By Mir
June 27, 2006
Category Woohoo!

Lookie there… we’re up and running.

Welcome to the third (and hopefully final) home of Woulda Coulda Shoulda. Come on in and make yourself at home.

Just ignore all those chunks of hair littered about. I ripped them out during the nameserver debacle.


  1. april

    you da bomb! and pretty!

  2. Nancy

    Very lovely! I dig it the the most. Despite the hair clumps, I’m certain you are still pretty as a picture, cute as a button, and fresh as a daisy. (cliche of your choice. it’s late and I’m still at work).

  3. Chookooloonks


    You’re live and in living colour, baby!

  4. lastewie

    Pretty!! I’m looking forward to exploring.

    If you want some new hair, I’d be willing to stop by the Aveda training institute and pick some up. I hear it glues on pretty well. And they just throw it away. What waste.

  5. chris

    It looks fabulous. And you? well, I’m sure it will grow back soon.

  6. Elleana

    Oh so PRETTY!!!! I love the colors, the look… well, heck, I love everything. Good job.

  7. Bob

    Wow. It looks great. Congrats on a tough job well done.

  8. Helloheather

    How cool!!! I am adoring the new site. Right now. Adoring it. It looks fabulous. :)

  9. peek

    I love the new site, looks great. AND I LOVE what you have done with your hair. It’s so radical.

  10. InterstellarLass

    Dis is vary vary nace. Yays. Vary vary nace.

  11. Beachgal

    Very nice new look! I love it!

  12. Angela

    Hooray!!!! This looks awesome Mir! I loved it before, but this is killer!

  13. Zee

    WOW, it looks so pretty around here! Welcome to your new home, Mir!

  14. lastewie

    The commenter on the old site seems to be correct. When I include the www I get the old site. When it’s just http://wouldashoulda.com it’s this one.

  15. Amy

    Wow! I love the new site. This is wonderful, and so well laid out. I read your site everyday, and use your blogroll to find many wonderful blogs. Thanks!

  16. Chase

    Delurking to compliment your new home. It’s gorgeous. I brought a cheap fruit basket….happy blog-warming. :)

  17. Aimee

    Look at you! It looks fantastique!

  18. Stephanie

    Beautiful site! Love it! Love it! Yeah you!

  19. kim

    Love the new digs!
    (and i brought a plant to go with chase’s cheap fruit basket!)

  20. Karen Rani

    Oh DAH-LING! It’s FAB! BRILL! You MUST tell me, who IS your designer?

    Oh wait, it was me. And the absolutely stunning Emily…

    We simply must do lunch soon, dah-ling.

    You’re so pretty! I really should cut back on the coffee….
    Love ya!

  21. WendyC

    It’s FAB-U-LOUS! Have some wine to go with the other gifts. Now tell me… You like the wine the best, don’t you? Come on, whisper, they won’t hear…

  22. MetroDad

    Congrats on the new digs, Mir. The place looks great!

  23. Vicky

    Thank goodness…the Woulda Coulda withdrawal was killing me!

    Your new place is Be-U-tee-ful!

  24. Vicky

    Oh…just so you know, I just went to update the RSS feed on my reader (because my reader is still showing old posts and not this new one) and the XML page has errors…the one that’s under the tag RSS (Posts)

    Just so you can alert your personal 24 hour on-call IT Manager :)

  25. peek

    I could have sworn I left a comment but it’s nowhere to be found.

    Your new site looks great. Love it. And I love what you have done with your hair. Very retro.

  26. udge

    Very pretty! Well done, Karen. And you too, of course!

  27. Snow

    Lovely! Excellent work. It looks fabulous. And it’s dry!

  28. Stephanie

    Is that a picture of a leaf in your basement?

  29. Em

    Fancy new digs!!! Love it!

    One suggestion, because I can never leave well enough alone, is a button on the front page for wantnot.net. I’m lazy.

  30. Susan

    So pretty! You AND your new home!

  31. Dawn Chambers (mom of many)

    Oh oh oh, Mir. First I got your thingy from Karen (way back when, and starting reading and donating to that walk thing) who I use to work with and then I was like oooooohhhh my goodness she is da bomb diggity and she is so very funny, not too mention pretty. And now you are like all grown up and pro and all. I can hardly tell you how I laugh so out loud when I read all your hysterical stuff especially about those two little people you live with…not to mention the guy stuff, can you say….contractor’s guy (no, I can’t remember his same). And I’ve had a few T&T’s so you may not critique my grammar or spelling. Please never stop doing what you do… I expect my children’s children to read your pretty words and laugh so out loud. Did I say how pretty your site is and that other site is to about buying stuff??? too cool.

    Fondly, Dawn

  32. dad

    It’s pretty.
    You’re pretty.

  33. onetallmomma

    Love the autumn colors. Kinda missing the leather. I will survive. Just keep writing. I could care less what the template looks like as long as your words keep coming.

  34. Sheryl

    Ooooo, I like the new color scheme. Very nice, and simple.

  35. Jenn

    I love it! Very pretty.

  36. Lisa

    It’s pretty, just like you! ;-)

  37. Lesley

    I’m in! And you’re prettier than ever!

  38. jennster

    looks great! i love it!

  39. Kailani

    Great new look! I wasn’t sure I was in the right place.

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