Love Thursday: again with the feet

By Mir
September 14, 2006

I don’t know why it is that little feet entice me, so; in the overall scope of things, I don’t have a foot fetish. But for last week’s Love Thursday I couldn’t resist the feet.

And for this week’s Love Thursday I find myself once again drawn to the tootsies, though not in repose, this time.

Love is…

working on ball control, even though he hasn’t mastered self-control…

showing that board the wrath of her spinning side kick


  1. Sharkey

    I know exactly what you mean about the little feet non-fetish. It seems I’m always taking pictures of baby feet.

    And I don’t even have kids!

  2. Bozoette Mary

    Those are amazing feet!

  3. InterstellarLass

    I would eat baby toes for dinner they are so cute.

  4. MMM

    Those fingers look frightening close to those feet! Holding those boards would scare me. Cool pics!

  5. Christina

    Those are great pictures!

  6. dorothy

    When the little angel was a baby, we called her Little Feet for a few months. My mother was infamous for ripping the socks from her feet so we could all stare ta them in love.

  7. laurie

    great feet. i love the clogs too, btw (from last week). especially on my daughters’ feets. happy love thursday!

  8. Mom101

    Heh heh…you said ball control.

  9. Shiz

    So love is violence?


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