It’s that time of year…

By Mir
June 28, 2006
Category Friends

Now that the site migration is all done (I think? I hope?), I thought I’d point out that I recently lost a bet with Joshilyn and although she is really being restrained about gloating, I am grumpy.

I had to get revenge the only way I know how, and the way I only get to do once a year: Publicly praising her (which we all know horrifies her delicate, self-effacing southern heart).


  1. RockStar Mommy

    I LOVE your new design! I’m so jealous! Not of the water part, though (which, we’re getting plenty of now, too)…

  2. Bob

    gods in alabama has won the 2006 Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance award for fiction.

    “This award, which recognizes outstanding Southern Literature that Southern booksellers have “most enjoyed handselling in the previous year,” was announced on June 19, 2006.”


  3. jennie

    OMG, i am totally hooked, i love joshilyn, she’s hillarious! And you! And you! Did i mention how pretty you are? and how much i love you? OK, I’m a big-time-lurker, apparently turned big-time-freak-show-stalker. I’ve been reading your blog religiously for a long time, and seriously loving it. So after you mentioned joshilyn for approximately the 15th time since i started reading you, i thought i’d check her out. She rocks! You two are quite the pair! :)

  4. carson

    Jennie, you aren’t the first person to frighten Mir with your stalkerness. I don’t think I’m the first stalker either, but since I have a similarly challenging daughter & fun-loving son, and because I am so drawn to Mir because of her writing, I feel like she & I are friends. Except it’s more similar to the relationship my older sister had with Leif Garrett. A bit one-sided.

    Having been to Between, I need to read that book. And even though I’m a bit irritated with Ms. Rivers Siddons when she lifts whole sections from one book & dumps them into another, and then pushes the limits of believability when she gives a blurb, she’s an author I read. (After all, Pat Conroy only publishes every 10 years, so you need something to fill the gaps.)

    Congrats Joshilyn!

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