Next week, bring this list and pompoms

By Mir
September 30, 2006

Creative ways to cheer on six-year-olds during a soccer game:

“That was a REALLY GREAT KICK! Next time you’ll get the direction right, too!”

“Good hustle! Let’s keep the stealing of the ball from teammates to a minimum, though!”

“That’s okay! Shake it off! Next time try standing somewhere near the goal, since you’re the goalie and all!”

“Spread out so you can pass! Spread out! No, not out of bounds! Just… oh… nevermind.”

“That’s it! Go after the ball! The BALL! Over THERE!”


“Everyone who can remember which goal is ours for the entire quarter gets a fruit roll-up!”


  1. Rae

    My favorite is the first one. Positive and affirming!

  2. MMM


  3. Heather

    The scary thing is when you end up using cheers like this at a university soccer game. ;-)

  4. Becky

    These remind me of when my son played catcher in little league. We used to have to tell him to turn around and stop watching the stands! Little guys are so funny!

  5. Susan

    You forgot a couple.

    “You can run faster when you’re not holding hands!” and “Save the karate/dance routine for the sidelines!” and “Yes, I see the airplane! Do YOU see the BALL?”

    Pee-wee soccer drove me to drink.

  6. rachel


    My oldest got her first (and only) goal scoring into her own goal. She’s an amazing goalie, though.

    We, um, missed soccer today. we had no internet and it was a jamboree so I didn’t know the times or places (they changed everything at the last minute).

    Having 2 kids in soccer makes me grateful for some of my prescriptions. Except that I can’t drink.

  7. Christina

    Lol funny

  8. lawgirl2499

    Sounds like our morning. Only with girls. After 3 losses, we finally won a game. Trying to give the “Winning Isn’t Everything” speech for a team of 2nd and 3rd grade girls for one more week would have been the one thing that drove me to drink.

  9. Tug

    FUNNY! I got to see my grandson’s first soccer game, & as his parents were stressing that as goalie, he had his back to the field as he swung on the goal (post? cage?) thingy…I could laugh. Kid’s sports are meant to be enjoyed, laughed at, and used for ammo later in their lives.

  10. Stjernesol

    Oh, my… I’m laughing tears! It’s amazing what you say to children to cheer them up ;)

  11. Aimee

    Heeee! I like the last one.

  12. tori

    My daughters hockey games are pretty similar. Amazingly, my son who never seems to hear a word I say about anything is actually really good at soccer. When he plays, he actually knows what he is doing. Somehow even when he is unable to listen to anything I say, he is able to hear every word his coach says, and actually follow his directions. Amazes me every time!

  13. Kestralyn

    LOVE the last one! Seems like something someone would have said to me… last week ;-)

  14. Carmen

    You forgot my very favorite –

    “This is Soccer, not hand ball, so keep your hands down and quit batting the ball when it’s thrown in!”

    Soccer is over when?

  15. Holley

    “Take your jersey off your head!! And turn around!”

    I know his soccer coach wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, “OTHER WAY, BUDDY! OTHER WAY!!”

  16. Serenity Now!

    Bwah-hahaha…. I’m so glad soccer is over for the year. I think I’ll probably subject myself to it again next year though…

  17. D

    Ha! I remember those days! Now I’m yelling, “step up dude, step up!” and “Get in there! It won’t hurt that bad! Get in there!” and “shake it off, shake it off! There’s no crying in soccer!” (not out loud of course)… no more snacks and no more waving at mommy, just sweat and grim determination. Sigh. Mir, I’m a professional lurker on a mission to delurk for the week… I’ll be back!

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