Not feeling Comcastic

By Mir
December 12, 2006
Category Detritus

I’m having some technical difficulties with my internet service. Please stand by while I rip my hair out and call to yell at the cable company some more, and then eat my weight in cinnamon crunch bagels at Panera so that I can use their WiFi.


  1. Carmen

    Oh, yum, cinnamon crunch Panera bagels.

    So sorry that you are having difficulties.

  2. Katie

    I hate that. Although at least with my experience with Comcast, everyone speaks English as their first language. Enjoy the bagels!

  3. Judy

    Sorry you are having problems…. doesn’t it just make you want to set them all on fire?? Hope the difficulties get resolved soon… and, send some of those bagels down this way, whydoncha???

  4. Otto

    My DSL line is working fine, you can come over and hop on if you like.

  5. ishouldbeworking

    uhhh…I was gonna say something, but Otto’s comment about *ahem* hopping on his DSL line made me forget…

  6. zestymama

    mmmmmmm Panera bagels. so sad that they’re not in Canada. guess I have to keep feeding the Starbucks giant…

  7. Tango

    Maybe you just need to re-sync your router with your modem….?

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