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By Mir
September 19, 2006
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I’m considering having my telephone surgically implanted in my skull. It seems like it might save me a bit of time and neck pain. In the meantime, in the course of one morning I managed to call up a dozen different people for a dozen different matters, all of which more or less boiled down to “Hi, here is my open wallet, help yourself.”

[My ex actually made me giggle, this afternoon. I said, “So, I got Chickadee that appointment with the orthodontist,” and he said “I’ll start scoping out some local banks to rob.” Which was funny! Because kids are so damn expensive! But at least we’re joking about robbing banks rather than, say, telling her she’ll have crooked teeth and she’ll LIKE it. Because that would be wrong.]

Anyway, the end result was a busy day where I got nothing done, and so I am going to abdicate being interesting this evening and instead send you over to visit Sue Richards. Sue is a lovely human and a proponent of healthy boobs everywhere, and you KNOW how I feel about the boobs. (Healthy boobs, good! Lumpy boobs, bad!)

Despite my glaring American-ness and questionable cleavage (or lack thereof), Sue directed me in taking a sworn oath and then declaring me an official Breast Ambassador at BlogHer this year. She is Good People and the Breast of Canada mission is an admirable one (not to mention that the calendar is gorgeous). Please go check her out and spread the word.

(Also, if I happened to be, say, meeting with a new doctor tomorrow for a second opinion on my son’s care, I’m sure I wouldn’t mind if you had some good thoughts or juju or whatever to spare to nudge over in this direction. If I was doing that.) (BOOBS!)


  1. Fold My Laundry Please

    I will definitely keep you in my prayers tonight! It is so difficult for some people (meaning me) to admit that someone who spent two bazillion dollars and approximately 2 decades of their life going to school to become a doctor might not know what they’re doing. My mother dealt for many years with a horrible doctor that kept telling her that all of her problems were in her head before she got the nerve up to go see another doctor who actually ran some tests (GASP!) and eventually figured out that she had Systemic Schlerosis. I guess what it all boils down to is that doctors are still just people in lab coats and you just have to look around to find the one who is right for you and your children. And if you find them…never, ever, EVER let them go! I’m still regretting having to move away from my world’s favorite pediatrician!

    Is it bad that I giggled through almost your entire post? I must be like, what, 6 years old or something because I snickered every time you mentioned boobs or breasts. If you can believe it, I just did it again while I was typing the words myself! Because I’m mature like that!

  2. Marvo

    Dammit! You tricked me!

  3. Melissa

    I’m telling you, you walk in there tomorrow, you point your finger at that doctor, and you tell them not to even think about making your feet wet.

    And if that doesn’t work, there’s always chair-throwing as a backup plan. At least if you’re hungry.

  4. Rae

    I got fed the “your teeth are crooked and you’ll like it” line, so on behalf of adults with crooked teeth everywhere, I’m proud of you.

  5. Heather

    A witty ex…how odd. It’s so nice, though, really, when divorced parents could get along. My folks have been divorced for seven years, and have only spoken once, in the case of extreme emergency. I wish they could joke with one another.
    I will certainly keep you and Monkey in my thoughts and prayers. I’m pretty sure you’ll all turn out okay. Your love is apparent.

  6. Bob

    Sending positive thoughts your way.

  7. tori

    I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you and your son!

    My daughter just got this thing (I can’t remember what it is called…quad helix maybe?) put on the top of her mouth. It was quite the experience because when I explained to her what would happen, I had forgotten that it sort of hurts to get the bands put on your back teeth. Braces are so expensive and yucky all around!

  8. Catherine

    Good thoughts, juju, AND whatever are headed your way.

  9. chris

    Oh man I hear you on the crooked teeth thing. Personally I am hoping to find an attractive orthodontist to exchange sexual favors for braces.

    good luck today.

  10. Susan

    heh heh heh you said BOOBS.

  11. Ani

    Much happy juju and prayers going your way. I hope the new doctor kicks the other Dr’s ass.

  12. Mom Nancy

    I wish I had juju. Many thoughts and prayers for you!

  13. Megan

    this is a little late, but I wanted to send you good thoughts on your appointment today. Don’t let the doctors make you feel stupid, over-anxious, or silly. You know your son best and you know when something isn’t right. They need to respect that and take it seriously. Good luck and here’s hoping this next one isn’t a moron!

  14. Jenn2


  15. Jenny

    Good juju, from me to you.

    pee. ess. You’re gonna get some interesting Google hits off this one, no?

  16. Allanna

    Much, much happy juju towards the new doctor (and, if you were going to the bumhead, I’d tell you to knock ‘im dead … but in a figurative sense. I’d settle for extreme humiliation on his part … but that’s just me, I’m sure. :P).

    I’m going to have to count how many time you said “boob/boobs” in your post. Hee hee.

  17. cagey

    Hey, I posted about Sue’s site today as well. I loved that her focus is on breast HEALTH. I was struck when she said that when she tried to do research on breast health, everything that came up had to do with cancer, how to treat it, etc. whereas she was looking to PREVENT it. Good stuff there.

    Thinking good thoughts for you and your son!

  18. InterstellarLass

    Good luck at your next meeting. Sending juju your way. *wiggling fingers*

  19. Ben

    It’s nice to see the Boobon particle finally get mentioned by the mainstream blogs.

    What, this isn’t about me?


  20. Whimspiration

    Happy mojo, and positive JuJu for a great whateveryouhaveplanned!

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