Not a euphemism

By Mir
July 24, 2006

People. PEOPLE. Poor Otto; he read the comments on that last post (and a few others) and turned to me, shell-shocked, and said, “People say THESE THINGS knowing that YOUR PARENTS read your site. The THINGS they IMPLY. I can’t get over it.”

(This from a man who likes his LL Bean chinos with a side of innuendo. Hmph.)

Anyway, he would still be indignant, I think, if either of us had the energy to care. Or move. Tonight is our last night together, and we are completely spent. I’ve been using muscles that I didn’t even know I had. We are sore and exhausted from moving in tandem for most of the day, back and forth, back and forth….

What? We were busy sealing the driveway.


  1. Karen Rani

    Your PARENTS read this site?

    I’m off to read the bible now. And eat Digestive cookies. And make a tea. And then I’m going to turn in early. Tomorrow I plan to feed the hopeless (my kids).

    Ha ha.

  2. Susan

    First you made me laugh, then Karen made me laugh MORE.

    That’s why I come here, you know.

  3. Karin

    So THAT’S what they call it these days. ;-)

  4. Liz

    Funny…we just sealed our driveway last night…small world, huh?

    Well, maybe not so much – if you’re lucky ;o)

  5. Patricia

    Wait a second. I’m stuck at “using muscles that I didn’t even know I had.” Let’s review, if you’ve never used THOSE muscles before, then I’m feeling very sorry for you — but wondering about the kids. However, I’m thinking more of perhaps you’ve never OVER-used those muscles — for which I’m thinking, “atta boy, Otto. Making Mir work for it and all.” Because, um, he had to carry more heavy things — I’m sure of that — right ;)

    And, Otto, I have it on good authority (Mir’s Dad told me so) — that he’s cool. Not that I’d introduce myself to him as, “Hi, I’m Otto, I’m banging your daughter.” — but I think he’s hip enough to know all the sweat isn’t on the driveway.

    Be safe getting home, Otto. And Mir — I’ll see you this weekend!

  6. InterstellarLass

    Yeah, but have you ever met anyone that’s sealed the driveway three times in one day? Yep. For reals.

  7. Marvo

    I need to find a woman that I can “seal the driveway” with. :-(

  8. Holley

    I’m going to geek out here and say that the way that post came off (I moused over the picture link and read the last line through the scrim, getting both the visual and written punchline simultaneously) really showcased the GENIUS of your new site design.

    Oh… and,um, we were going to seal the driveway just last night, but then I got a headache…

  9. Bob

    It’s not how many times you seal the driveway, it’s how thoroughly you seal it the first time. Take your time and do the job right the first time…..

    Although I’m not averse to sealing the sidewalk afterwards, then the back walk, then the alleyway. You know, in the interest of completing the job.

  10. Bob

    I just noticed the ad to the left, and cracked up. Apparantly blogads understands innuendo too.

  11. David

    Well, that clinches it. No more kneeling on the driveway in white pants for you, dearie. If you drop something and it rolls under the car, that’s just too bad. Looks nice, though.

  12. Red

    Hmmm…I am going to have to use that, sealing the driveway, one. I am getting tired of the old, organizing the CD collection, one.

    There’s a story involving my CD collection ending up all over the floor, and me too, actually, but your parents read this blog so you can’t read about my ‘organizing the CD collection story’. I might send it to Playboy for one of their interesting articles, though.

  13. Niki

    I guess the old “going to watch the submarine races” is out of vogue these days? Our driveway is desperate to be sealed, but believe me, if I told my hubby I wanted to “seal the driveway”, he’d tell me to go for it, then crash on the couch. I guess I need a slightly more obvious euphemism, but I’m just too tired to think of it now.

  14. Ben

    That’s Hott.

  15. diane

    Ack! Ack! I’ve been away for so long…on vacation, fighting an infected toe, surviving a joint venture at work, and fighting nasty side effects from my antibiotic…(I never completed my Target vs. Overstock project–I am not pretty, not at all!!) and NOW THERE’S A MAN AROUND! What is this? Where did this lovely Otto come from? Crumbs, I have some reading to do!

  16. Daisy

    Oh, my, the double meanings! But my driveway is concrete — I’ll have to think of something else.

  17. Gabby

    That’s it. I must find a man to help me seal my driveway. hmmm…I wonder if the Apartment Management people would mind? Good job Otto!

  18. dcfullest

    I have to agree with Bob…. blogads is definitely seeing through your “sealing the driveway” line.

    glad you are so happy!!

  19. Onetiredmomma

    Damn… I can’t remember the last time I had my “driveway sealed”.

    Tell Otto that you have two kids, your Dad know’s the dealio. :: winking at Mr & Mrs Mir ::

  20. Tug

    Good for you! My SIL was always afraid to interrupt the changing of the oil…back when I did that stuff. Must.find.a man…

  21. Amy-Go

    What scares me most is my suspicion that when you say you sealed the driveway…you actually sealed the driveway. ;)

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