Love has wicked cold toes

By Mir
October 26, 2006
Category Woohoo!

Love is having a really frustrating, rotten, horrible, aggravating day yesterday and then losing my sitter and running around frantic to find someone who can come stay with the kids so that I can get to the airport, and then getting to the airport, finally, and mostly forgetting all about the stupidness that came earlier in the day.

Love is sitting here working, and being able to glance over at this and feeling that right now, all is right with the world.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


  1. laura

    Hey! What are my husband’s ice cold, white, old-man feet doing on your coffee table?

  2. Otto

    Enjoying themselves.

  3. Marvo

    Hey, Otto is using a Mac. I really like him now.

  4. Ei

    Awww…very sweet.

  5. hollygee

    Mir and Otto, I’m living the WCS life myself. I just reconnected with an old love. Only a 40 year hiatus. And a 3,000 mile distance so I haven’t had a chance to be reassured by such views.

  6. Karen Rani

    Happy apple-picking, toe-boy and pretty-girl!

  7. rachel

    so happy you’re happy!

    and I’m with Marvo. He’s nice AND he has a mac – sounds like a keeper! :)

  8. Aimee

    Awwwww. Happy Love Thursday.

  9. Jenn2

    There really is something sweet about a man’s bare feet. Okay, I really meant stinky, but maybe that’s just Mr. Clairol.

  10. Cele

    Somethings are sooo worth waiting for.

    BTW, how did they know he uses a Mac, it looks just like my Dell, except its silver?

  11. lastewie

    I’m very glad you have Otto. I wish I had one. :-( Feeling sorry for myself today. :-(

  12. Patricia

    Did everyone miss the PLAID, FLANNEL, PJ pants? Um. Cold toes aside — PLAID, FLANNEL PJs?????

    I mean seriously — how hot is THAT!!!

    Mir, do I need to start knitting the boy some socks? Think he’d like pink ;)

  13. traci

    His feet can’t be that cold if he’s made all those romantic marriage proposals to you. :P

  14. Kestralyn

    Have a LOVELY weekend, Mir!

    Y’know, if you want to ignore WCS for the weekend, I bet I speak for most folks here in saying that we’d forgive you ;-) (as long as we got the update later!)

  15. InterstellarLass

    Around my house, I’m the one with cold feet. So I just stick them between my hubs feet, and then they’re magically all warm. He doesn’t mind. Really.

  16. Gillian

    Fist pumping Yes!

  17. chris

    You had better not ignore me all weekend !! ;-)

    I am so glad you figured out your babysitting woes and now have those icicles masking as feet to gaze upon.

  18. Dawn

    Awwwwwww! So cute! So glad you’re happy! So weird and stalkery that I get so delighted for someone I don’t know!

  19. Julie

    At first I was all confused because I read that you lost your sister…and dude..I didn’t even know you had a sister..and after all these years, I think I’d know that…then I realized I am apparently not only blonde..but also not so good with the reading.

    Cold toes can be forgiven if the heart is warm and the hands are soft :)

    Why were the feet on the coffee table and not cradled within the new massive Mt LoveMore? That’s what I want to know ;)

  20. angela

    I got these totally awesome, completely dorky, foot duvets from Restoration Hardware a year or so ago. They are like furnaces for your feet, they’re so warm. If you really loved him (and wanted to just laugh at the sight of him), you would buy them for him. On sale of course.

  21. Kim

    Julie, same here girl. I thought Mir lost her sister too! Glad you didn’t Mir. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  22. Melanie

    Awww, have a great time!

  23. Karen Rani

    Hmmmm….pretty girl normally posts by now. Hope you have a flashlight so you can see the apples.

    Hi Dad!

  24. birchsprite

    Hope you are enjoying the cold toe action!!

  25. Juliness

    Yipee! Have a wonderful time together.

  26. Ben

    Am I the only one worried about the lost babysitter? I mean, what if they are scared? Do they have enough to eat? A quarter to call if they can find a phone? Anything?

    Also – Otto needs to get some sun, seriously. In fact I have a lawn that needs mowing, and sunshine to mow it in, and if he wears short he’ll get a little color in no time. Just tryin’ to help, is all.

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