Misery loves company which is more miserable

By Mir
May 18, 2006

Is it a bad sign when watching the horrifying season finale of ER cheers me up a little bit…?

In other news: The long-delayed testosterone sleepover birthday party is happening here tomorrow, even if I have to put all of the boys in boats and give out oars as party favors.

And the forecast is calling for heavy rain.


  1. Susan

    Bright side: if the basement fills up again, the boys can bail.

  2. Jenn

    It’s been raining here since Sunday and everytime I get grumbly about it, I keep reminding myself it could be worse, we could live in New England and there could be a pond in our basement.

    But next weekend, we’ll be going to CT to visit my in-laws for a week, so maybe we’ll still be able to experience the joy. We were going to drive up to Franconia Notch while we were up there, and now we’re thinking “well, maybe not.”

  3. danelle

    There is a smell associated with a boy sleepover that has yet to be replicated in the human world. Take note of it and then run far far away.

  4. Cele

    You are stocked up on Xanax right?

  5. Shiz

    Sorry gal. Maybe the kids all want to drink NyQuill?

  6. Theresa

    You are a far braver woman than I. Good luck with all those boys! Here’s hoping the forecast is wrong!

  7. RSM

    I am building an arc and taking with me 2 of every creature. I still need:
    1: Hot Mom (You, of course. Duh, me being the other. Shut up!!!)
    2: Crazy boy (Although his sleepover buddies are going to have to fend for themselves!)
    3: One brilliant and dramatic little girl (The girls might kill themselves with all the drama they exude, but we’ll risk it.)

    So… ya in?
    I’ll be by to pick you up in… however long it takes to build and arc and then float up to you.

    You might want to make a drink.

  8. chris

    well make sure you swing the ark by my house, you can just pull right up alongside the house since the entire side yard is underwater.

    I have alcohol.

  9. Marti

    Tell them the party theme is “Titanic”, and the party favors are buckets. LOL

    Best wishes to you!

  10. Brian

    No kidding. ER was crazy and over the top. I guess they felt like they had to top some of their past season finales.

    Sorry for the water issues. Be glad you don’t have any alligators floating in your basement.

  11. Bob

    right. what’s a cubit?

  12. Amy-GO

    Tell the boys you have an indoor pool…instantly transforming yourself into the coolest mom on the block.
    You’ve got plenty of liquor, right?

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