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By Mir
July 22, 2006

Monkey has passed six-and-a-half and is headed into six-and-three-quarters territory. In kindergarten, he was one of the smallest kids in the class, and one of the few who didn’t lose a tooth during the year. This was a source of great sadness for my boy.

So when he told me he had a loose tooth, a few weeks ago, we were all delighted. Of course, this “loose tooth” moved about a hair’s breadth in either direction, provided that you were pushing with all your might. That was fine. And then yesterday he told me that it was REALLY WIGGLY, and I watched as he easily made the tooth flop back and forth.

And then I saw… something else. There is no describing the joy and celebration that ensued when I informed him that—just like his sister before him—he has joined the ranks of the fearsome sharks.


  1. tori

    That happened to my daughter and the first time I saw it, I got so freaked out that I took her to the dentist. Who said “yes, sometimes that happens, we just wait for the tooth to fall out.” Duh! I had no idea that could happen at all!

  2. lastewie

    Wow! I didn’t know that could happen, either. But I do have a friend who has had multiple teeth in the same spot. Multiple permanent teeth, I mean. And two sets of wisdom teeth. Can you imagine having to have your wisdom teeth out twice? :::shudder:::

  3. Shelly

    My son did the same thing. Growing new teeth before the old ones came out. My daughter (almost 6), however, lost both middle bottom teeth within 2 days of each other 2 months ago. She’s just now showing the beginning of new teeth.

  4. Erin (erin-erin-bo-berin)

    My oldest daughter has lost five teeth at only seven years old. I say ‘lost’ as a figure of speech. She actually pulled them out herself. No anesthesia or alcohol involved, I swear. She didn’t even give her new teeth a chance to sprout before yanking the ‘old’ ones out. So I have never actually SEEN that before! Thank You for sharing!

  5. carolyn

    My daughter would worry and mess with a loose tooth until it fell out, or she yanked it out. She would walk around for months with empty spots until the new one started coming in. My son, by contrast, never touches a loose tooth. Usually, the new one ends up coming in all the way before the baby tooth plops out on its own.

    Two very different approaches to the same thing. Go figure!!

  6. Cele

    My daughter was shocked to discover I’d kept all of her baby teeth. Such a weird habit. I also have three of Arlo’s…my dog.

  7. Carol

    Oh! That happened with my 6 year old as well – with both of his bottom teeth. It’s weird, isn’t it?! Did Monkey get teeth late? My son didn’t have a tooth in his head until he was a year old so I figure he’s losing them somewhat late because of that. He’s squeamish about losing teeth though – he won’t tug on them. He’ll wiggle and wiggle but won’t help the loose tooth to come out anymore than that, lol.

    I hope Monkey’s tooth falls out soon so that the Tooth Fairy can visit! (Do you do the Tooth Fairy?)

  8. Vanya

    This happened to my son too – He fell off his bike, knocked a tooth out and all his bottom teeth seemed to shift over – then the other teeth started to grow in behind them. We were convinced that he would need extensive orthodontia and of course, the dentist/orthodontist agreed. (sending us in the mail blown up, color pictures of his teeth in all their crooked glory – several times) He was only 7 or 8 at the time so we thought we’d wait until more of his teeth were lost. Lo and behold! Once the teeth started falling out everything seemed to start shifting back into place. He’s 18 now, never had braces and his teeth are perfect. Go figure!

  9. rachel

    My father still has some of his baby teeth. We call him shark-man, as he has layers of teeth. He’s a very successful lawyer, though, so it hasn’t hurt him.

    Hope Monkey loses his other tooth soon, though – My 6yo is entranced with the tooth fairy, and even made a special pillow for her teeth (my 6yo is a girl, and her pillow is Hello Kitty).

  10. Shari

    Oh, I thought the shark comment was in deference to the spiky look of the new tooth! Never mind me, it’s hot here and I’m slow. ^_~ I love the new tooth look. Those “pinked” edges are just adorable. And of course you already know the teeth come in behind sometimes, so I won’t bother telling you not to worry. ^_~

  11. Woman with Kids

    Boy 2’s front canine and adjoining tooth grew in as one. One, large tooth. Immediately dragged him to the dentist who said not to worry about it. it happens, his adult teeth “probably” would be fine… Probably? It happens? Damnit, man, where’s the panic?

  12. mar

    My youngest just lost a tooth this morning, and the new one is already sticking out. Love the look – so cute!! Our biggest problem is that every time she loses a tooth, she faints – goes limp, eyes roll back in her head, comes to wild eyed, screaming, shaking, sweating – and throws up. Each. Time. Can’t wait til this one gives birth – she should be fun, eh?

  13. ben

    It’s so cool to hear so many people say this has happened to them.

    My eldest had two like this, right next to each other and on the top of his mouth.

    I called him “snaggletooth” for a while. But only when he wasn’t listening (which is most of the time)

  14. kelly


    and for some reason (dang kinja, I guess…) when you switched over I lost your feed, but didn’t realize it. Though I missed it, just…not knowing what EXACTLY I was missing.
    but anyway, sooo glad to have found you again.

  15. Susan

    OH MY GOD. It’s like Discovery Channel over here.


  16. Kris

    I am amazed at the amount of kids I’ve seen this in.

    There’s got to be something in the water. When I was a kid, I didn’t know a single person who got shark mouth.

    My oldest, Kate, who is 9 – every single tooth so far, but only on the bottom. Em, who just turned 6, is dying to lose a tooth.

  17. Melissa

    My oldest didn’t lose his 1st one until the summer after Kindergarten & he was so sad he didn’t while school has in. He must have forgot about it though, because when his 1st tooth was ready to come out, he came down stairs screaming & demanding we call an ambulance. He needed to go to the hospital. Then he got mad at us because we wouldn’t do it. It was very hard not to laugh, poor kid.

    Glad your Monkey is taking it much better!:D

  18. Irene

    ok, I know it’s ok and that there’s nothing to worry about but now you’ve got me obsessed about my kids’ teeth for at least the next couple of years!!!

  19. Lisa

    Oh, I hate loose teeth. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me! My kids would all wiggle them near me just to watch me squirm.

    Congrats to Monkey on the tooth! Remember to keep some change handy for Tooth Fairy Night.

  20. Shiz

    Shark boy!

  21. lawgirl2499

    Mir, my daughter also was the only one in her kindergarten class to not loose a tooth, and the picture of Monkey is almost an exact duplicate of her’s when she finally did loose one. She lost that one and the one right beside it. That was almost a year ago and she hasn’t lost anymore yet and is becoming very frustrated since the all the children in her class have all lost too many to count now.

  22. Candace Stone

    My 7 year old has lost 10 teeth already…She started at age 4 losing them and has 8 perm. teeth in already… it is crazy!

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