Stick out your tongue

By Mir
December 8, 2006

We waited and waited, and had 60+ degree days in November, and just the other day Monkey sighed and huffed, “Is it EVER going to be winter, Mama?”

I was hoping the answer was no, but alas, I am not in charge.

Also? It is hard to take a picture of children who are spinning and twirling and catching snowflakes on their tongues, but that’s okay. Right now, they’re having a blast. They don’t realize this is the first quarter inch of what will ultimately total up to a bazillion feet of that stuff. Heh.


  1. Heather

    Ha. The other night we had like five inches. Trust me, your kids are welcome to it. ;-)

  2. Otto

    Grumblegrumblegrumble … I miss snow SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much ….

  3. Mir

    Come and get it, darlin’.

    The snow, I mean.


  4. lastewie

    Dontcha love the cute backpack/child ratio? Glad the snow held out at least this long…

  5. Sophie

    Such a great picture; thanks for sharing it with us! Yep, tell the kids to enjoy the snow because it only snows about once a year down here in GA. The good news is that all of your snow gear and wool garments will get such little use that they will last a lifetime.

  6. MMM

    Cute backpacks, but dear heavens they are stuffed full! Hope that wasn’t all homework!

  7. chris

    My goodness they look like they are going to topple backwards with those huge backpacks. Is that why Chickadee is holding him up?? ;-)

    And we have the ground dusting snow here too, but the thermometer reading outside is 20 degrees. Not very exciting.

  8. Summer

    I am Southern enough to look at that photo and think “thank goodness Mir bought milk yesterday!”

  9. hollygee

    Soon, your winters will only be remembering snow. Except when GA is hit by the freak snowstorm.

  10. Andrea

    What a great photo! And look at those great LL Bean backpacks! How cute!

    My son can’t wait for snow either…

  11. Aimee

    I’m with Otto — I miss it, too! Not the January-February my-god-will-this-winter-never-end? kind, but the pre-Christmas, Currier & Ives kind.

  12. Kimberly

    We have a Snow Day. SNOW DAY. Not only are the schools closed to the children, the teachers aren’t to go in either. Even the Board offices are closed. So, I get to send my kids to the sitter to play outside in the snow, come home, putter around here, and get PAID for it. Hooray for snow days!

  13. Cele

    We get snow, the nice type, about once a year. If we’re lucky, we get it twice.

    Hasn’t happend yet.

    So I am gazing with longing. And if I said that out loud my husband would be shooting darts at me about now.

  14. Heather

    Thats why I love living in Alabama. We never get snow! I HATE IT. Even though went I got up this morning it was 16 degrees outside. I miss warm weather.

    BTW Summer I was thinking almost the same thing! I hope you did go to the grocery store!!

  15. Katherine

    That is the cutest picture ever!

  16. Fold My Laundry Please

    We’ve been getting snow since October! Fortunately, it warms up enough in between storms to melt it all away, so we’re not snowed in…yet.

  17. mojo

    Bah on snow. I’m done with my fair share. It’s been here since the week before Halloween and there’s more every other day. You’re welcome to it.

  18. Brigitte

    Phew! The snow just missed us. I just want a nice 2-3″ a couple days before Christmas, any more is just torture.

    So . . . with that backpack, how often does Monkey fall onto his back and have to wave his arms and legs around like a turtle trying to get up?

  19. Liise

    My first thought was FULL BACK PACKS! LORD! Chiropractors Dream Twins!

    Then I saw the cuteness of the backpacks, then I saw the great composition of the pic.


    And then I was done.

  20. angelfeet

    We’ve had a tornado, but no snow :-(

  21. Otto

    Aimee –

    The January-February snow days are only bettered by the April snow days. Really, how can you NOT love snow? It’s so pure, it’s so clean. It’s calming, it’s classic. The whole world looks better with 8-12 inches of partly cloudy.

    And, if you’re a guy, snow means you get to start thinking about snow tires in August. (Dream tire – Nokian Hakkapelita 4, which came out JUST as I was leaving the snow belt. BAH!! I had Hakka-1s on my first Saab, great car and excellent tire. Hakka-2s were on my last Audi – excellent car, squishy tire meant good grip but, uh, entertaining handling on dry roads. The Hakka-4 looks perfect … great treadpattern, pliable rubber compound and diamond-shaped studs. How can you NOT love that. Go ogle it yourself at )

    (And for those of you who think Blizzaks are great, if you live in an area with real ice, you want real studs. If you only have occasional ice, the studless ice tires are okay.)

    (And if you have a four-wheel-drive truck of some sort, just remember that all the drive in the world means nothing if you tires don’t grip – go get snow tires.)

    (Also, remember that all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive only help you get stuck further off the road. They don’t affect handling or braking at all.)

    That’s all for now.

    -Otto out

  22. Melanie

    I am SO JEALOUS!! We have warm, warm, and more warm in the forecast, then a little warm rain, then more warm. My husband and son and I are all desperate for some snow and so far all we had was two flakes that fell while we were sleeping.

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