Love is not discouraged

By Mir
October 5, 2006

Love is doing the best I can, being patient and kind when I want to grab him and shake him. Love is endless doctors’ appointments and “wait and see”ing and second opinion-ing and praying. Love is daily reports from the teacher. Love is the highest-calorie (yet nutritious) foods I can think of so that one or two bites will sustain him.

Love is gently reminding him, every day—when he begins talking about how he is sure that any day now, a friend from last year at his old school will be sending him a birthday party invitation—that sometimes things change, people change, plans change, and that would be great, but who knows, and please don’t get your hopes up, just in case.

Love is also…

… recognizing that sometimes pure hope is rewarded, and that as much as I worry about what I have to teach him, sometimes he teaches me.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


  1. chris

    Awwwwwwwww. That is so awesome.

    Did he say told-you-so to you? because that would complete the moment ;-)

  2. Sara

    I love it when pure hope is rewarded. Especially for my children. I’m glad the mail carrier was good to Monkey.

  3. Suzanne

    oh thank goodness! I would have worried about that today! I love it when the stars and planets align for kids. There must be an angel watching out for him.

  4. MMM

    That is precious! Congrats Monkey!

  5. Susan

    Good lord, don’t make me cry before I’ve had my coffee.

    Hooray for Monkey!

  6. tori

    That is wonderful! I bet he was so happy!

  7. Patricia

    Did he dance when he got mail? I always love to see Monkey’s dance with their mail.

    I’m thrilled he got what he wanted most, I’m more thrilled that you didn’t have to scrap any puddles of children up if they didn’t that mail.

    In summary, dancing monkeys = good. Puddle children = bad.

  8. Heather

    Oh how sweet.

    And his mom is pretty.

  9. shannon

    i wish i had seen this before having my coffee, because crying before is easier and you don’t water down your java with the tears.

    i’m so glad it came. i’m so glad he didn’t have to learn the “people change” and “things change” rule yet. it is a sucky one at any age!

  10. Jenn2

    Thank you for a wonderful smile on a cruddy day.

  11. kelly

    Adding this to the growing list of things that have brought tears and a smile to my tangled up week. Thank you and yay, Monkey!

  12. Cele

    Thank you for the smile Mir, Love Thursday. :)

  13. Schatzi

    This is why I love LOVE THURSDAY! Great post!

  14. Lisa

    That restores my hope that children can be kind to one another. Great Love Thursday.

  15. Sheryl

    Hooray Monkey!!!

  16. Vaguely Urban


    (That post just scared the shit out of me because it drove home the fact that, when I have kids, I’m going to feel their pain even more than I feel my own. Even more than they feel their own.)

    But for Monkey, today: HURRAH!

  17. Aimee

    Yay, Monkey! Yay, Love Thursday! Yay, Mir!

  18. Jen

    So great that his faith was rewarded. Having to stand back and watch the life lessons happen is one of the hardest things about parenting, absolutely. Happy Love Thursday!

  19. Gillian

    Yaaaaaay!! Today your heart doesn’t have to get broken, Mir. Thank you little friend guy!

  20. InterstellarLass

    Learning to handle change is important…but it’s great when things work out how we want them to!

  21. Mom101

    Wow, that’s beautiful. I’m a firm believer that our kids are the teachers often more than they’re the students. Even if they don’t know it.

  22. Contrary

    More than anything else, I was so grateful that the youngin’ wasn’t sitting on my lap when I scrolled down to that picture, because then we would have had to discuss, in minute detail, for the 487th time, just how cool Mater and Lightning McQueen are and how we’re going to go see them Monday(everything in the future is ‘Monday’, do not ask me why, I do not know).

    But right after that, I’m grateful that Monkey got confirmation that the world is as nice a place as he thought it was. That’s always nice.

  23. Suebob

    Whew. I’m glad for Monkey. Also very glad he got you as a Mom.

  24. kath

    got to tell something–that love cant give us everything. sometimes it makes us cry and sometimes we regret loving becoz of that. so im not saying that ur wrong, but we got a whole lot of distinct meanings bout love….peace

  25. Pastormac's Ann

    Whew! Good for him and good for you.

  26. Heather

    Aw. I’m so glad he wasn’t disappointed. That was a beautiful entry, Mir. Thanks.

  27. birchsprite

    that is so lovely

  28. Her Bad Mother

    You’re right, we sometimes do (as adults) get so preoccupied by avoiding disappointment that we forget to savor hope. So lovely that *his* hope was rewarded.

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