Scrabble stopped dead

By Mir
September 1, 2006
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Please vote:

Is PIECEY a word? (Hint: “I want one of those cool new hairstyles, you know, where it’s all piecey.”) (Also a hint: Do not laugh at me during Scrabble. Even if I am laughing so hard I’m pretty much snorting pretzels.)

Please send an OED as soon as possible. Thank you.


  1. Kathryn, DYM

    You want the full OED? Will you pay the shipping?

  2. Sandee

    The “cool new hairstyles” are more pricey than piecey.

  3. wendy

    had to google “OED”.

    Felt stupid.

    Therefore, I feel I am disqualified from the vote on the grounds that I didn’t even know what a dictionary was.

  4. Lauren

    TOTALLY a word. Although perhaps not in the male lexicon, but ignorance is no excuse.

  5. angelfeet

    Not a word, according to But what do they know! There’s nothing wrong with making up words, that’s how language evolves.

  6. Zoe

    I was once playing Scrabble with a group of friends and one tried to play “doh” as in, “doh ray me far so…” etc. The rest of us were all, “Bah, as if that is a word” but we looked it up in the official Scrabble Allowed Words book and there it was – as an actual WORD. So I would definitely let you have piecey as it is something I actually use and also because the OED has quite clearly let the side down.

  7. susie

    Strange that you mention “piecey.” I disallowed this word in Scrabble just last weekend. My husband was dismayed. I told him that any word created so recently by hairdressers and/or hair product marketing departments was surely not (yet) allowable.

    However, “fax” is in now, so I suspect it’s only a matter of time.

  8. Em

    No. Not a word. And I will argue that just being in the dictionary does not make it a word. Case in point, the word “irregardless”, particularly when said with a thick Boston accent is not a word and doubly worse (doubly – you can make up words so long as you a)acknowledge that its made up and/or b) are me) when it makes you sound like a Saturday Night Live skit.

  9. Lisa

    I’m all for being creative while playing Scrabble. I once got away with “batdoor” using the logic that Batman had to have something to close for some privacy in the Batcave when he needed to do his business. Ahem.

  10. shannon

    That’s given me a great idea of a new way to play.

  11. Pieces

    I need a photo. You are the second person to mention piecey hair in their blog and I have no idea what that means. I feel so out of it.

  12. Kestralyn

    OED says not yet. But I agree that it should be, since it’s in common usage!

    Pieces: and check out Paige Davis’ hair. That’s a “piecey” hair style.

  13. tori

    I would totally allow it. However, once in college, I thought I was so cool using the word farenheit. Too bad the actual word is spelled faHrenheit! And of course everyone caught me. Was the word allowed, or no?

  14. Exit

    According to the Scrabble dictionaries which are used for official games, piecey in not a valid word.

    Here are a list of the official dictionaries:

    Also, this site is the only online version of Scrabble that you can find it seems. It is run from Romania, so there is nothing Parker Brothers can do to stop them.

    The American dictionary is TWL98, and you can easily check words by googling ‘TWL98 spam’.

  15. S.

    Just for the record, the OED says “piecely” is a word. That’s even better than “piecey”.

    piecely adv. Obs. rare in pieces.

    1552 R. HULOET Abcedarium Anglico Latinum, *Piecelye, or in pieces, concise, frustatim.

  16. Kelly

    Well, says its a word but they also have the term “snowball” and it’s not what your kids think! In the rules at my house it would therefore work. So i guess it depends on how lenient you are.

  17. MamaPajama

    Nope, nope, nope. Not a word.

  18. rachel

    We stick to words in the scrabble dictionary here, so we wouldn’t allow it. But you need to define terms ahead of time – if it’s in the, then that might be OK for your house rules. And I would never laugh at anyone’s words. Sadly my husband is dyslexic, so very few scrabble games here.

    My grandparents house rules were that you couldn’t add 1 letter to the end of a word to build off it. It would drive my aunt and me crazy when we played with them. But my aunt is one of those amazing scrabble players who you can never beat. I’ll never forget when she got 2 triple word scores AND used up all her tiles on “heraldry” *sigh* good times.

  19. Kira

    Bah to the OED, it’s the Scrabble dictionary that matters here. And it says no. Not a word.
    Trust me, we live or die by the Scrabble dictionary around here.

  20. David

    Unfortunately, I have a mere College Dictionary, not an OED. It didn’t list Piecey. It did have Pied, Piebald, and Piecemeal, though I’m guessing none of those would be words you’d actually WANT to use to describe a new hairdo. Unless of course there was a very bad accident at the hairdresser’s. ;-)

  21. Jen

    My sister tried (successfully, I believe) to convince us that “heartsmell” was, in fact, a true disease during an all-out game of scrabble. If anyone has ever suffered from heartsmell, then I daresay that it was most likely due to a piecy hairdo.


  22. Susan

    “Piecey” isn’t a word. It’s a state of being.

  23. Suzanne

    “piecey” is so a word…and when you get your hair cut all piecey, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzely, and look cute and adorabibble. I know this cause i’m very intellectuable.-grin-

  24. Carol

    Used in that context, of course it’s a word! Only because I’ve uttered those exact words more than once in my life…

  25. Gillian

    It is an affectionate term for your personal computer because ‘puter’ is just so lame and last year.

  26. lastewie

    Totally a word. So says the linguist. Me.

    (I first heard it in about 1997…)

  27. InterstellarLass

    I still say no. Despite all protestations. Not in the Scrabble dictionary, not a word.

  28. Shiz

    I say yes. English, as all language, is evolutionary. It grows. It changes. It adapts.


  29. Art

    I guess however you play scrabble the players need to agree on a definitive word resource and let that be the final word on whether you allow a spelling or not.

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