderful. Well, as great as it could be with a sick little kid. This morning Otto and I did Christmas with his family, and then we came back home, picked up my kids, did gifts here (except for Chickadee, who finally admitted to feeling unwell after refusing to open her presents and causing me to suspect that she was DYING) and cooked Christmas dinner.

Sure, I might have preferred that Monkey not immediately chime in with “AMEN!” the second I paused while saying Grace (I was thinking), and perhaps it would’ve been a bit more soothing if Chickadee had eaten more than two forkfuls of cranberry sauce for dinner, but all in all, I cannot complain.

Besides, I made popovers. You cannot be unhappy in the presence of popovers; that’s a scientific fact. (You can TRY to be unhappy, but the butter congealing in your veins will make it very difficult to follow through. Believe me.)

Anyway, we are SUPPOSED to go see my family tomorrow—in fact, before we knew Chickadee was sick, we were thinking of leaving tonight—but much depends on whether or not the child is well. If she is well, we’ll go. If she isn’t, well, she’ll have to be sold. (Juuuust kidding. Who would buy a kid who’s burning up with fever and wants to eat your freckles?)

In the meantime, I am content to just sit still for a little while and scarf down Emergen-C in hopes of keeping the germs at bay. Unfortunately, my throat is already scratchy and my nose is snuffly. But—thanks to the magic of popovers—I do not care.


  1. CharlestonGirl

    Merry Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow!

  2. Allanna

    Tell Chickadee to feel better right away (being sick at Christmastime is never any fun). I hope that you and Monkey don’t come down with this pestilence (and that your folks are fine, too!).

    I hope you had a merry Christmas!

  3. Cele

    Buon Natale! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and better health to you all. BTW, I agree with popover science.

  4. Amy Lou

    Merry Christmas, Mir & Company! I hope Chickadee is nearly on the mend.

    I received a copy of the Dr. Suess Cookbook for Christmas–thanks for the review–I knew just what to ask for!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Muirnait

    Popovers? Where?
    Ugh. Hungry now.

  6. Brigitte

    Poor Chickadee! When I was that age, it seemed I was sick every year on Christmas break, only getting better just in time to go back to school (of course) – I feel her pain (and yours too).

  7. Linda

    My daughter was sick Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week. Here we thought all was well in time for Christmas. This morning (12:15 am) fever again, this time accompanied by that viscous cough. Fun, fun all around.

  8. Latte Man

    Merry Christmas!

    My daughter, sick all week somehow managed to break out of it and was well by Christmas morning!

    Her medicine? Apparently Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  9. Kimberly

    Merry Christmas Mir! And your whole family too. I hope Chickie is feeling better; it stinks to be sick on Christmas. I know, it used to be tradition for me to become unwell somewhere in the middle of Midnight Mass–convenient timing aside, I never was faking.

  10. Melanie Marie

    Christmas fun! In my family we decided to share a stomach bug! Oh what fun! Sorry to say popovers would not help in this case!

    I hope you both feel better soon (and Otto and Monkey don’t get it!)

  11. Aimee

    Well, hey! At least she wasn’t puking in your hair (my nephew did that to my sister yesterday.) Hope Chickie’s feeling better soon!

  12. Janis

    Happy Christmas to all of you. Hope Chickadee rallies enough to open presents and enjoy her holiday.

  13. tori

    My son was sick and also wheezing with his asthma for Christmas. It seems like your kids and mine are connected and every time they are sick or whatever, so are mine. Well, except it seems to be only my 6 year old son that gets everything. Hope you don’t catch it, and hope she’s feeling better soon!

  14. Jenn

    Oh ho ho ho! The joy, the joy! Santa is a revolting germ-spreader. Bah humbug. Use some Purell, Kris Kringle. I’ve had it with that guy.

    Hugs from here.

  15. Katherine

    Dang, those popovers must be extra good!

  16. barbex

    Merry christmas from miserable fever town over here. My son is so sick, I feel so sorry for him, christmas is kind of ruined by now.
    Wish I knew what popovers are maybe those would help…

  17. Amy J.

    Nice blog……sickies are going around everywhere. That’s what I got for Christmas – a cold. Anybody think it is worthy of a ‘re-gift’?

  18. Daisy

    Fluids and Airborne.
    Oranges and grapefruit.
    But most of all, hugs and rest. Good luck Chickadee!

  19. Suebob

    Oh what fun. I hope all is well soon.

  20. Liz

    Happy Holidays – from our sickie house, to yours – hope all is/are well!

  21. chris

    Two sick kids here on Christmas morning. My daughter fell asleep on my lap after only openig a few presents. It is inevitable I think.

  22. Jenifer

    I am with you in the “sick on Christmas” department. Luckily my kids haven’t gotten it yet….. I’ve been the only one blessed.

    It started 2 days before Christmas, fever, chills, sore throat, cough…. I had NO voice Christmas Day….then yesterday I came down with the stomach bug, just to add to my joy!

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