Dr. Mama and Mrs. Dork

By Mir
June 2, 2006

I’m still chuckling over this post by sweetney at BlogHer, which is about confessing and embracing our dorkitude as bloggers.

The thing is? I was a ginormous dork ‘wayyyyy before I started blogging. And more and more, as I evolve in my role as Actual Mom as opposed to Idealized Mom, I realize that there is just no hope for me. Sure, I can dress up and take out the Mature and Parental Mommy, but there is always another side to me.

Just tonight, for example, I took up the mango seed I’d carefully extracted from the pit of a mango we three enjoyed a few days ago. It had been soaking in water, and I gave a brief horticulture lesson while we planted it.

… and then I sat down with the kids and watched The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, planning to be bored, and I ended up laughing longer and harder than they did. (David Hasslehoff saves the day! I couldn’t help it! But still! DORK!)


  1. Cele

    One of the things about being a good mom, is not taking your dorkdom to seriously. Or maybe that is momhood should be smathered with dorkhood because, well, you’re going to have to be a dork by their teens, so work the kinks out now.

    I always had better luck wiht avocado seeds….Just sayin’.

  2. foodmomiac

    I laughed a lot at sweetney’s post. Especially the statcounter part. :-)

    I can go one better than SpongeBob, though. I actually loved HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!

  3. kelly

    we dorks make the world go ’round in a far more interesting way…

    and the ginormous dorks get extra points for appreciating the David Hasslehoff references.

  4. Crusty Crone

    Sponge Bob is a kick! I’m not so sure this is evidence of Dorkdom. Sponge is just plain funny!

  5. Stephanie

    Go the Hasselhoff!!

    We love the spongbob movie here. I’ve even watched it without the kids.

    Total dork.

  6. shannon

    we don’t even have kids and we watched the movie! that makes me dorier!

  7. Amy-Go

    Personally I prefer ‘geek’ to ‘dork’…which probably makes me even dorkier, I know.

  8. Belinda

    Doesn’t matter to me…geek, dork, nerd, loser, whatever. I have embraced it, and only hope that I don’t cause too much mortification for my daughter in upcoming years.

  9. peek

    Laughing at Sponge Bob makes you a dork? Uh oh.

  10. Stacy

    I know just what you mean. Sometimes, after I’ve dropped my daughter off at preschool, I find myself singing along to JoJo’s Circus with no intention of changing the music!

  11. ben

    Who else has their kids addicted to Stack the Cats?

    Soon, I’ll teach them to check my stats for me.

  12. Lisa

    When husband and I were talking about hiring a store manager for our shop, we both agreed we needed a Spongebob. Someone who has no ambition above being the Manager of the Crabby Patty! We love Spongebob, too.

    (Oh, and our pumpkins were carved in email smileys, and once we carved the @ sign. This is what happens when you allow hardware people to carve pumpkins.)

  13. InterstellarLass

    David Hasselhoff is fun to laugh at. Just thinking about him makes me chuckle. Hell, my kids wear bubba teeth and put things up their noses. And we laugh about it. Idealized Moms are like Stepford Wives. No fun at all.

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