Love is nourishing

By Mir
October 12, 2006

Love is cooking when I’m too tired to eat, and figuring out how to make a yummy breading out of cornmeal (and then explaining that yes, it’s “breading,” but no, it doesn’t have gluten in it).

Love is being 35 and still playing with your (kids’) food.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


  1. Jen

    Happy Love Thursday to you, Mir. Hope the gluten-free diet will be the magic you need!

  2. Kim

    Cute, Happy Love Thursday.

  3. Kim

    Cute food. Cornmeal is hard to make yummy stuff with.

  4. Julie Q.

    I’m pretty sure that the only reason God invented peas was because they make good eyeballs on other food.

  5. Stephanie

    Nice dishes!

  6. Velma

    So cute, even MY picky eaters might try ’em!

  7. MMM

    haha. that’s cute!

  8. chris

    Who wouldn’t eat that dinner?! So cute that I will steal it.

  9. Monica

    Oh oh, the only recipe that survived my short Atkins attempt.

    Chicken breasts dipped in a beaten egg and rolled in parmesan cheese.

    No flour and it tastes amazing.

  10. daring one

    You are too cute. I wouldn’t eat that dinner Chris. It’s looking at me. Yikes!

  11. hollygee

    Instant mashed potato flakes. Smear food (fancy culinary term) with mayo, roll in potato flakes. A more expensive alternative is Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour (also pecan or hazelnut) mixed with the parmesan cheese over the egg or mayo (mayo works better when baking or broiling, egg when pan frying).

    I bake a cake each week for my office. I do the baking so that I can have a piece of cake that is gluten free and, so far, no one has refused and the cake plate is empty at the end of the day. The gluten-free flours are just about the same consistancy as cake flour, so everything has turned out well. I’m really getting into sponge cakes — so easy. Particularly after getting my new reconditioned Kitchen Aide through Want Not.

  12. Aimee

    You know, the other thing that can work as breading is almond meal. We’ve bought it at Whole Foods (expensive) and Trader Joe’s (affordable). The stuff at Whole Foods is more finely ground (and thus more like flour) but the Trader’s stuff is perfectly fine. Either way, it gives a nice crunch and nutty flavor. Anyway, cute dinner!

  13. Daisy

    I love the smiles with peas for eyes! Of course, that would make for more bad jokes at my house. One of my co-workers needs a gluten-free diet. It’s a challenge. She has promised us all recipes; I’ll share when she comes through.

  14. InterstellarLass

    Where’d you get the little potato face-maker-thingies? Or can you just buy the potato faces all made? Oh please answer my question, Pretty Mir, because I must have potato faces!

  15. Jamie

    I love it. I make turkey dog faces with bite size portions. I am also known for my American cheese slice cutouts (with Playdoh cutters.) It’s a talent I tell ya.

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